Supreme Uprising Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Pushing In All Directions

The huge Wind-Rain platform, which was now littered with ice sculptures, was a strange sight to behold.

There was no wind, and the rain had stopped falling.

"He's a martial grandmaster!" someone cried out, turning pale with fright.

The confidence Qi Yunhao had had at the beginning was thoroughly depleted. If Luo Yunyang's cultivation base had been extraordinary, he wouldn't have been that flustered. There would still have been a chance of killing a top-notch martial master after all.

However, Luo Yunyang was actually a martial grandmaster. This was a totally unforeseen outcome that left him flabbergasted.

The boundaries they yearned for and the realm they had been hoping to reach were the reasons they had all gathered there to try and kill Luo Yunyang. They had done this for the sake of obtaining the Divine Six-Star Fruit they would get after killing him.

Although they didn't have much hope of killing a top-notch martial master, they were still willing to give it their all. However, they hadn't expected that their target would have already become a martial grandmaster.

Luo Yunyang, who could now connect with the energies of the sky and earth, had the fighting strength of 10,000 soldiers.

The smile on the face of Qi Yunhao's companion had disappeared completely. His body tightened like a clamshell, and his previous self-confidence smacked him in the face. It was actually really comical. He had been so ignorant and narrow-minded that he had underestimated Luo Yunyang.

"No wonder he dared to come. He has already become a martial grandmaster!"

The two of them no longer had any intention of fighting. They were actually racking their brains for a way to leave.

"A martial grandmaster!"

"The 13 Shadow Wolves have died unjustly!"

"It was lucky that we didn't make the first move. Otherwise, we would have died too."

While Qi Yunhao and his companion were talking, the Nie Family had already received the news over at Shen'du. The members of the Nie Family who were keeping tabs on the fight had ugly expressions on their faces.

A martial grandmaster? Although the Nie Family didn't fear martial grandmasters, having bad blood between them and a martial grandmaster wasn't something anyone would like.

"I always thought that Luo Yunyang's challenge was some sort of scheme, yet I hadn't expected that he was actually a martial grandmaster."

"He has already reached the martial grandmaster realm despite his young age. If he keeps progressing at this speed, then our family..."

For a moment, the large hall was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. If Luo Yunyang kept progressing this way, then his future cultivation base would make people shudder with fear.

"Don't worry, everyone. Luo Yunyang might have entered the realm of martial grandmasters, but this doesn't mean that he won't die at the Wind-Rain Crossing!"

During their discussion, an elegantly-dressed middle-aged man pushed the door open and entered. When Nie Yunxin saw the middle-aged man, he shrunk back, even though he was already sitting in the corner.

Although he was the Nie Family's genius, his father's brilliance still overshadowed his.

All the other members of the Nie Family looked at the newcomer respectfully.

"Greetings, Big Brother!"

"Greetings, Great Uncle!"

As all sorts of greetings and salutations echoed around, the middle-aged man waved his hands dismissively. "You all better remember this. The Nie Family had absolutely nothing to do with this matter. If anyone lets anything slip, I can't promise that your family will be safe!"

Nobody dared say anything.

The middle-aged man didn't bother paying attention to the rest of the family. He just stared out of the large hall with a slightly strange expression.

Meanwhile, quite a number of people throughout the 13 Eastern Cities had already heard the news about the Wind-Rain Crossing. In an instant, discussions started sprouting everywhere.

The people who were closer to Luo Yunyang naturally cheered jubilantly, while the people that wanted him dead scowled miserably, as if they were mourning the loss of a dead parent.

Fat Xue, Chu Yuan and the others were all astonished, Fat Xue especially so. When he heard the news, he asked disbelievingly, "What was that? Big Boss Luo is a martial grandmaster? Damn! Is that really true? This... This is too much of a blow!"

Back at the Wind-Rain Crossing, Luo Yunyang stood erect with his spear in his hands. All around him were 10 Shadow Wolves, completely frozen in place. They all maintained their unmoving posture quietly.

"Ha ha ha... A martial grandmaster at such a young age! You are as talented as a god-grade powerhouse!" Two men, one tall and one short, came strolling out slowly.

As soon as they appeared, Qi Yunhao's face fell. When he saw the two men, his body let out an unconscious shudder.

"What are they doing here?"

"Do you know them, Brother Qi?" the calm middle-aged man, who seldom saw Qi Yunhao act this way, asked carefully.

"They are the two Venerables of the Dragon Elephant Sect!" Qi Yunhao lowered his voice. He sounded somewhat upset as he said, "If I knew that these two would appear, I would never have come."

His companion's face froze when he heard the words 'Dragon Elephant Sect'.

Ever since the apocalypse and the emergence of the sixth factor, the path of ancient martial arts had flourished once again. The people who trained hard and surpassed ordinary humans had become even more powerful after the emergence of the sixth factor.

After coming to an agreement with the Da Alliance, the hidden world sects generally didn't get involved in worldly affairs. However, the 13 Eastern Cities had always felt a certain respect for them.

Due to their cultivation of ancient arts, the martial grandmasters that emerged from these secret sects tended to be stronger than normal martial grandmasters.

This was because they were taught secret techniques by their own sects.

Luo Yunyang could sense that these two were not ordinary men. The instant they appeared, he was able to sense the surging power in their bodies.

These two men were not mere martial grandmasters. Judging by their aura, they had to be stronger than martial grandmasters like the Flame Emperor and the Sky High Tiger King.

"If you were allowed to keep cultivating, you could become a top-notch martial grandmaster in the near future," the tall, skinny man lamented, as though he was gazing at an entire younger generation. "It's a pity you will not be given that opportunity!"

"This is what people call temptation. Someone offered a price that we couldn't resist, so you will have to die. However, we will give you a chance to kill yourself! You are considered a martial grandmaster after all. We are also martial grandmasters, so we will let you die with dignity."

The two Venerables of the Dragon Elephant Sect appeared as self-confident as if they were about to eat Luo Yunyang up. Luo Yunyang stared coldly at them as he retorted fearlessly, "I would like to gift the words you just uttered back to you and give you the chance to take your own lives. Just hurry up and die!"

Looks of surprise appeared on the faces of the two men. Suddenly, they burst into laughter.

"Ha ha ha! It seems like you won't be convinced while you are alive. Does your mother know how arrogant you are? Never mind, never mind... Today, the two of us will teach you what a sect really is!"

As he spoke, the shorter man brandished his fists. A source power rushed forward from his hands and formed a huge khaki elephant that charged towards Luo Yunyang.