Supreme Uprising Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Sky Luo

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The giant golden clock seemed to contain a crushing power. The instant it was formed, the Dragon Elephant’s Two Venerables waved their arms simultaneously and the light shadows of a dragon and an elephant flew towards it.

As they were controlled by the Dragon Elephant’s Two Venerables, the green dragon and khaki elephant seemed to fuse with the golden clock and increase its might.

“The Dragon Elephant Golden Clock can die now!”

The Golden Clock’s Two Elders shouted at the same time, pushing forward violently with both hands, as though they were moving something extremely heavy.

The golden clock, which contained the source power of the Golden Clock’s Two Elders and the Dragon Elephant’s Two Venerables, glided towards Luo Yunyang. Although it didn’t seem very fast, the ice sculptures and rocks on the Wind-Rain platform disintegrated as it passed by.

The martial masters watching from the sidelines had expressions of fear and awe on their faces.

The fear stemmed from the chills they felt in their hearts as they watched the golden clock. They also felt awe because the very sight of the clock seemed to depict what they would be like after they became martial grandmasters.

This strike had the power to change the entire landscape!

Although they were out of the attack’s range, everyone still felt a pulling force as this strike blasted out.

If these men, who were several kilometers away from the golden clock, were still affected by this force, then what would happen to Luo Yunyang, who was the target of the attack?

Would he be able to stop it?

He was a telekinesis grandmaster!

This fact alone was sufficient to make most people feel awe, yet everyone knew that the body of a telekinesis grandmaster was the weakest.

When facing an immense power, a telekinesis grandmaster was always the first to fall.

Practically the instant that the golden clock shot towards Luo Yunyang, his monstrous eyes, which were floating in the air, flickered once more.

Luo Yunyang used a technique he had read in the diary of the Buddha Disk’s previous owner. However, it was one that the owner had never used before.

A few more light disks flew out of the existing 18 Buddha Disks. This time, the 36 light disks turned into 36 beams of light that shot towards the huge Dragon Elephant Golden Clock.

Metallic sounds that sounded like a clock being struck by a violent storm rang out all around. Golden rays of light, khaki rays of light and a white light as dazzling as a day collided frantically all over the Wind-Rain platform.

Qi Yunhao and the other assassins stood still, staring at these crazy collisions without batting an eyelid. Although they already knew what the outcome would be, this display still lit up a flame in their hearts.

“The Rising Dragon Army has requested to move the two satellites so we can watch what’s happening at the Wind-Rain Crossing!” someone shouted in the Nie Family’s hall.

As soon as he did, the large screen that took up an entire wall was turned on.

The display was full of light and shadows. This brightness made the eyes of some weaker individuals itch.

“What’s going on?”

Although there were some shouts, they quickly faded when everyone realized that the Nie Family elders were gazing at the screen with grave expressions.

“Luo Yunyang must die this time!” Nie Yunxin’s father, Nie Tianyuan, said with a slightly fanatical flair.

As a martial grandmaster, Nie Tianyuan could sense how formidable Luo Yunyang was. He also believed that, if Luo Yunyang survived, he would become a powerful threat to the Nie Family.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang had to die!

A lot of eyes were focused on the huge base of the Rising Dragon Army’s Shen’du General Headquarters. Lu Qubing and the other high-ranking officials of the Rising Dragon Army were also watching this exchange of source power.

The giant golden clock and beams of pure white light were as bright as day.

“Luo Yunyang shouldn’t have been let out!” an old man who looked like a martial master said, his face fraught with worry. “It’s too dangerous!”

Lu Qubing didn’t say anything. His expression made it seem like he wasn’t really bothered by this situation, even though Luo Yunyang’s life was on the line.

However, anyone who knew Lu Qubing well would have noticed his shaking legs under the table.

One second, two second, three seconds…

Meanwhile, at the Sky High Military General Headquarters, the Sky High Tiger King, the Leopard King and other powerhouses also had their eyes fixed on the image transmitted through the two satellites.

Ever since the apocalypse, humanity’s dream of rising further up in the sky had become faint. Even the numerous satellites up in space had become pieces of trash over time due to a variety of reasons.

There were only two satellites that could still be used, yet they were shut most of the time. The reason was that the Da Alliance was worried that these satellites would crumble and fall apart.

Although they were extremely important assets in the eyes of the Da Alliance, the two satellites were eventually activated for the sake of observing the situation at the Wind-Rain Crossing. Thanks to Lu Quibing’s intense requests, the Wind-Rain Crossing was now watched by many people.

“This kid is really crazy!” The Sky High Tiger King’s voice was full of stirred-up emotion.

Nobody replied. Most people had their eyes glued to the screen, afraid that a problem might come up.

“I’m afraid that he won’t be able to hold on for much longer!” The Sky High Leopard King wrung his hands with a sigh.

Meanwhile, people were also watching at the Sangu Research Center, the Tyrannical Age Financial Group, and the Farm God Research Center.

Fat Xue’s fists were clenched tightly as Chu Yuan stared at the screen. Most of the people who were close to Luo Yunyang were urging him on mentally.

Although they wished that they could help him, they were separated by thousands of miles, so they were unable to offer even the slightest bit of support.

Back at Base 7, Lu Xiu and Xu Zhong were sitting before the screen silently, watching the dazzling light show.

“Will Luo Yunyang be able to win this time, sir?” Xu Zhong asked fretfully, patting his bald head.

Lu Xiu’s thoughts were in a turmoil. Although the person in question was the most outstanding student he had ever groomed, he still had nothing to say.

“Shut up and watch carefully!”

Xu Zhong patted his own head. He couldn’t remember how many times Lu Xiu had reprimanded him, yet he couldn’t help repeating this question every 30 seconds.

On the large screen, Luo Yunyang looked both like a deity and a demon as the Buddha Disks revolved around his head. The giant golden clock spun furiously before him, the dragon and the elephant alternating in the air as though they were ripping the sky apart.

“Alright, stop asking me. The signal is delayed by two minutes. If you are that anxious, you can call the Chang’an General Headquarters!” Lu Xiu said in a trance-like voice just as Xu Zhong was about to ask him the same question again.

“You should have said so earlier, boss! I’ll go make a call now!” Xu Zhong leapt up and made a beeline for the base’s communication device.