Supreme Uprising Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Returning On A Windy, Rainy Night

The Wind-Rain Crossing, which was located 150 kilometers north of Chang'an City, was considered to be out of Chang'an City's safe zone. There were all sorts of dire beasts that roamed over those plains, so normally there weren't many people there.

Although it had been a major ferry crossing before the apocalypse, after decades of natural disasters, it had long lost its modern vibe.

The only thing that betrayed that it had once been an important ferry crossing was a tall concrete platform overrun by tenacious seeds and all sorts of sprouting plants.

The Wind-Rain Crossing was a grim sight in the dark night.

Amidst the light breeze and fine rain, a nightjar was cawing. The faraway howls and roars of wild animals made anyone who heard them perk up.

Although the land around the Wind-Rain Crossing was a familiar setting, it didn't look the same that day.

"Will he come?" Qin Yunhao, who was hiding inside the hole of a rock, asked, his voice wavering slightly with uncertainty.

Although he was hidden inside the hole, he was certain that he could kill off anyone within a 100-meter radius in under 30 seconds.

The calm middle-aged man in the black suit was hiding beside him with his eyes shut. He actually seemed to be in deep thought. His body was not moving, yet it exuded a strange aura.

"Although the possibility of him appearing isn't very high, this is a really rare opportunity," the man in black replied softly. "I have already sensed the traces of 13 people, including a number of old friends."

When he heard his words, Qi Yunhao frowned slightly. Calling these people old friends wasn't a very appropriate way to describe them.

"Have the 13 Shadow Wolves come?" Qi Yunhao asked. This was the most important question.

"Haven't seen any signs of them, but I can conclude that they have hidden all around the Wind-Rain Crossing. As soon as Luo Yunyang arrives, they will strike and hope to kill him at once!"

The two men spoke in hushed tones. There was also quite a number of other people like them, who were having the same sort of muted conversations. All these people had gathered there for one purpose: to assassinate Luo Yunyang.

They believed that this was a great opportunity, regardless of whether Luo Yunyang actually showed up.

Although they found his challenge on the Sky Vision a little comical, they still had no problem accepting it. He was still young after all, and young people tended to act impulsively!

"Will Luo Yunyang show up?" Although Nie Yunxin was at home, he wasn't cultivating. He was sitting in the corner of a large hall, watching one of his uncles.

The death of his older brother, Nie Xin, had made his family feel ashamed and humiliated beyond belief. If they scrubbed aside this disgrace, then their prestige and reputation would suffer a huge hit.

However, due to the pressure of the Rising Dragon Army, they couldn't take action openly. That was why they had placed a bounty.

This way, even if the Rising Dragon Army investigated this matter, they would not be able to find any conclusive evidence. The moment someone brought Luo Yunyang's head to them, the Nie family would honor their word and hand over the promised rewards.

"He will probably come!" said a middle-aged man confidently before adding, "Young people are ambitious. Plus, judging by his ostentatious behavior, if he dared to speak this way, then he will definitely see this through."

"I'm just afraid that he won't be able to leave the Rising Dragon Army's General Headquarters," said a rather sinister-looking young man with a snort.

"This kid is arrogant and conceited. He considers everyone inferior to him. If he doesn't show, then the reputation he has built will be tarnished!" a gloomy middle-aged man said regretfully.

The hall went silent. Although the middle-aged man's words made sense, the people present realized that, despite their high hopes, as long as Luo Yunyang was hiding behind the Rising Dragon Army, they wouldn't be able to do anything.

"Can't our uncle think of something?" a boy whose face looked really similar to Nie Yunxin's asked.

Nie Yunxin didn't have a favorable impression of this boy. Actually, deep down he felt the urge to slaughter him.

"Although your uncle is the disciple of a Martial God, this is the best he can do. He isn't a Martial God after all!"

The hall went silent once again.

The chiming of a clock made Nie Yunxin frown. He was already used to this chiming, as it had been ringing throughout the Nie household for many years.

This sound meant that it was already 10 p.m. However, Luo Yunyang hadn't showed up yet.

It seemed like he wasn't going to come!

Just as Nie Yunxin started to feel extremely disappointed, someone came rushing in frantically. "Luo Yunyang has boarded a vehicle and is currently rushing to the Wind-Rain Crossing!"

The eyes of every single member of the Nie Family lit up when they heard this short, simple announcement.

"Say, do any of you think that this is some sort of Rising Dragon Army scheme?" a middle-aged man asked abruptly with a grave expression on his face.

"Whether it's a scheme or not, this has nothing to do with us. If the Rising Dragon Army kills off all the people trying to assasinate Luo Yunyang, then they will have even more enemies in the future!"

Continuous information started reaching the hall where the Nie Family was gathered. It was mostly news concerning the Rising Dragon Army.

The Rising Dragon Army's Combat Dragon Brigade had not taken action!

The Flame Emperor had not taken action!

None of the other Rising Dragon Army Squadrons had taken action!

All these news only pointed to one conclusion the entire Rising Dragon Army was not taking action!

Every member of the Nie Family was extremely suspicious about this outcome. What was the Rising Dragon Army up to? Did they really believe that Luo Yunyang would be able to return safely from the Wind-Rain Crossing?

The Sangu Research Center, the Farm God Research Center, the Tyrannical Age Financial Group...

Every single power of the 13 Eastern Cities had its eyes fixed on Luo Yunyang's silhouette as he rushed over to the Wind-Rain Crossing unaccompanied.

He was 10 kilometers away from the Wind-Rain Crossing, five kilometers away from the Wind-Rain Crossing, one kilometer away from the Wind-Rain Crossing...

The gales were picking up as the sky above the Wind-Rain Crossing darkened.

When the news that Luo Yunyang was one kilometer away from the Wind-Rain Crossing reached them, yet another piece of news was transmitted. Luo Yunyang had stepped out of the vehicle and was walking towards the Wind-Rain Crossing with the ancient metal spear that had killed the Ravenous Wolf in his hand!

Nobody made a move.

However, thanks to the ancient metal spear in his hand, Luo Yunyang was able to sense traces of killing intent all around him. Some people concealed this intent, but there were others who didn't care enough to bother.

One such person was standing under a huge tree about 200 meters away. The man grinned when Luo Yunyang came into sight.

His gleaming teeth seemed extremely eerie in the dark night.

Luo Yunyang returned the smile before raising his Speed Attribute to 300 without hesitation. In the blink of an eye, he had become quicker than the speed of sound and appeared before the man.

He waved the long spear, startling the grinning man for a split second. The man's body was suddenly impaled and lifted into the air!