Supreme Uprising Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Dance Without Me

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The moment Qi Yunhao recognized Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang’s communication device started ringing. When Luo Yunyang picked up the call, Chief Instructor Lu’s voice rang out.

“Yunyang, head to the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters immediately!”

Lu Xiu had always regarded Luo Yunyang highly, so he rarely used this sort of tone to order him around.

“What’s going on?” Luo Yunyang asked.

Judging by the way Lu Xiu spoke, this could only mean one thing. Something had happened at the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters. That was why he had to hurry over.

“The Nie Family has secretly placed a bounty on you. The sum is extremely high. You are now in grave danger!” Lu Xiu’s voice was filled with anger and indignation.

“You are still young, Yunyang, so you don’t really understand how things work in the 13 Eastern Cities. To put it simply, the profane authority of the 13 Eastern Cities belongs to the Da Alliance. However, there is actually an organization at the top.”

“This organization and the 13 Eastern Cities restrict each other. They represent the majority of the top-notch powerhouses that aren’t affiliated with the Da Alliance government. For example, the chairman of this legislative assembly is a Martial God!”

As he heard Lu Xiu’s rapid-fire words, Luo Yunyang’s eyes flickered. Back when he had still been going to school in Donglu Town, he had always thought that the alliance of the 37 cities controlled everything.

However, as he came in contact with even more people, he realized that the world wasn’t as simple as he had thought it was.

For example, the Eight Militaries, which he had once considered the most powerful armies in the world, couldn’t do anything they pleased. Another example was the relationship between Martial Gods and the 13 Eastern Cities.

Lu Xiu’s words had finally made one thing clear. Ever since the emergence of Martial Gods and other similar powerhouses, the Da Alliance and these god-grade individuals had been in a subtle, yet odd relationship.

Although Luo Yunyang found it hard to guess the bottom line of this sort of relationship, he believed that, most of the time, it was the Da Alliance that yielded.

The Nie Family relied on the disciple of a Martial God. Due to the existence of this disciple, the Da Alliance chose to turn a blind eye to certain issues.

In this case, the Nie Family hadn’t openly said anything regarding Luo Yunyang’s assassination, so the Da Alliance could only use some protective measures to handle it.

When a martialist’s power reached a certain high level, such as the Martial God level, they could potentially subjugate an entire nation. However, Martial Gods were only one category of powerful entities.

“Are there any god-grade martialists out to kill me?” Luo Yunyang asked the question he was most concerned about after pondering it silently for a bit.

“Who do you think you are to talk about god-grade individuals? If these god-grade experts really moved against you, even the Chang’an General Headquarters wouldn’t be able to shelter you,” Lu Xiu said before adding rather anxiously, “It’s rumored that the 13 Shadow Wolves have already accepted this assignment and are heading towards Chang’an with their full forces.”

“If there aren’t any god-grade experts among them, then there isn’t much to worry about!” Luo Yunyang said before ending the call straight away.

However, he hadn’t even shut off his communication device, when it started to ring frantically again. Luo Yunyang frowned when he saw that the Flame Emperor was calling him.

The Flame Emperor had been treating him really well and was actually rather protective of him. Of course, Luo Yunyang respected the Flame Emperor just as deeply. He hesitated for a bit before answering the call.

“I’ve already discovered your location, kid. You are currently at the Qitian Martial Academy, aren’t you? Someone is going to come pick you up in a bit!”

The Flame Emperor’s tone was a mixture of gratification and solemnity as he said, “You must take note of the academy president, Qi Yunhao. He ranks 3rd on the Earth List. If our assumptions are right, he must have been enticed by the bounty the Nie Family has offered.”

“You don’t have to worry, though. Just stay right there. I have already sent some men to pressure the Qitian Martial Academy. They probably won’t dare touch you for the time being.”

“The people I sent to fetch you should be there in five minutes.” The Flame Emperor didn’t wait for Luo Yunyang to reply before he ended the call.

Based on the background sounds he had heard during the call, Luo Yunyang believed that the Flame Emperor probably wasn’t at the Rising Dragon Army Headquarters, but on a plane.

His communication device started ringing once more. This time, Luo Yunyang really didn’t feel like answering it. However, when he saw the name displayed on the screen, he ultimately decided to pick up the call.

“Viceroy!” Luo Yunyang felt only heartfelt admiration for Viceroy Lu Qubing.

“Nie Xin is dead, kid. His family has secretly placed a bounty, which will be making things really difficult for you!” Lu Qubing said before breaking into a round of violent coughing.

“Do you know what beating a wolf with a stalk of hemp means? This is what describes our current situation best. A leader must know when to stand tall or submit. Head to the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters and hide. No matter how strong these assassins are, they won’t be able to step foot into the Chang’an General Headquarters. When this storm passes, everything will vanish into thin air.”

Luo Yunyang listened attentively before he said seriously, “I understand that the Da Alliance is unwilling to fight over certain matters, Viceroy. However, I believe that these people should not be indulged. If they want to kill me, then just let them come! I really want to see who will be killing whom!”

Lu Qubing had guessed that this would happen before he had even advised Luo Yunyang. This kid had his own opinions that he didn’t abandon easily. As expected, his guess had been spot on.

Although Lu Qubing still wanted to say a few more words of advice, he suddenly realized that the call had been cut short.

“This kid is really…”

Lu Qubing shook his head helplessly as another violent round of coughing hit him. Although Luo Yunyang had been very stubborn, there were still some matters that he had to attend to.

As Lu Qubing was speaking with another big shot through his communication device, a message popped up. Lu Qubing frowned at this interruption, but didn’t pay attention to it.

However, the big shot he was having a conversation with suddenly looked at him oddly and said, “I think you should take a look at the Sky Vision, Old Lu!”

Lu Qubing froze for a second before checking the message he had received. The message was from a subordinate of his. There was only one line at the top that read, “I heard that some scums want to kill me. I shall be waiting at the Wind-Rain Crossing tomorrow. Come if you dare!”

This message had Luo Yunyang’s name written all over it!

How ferocious!

This sort of challenge wasn’t entirely useless. It could possibly scare off a few people that were thinking of assassinating him. However, it would be unreasonable to consider it effective. Luo Yunyang would actually be showing up at the Wind-Rain Crossing, so who knew how many people might take advantage of this information?

“He is too young!”

While Lu Qubing was contemplating how to help Luo Yunyang deal with the aftermath of this situation best, another message appeared under the first one. This one read, “If you people do not come, daddy will follow his boss’ advice and hide at the Rising Dragon Army’s Chang’an General Headquarters. He he he… Then you fools can worry all you want!”

More creases appeared on Lu Qubing’s forehead. This kid had a death wish. Didn’t he know that, thanks to his loud proclamation, even people who hadn’t planned on showing up would come running to join in the action?

He simply loved ruining his plans!