Supreme Uprising Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Phantom Assassination

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Luo Yunyang took the initiative to kill off Gong Suncuo, who ranked 13th on the Earth List.

What was the difference between the 10th and 13th person on the Earth List anyway? There actually wasn’t much of a difference, which was why Gong Sunchuo had decided to face Luo Yunyang.

Of course, this was also a strategy he used to pressure Luo Yunyang mentally.

Unfortunately, Gong Suncuo had been too naive. He had been killed with one strike before he could achieve his goal.

Although his judgement had played a part in this, Luo Yunyang’s speed had been so fast that Gong Suncuo simply wasn’t able to react in time.

Luo Yunyang had a composed expression on his face. He wasn’t delighted over Gong Suncuo’s death. As he lifted Gong Suncuo’s corpse on his spear, he glanced all around him and said indifferently, “Anyone else?”

Although his tone wasn’t very high and he sounded a little lazy, the sight of Gong Suncuo’s body on his long spear said everything that needed to be said!

Rain continued to pour down, yet the entire field was now more silent than ever. It seemed as though every living thing had stopped breathing. Some strong fighters that had been about to come out of hiding decided to hide tactfully once again.

They didn’t think that they were stronger than Gong Suncuo, so they weren’t willing to become Luo Yunyang’s next target. This was why they chose to hide instead.

Nobody replied. Except for the sound of the rain and the howling wind, there was no other sound to be heard.

Luo Yunyang moved his arm and tossed Gong Suncuo’s body into the raging river of the Wind-Rain Crossing. Then, he stuck his spear directly in front of him and said, “I thought that there were some heroic people out to kill me, yet it turns out that it’s just some scum!”

Qi Yunhao felt a pang of anger when he heard Luo Yunyang’s words. Although he was aware that he was past the age when he could get worked up over a few words, Luo Yunyang’s arrogance still made him feel extremely displeased.

However, no matter how displeased he felt, he couldn’t make his move right now.

What he wanted was the Divine Six-Star Fruit that one needed in order to break through the boundaries of a martial grandmaster. He didn’t just want to let off some steam.

Meanwhile, his companion was much more composed. He was actually like an old fisherman who had just seen a large fish get hooked, yet wasn’t in a rush to lift the rod. Instead, he released the line and allowed the fish to struggle in the water before waiting for it to get exhausted and reeling it in easily. He also looked like an extremely patient hunter waiting for the final strike.

The two men didn’t have to wait long for the chance to make a mortal strike. Just as the winds and rain started to pick up, a sharp arrow suddenly surged through the sky towards Luo Yunyang. The arrow was really fast!

An arrow imbued with source power was faster than a bullet and more powerful than most hot weapons. The arrow appeared before Luo Yunyang in a flash.

Luo Yunyang had already noticed it, so the instant it soared towards him, he twisted to the side and evaded it.

He had just dodged it, when an explosion of gunfire started ringing out all around him.

The guns being used were loaded with armor-piercing rounds. Even though they weren’t much use against high-grade dire beasts, they could still hurt human martial masters.

Most martial masters would do their best to avoid such a hail of bullets.

Sharp gunfire kept ringing out in every direction, yet Luo Yunyang didn’t seem to panic at all. He just pointed his palm at the sky and a layer of frigid source power was blasted out towards the hail of bullets, enveloping them instantly.

The bullets actually came to a standstill in the air. Suddenly, 13 more arrows surged towards Luo Yunyang.

Before he could deal with them, a beam of gun-light, a blade-light and three sword-lights besieged him from different directions.

This was a tightly-coordinated surprise attack. Five people suddenly appeared, each one with a cultivation base of a first-grade martial master. Their combined efforts had the ability to intercept and kill a top-notch martial master.

The smile on Luo Yunyang’s face widened as he watched these attacks. The long spear in his hands suddenly circled around in the air.

Although the ring it created was ordinary, the gun-light and sword-lights actually changed direction eerily and headed straight for it.


Some strong fighters realized that they were unable to control their own source powers as they flowed in a steady stream towards the ring Luo Yunyang had drawn with his spear.

When they reached this frightening crossroads, three men suddenly rushed towards Luo Yunyang from the Wind-Rain platform.

Each of them wielded a huge hatchet and hacked away manically at Luo Yunyang.

Their huge hatchets were covered in a murky yellow source power. When this power landed, it formed a five-meter gravity field.

Although the three men were also first-grade martial masters, when they combined their power, their attack was stronger than the previous five men’s surprise attack.

Luo Yunyang’s expression didn’t change. While he stood on the spot awaiting the relentless attack of the three huge hatchets, he looked as though he was just admiring the stormy weather.

As the three hatchets descended towards him, Luo Yunyang didn’t move. The three hatchets had strangely started towards the ring Luo Yunyang had drawn with his spear.

“You… You are absorbing our source power!” someone cried out in alarm.

In just a moment, Luo Yunyang had nullified the attacks of the three axes, the three sword-lights, the gun-light and the blade-light completely.

Meanwhile, a huge boulder coming from the river of the Wind-Rain Crossing flew over at him.

Behind this huge boulder was an enormous, at least 20-meter long, water dragon that had appeared from the river.

On top of this dragon stood a man. As the sword in his hand flickered, a dazzling sword-light seemed ready to fly over at Luo Yunyang.

It was the Water-Splitting Dragon Beheading.

The man’s cultivation base was slightly stronger than a top-notch martial master’s. He could actually be considered a semi-martial grandmaster.

He was also a key figure in this attack. All the people who had made a move had actually just been creating an opportunity for him.

Luo Yunyang’s expression became even chillier as he stared at the figure standing atop the water dragon. As the sword-light was about to be unleashed, Luo Yunyang quickly made some adjustments. He used the attribute regulator in his mind to transfer the over 700 points of his wood power to his ice power.

Although his Ice Attribute hadn’t made a breakthrough or reached the state of a martial grandmaster yet, by drawing support from his wood-based source power’s breakthrough, Luo Yunyang could keep absorbing Cold Qi from the sky and earth.

“3,000-Mile Freezing Move!”

When Luo Yunyang waved his hands, a Cold Qi blasted out of his palms. In an instant, this inexplicable frigid power had frozen everything, including the air, within 30 meters of him.

The vivid, lifelike water dragon was frozen in the air. The strong fighter who had been controlling the water dragon had barely unleashed his sword-light, when he froze in mid-air.

Suddenly, the assassination attempt of the 13 Shadow Wolves had turned them into a bunch of ice sculptures!

The wind and the rain were both frozen. The 13 Shadow Wolves who had attempted an assassination had been frozen in the air by Luo Yunyang’s technique, the 3,000-Mile Freezing Move.

Although they could still breathe, they were all unable to move even the slightest bit. Out of the blue, a frightening chill flowed into their bodies.