Supreme Uprising Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Let Me Drink Some Water Before Speaking

Lu Xiu didn't bother stopping Xu Zhong, who went to make the call. Right now, he felt extremely nervous. This Luo Yunyang kid really enjoyed making him worry. As a martial grandmaster, he understood how much danger Luo Yunyang was currently in.

At the same time, Lu Xiu's heart was filled with anger. He felt an immense rage that welled from the depths of his heart.

According to his personal logic, humanity had already reached a very critical crossroads. People had to unite and cultivate talent instead of destroy it over certain people's selfish motives.

However, no matter what Lu Xiu thought to himself, he actually had no say in this.

Although the Da Alliance controlled humanity on the surface, there was actually a limit to its authority. What truly controlled humanity was a huge union.

A union that, although not consolidated, still possessed supreme authority!

This union, which was called the Heavenly God Union, contained all of humanity's strength.

Martial God Murat and Unrivalled Warrior Johann, who were god-grade experts that could be considered treasures of humanity, were the heads of the union assembly. The Da Alliance had only been established thanks to the support of this union.

Even the people with the highest authority within the Da Alliance were just considered ordinary citizens by this union.

"Is there any need to make the call now?" As many thoughts flashed across Lu Xiu's head, the lights on the display became even more dazzling and several rays of light scattered randomly in all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Xu Zhong turned around and saw numerous lights exploding on the screen. He froze on the spot in astonishment. Although he already knew that the outcome had been decided, this conclusion was not what he had been hoping for...

As the explosions of light cleared away, the two men saw several light disks swirl in the air. Below these light disks were the struggling Golden Clock's Two Elders and the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables.

They were indeed struggling!

Both the Golden Clock's Two Elders and the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables had light and deep wounds all over their bodies, the Elephant Venerable especially so. Although he was doing his utmost to block the attacks, one of his arms had already been sliced off by a fluttering light disk.

After losing an arm, the Elephant Venerable became extremely frantic. Every strike of his remaining arm was overflowing with violent source power.

However, the 36 light disks were like a constantly-revolving blade net. Even if he managed to avoid one by luck, he still wouldn't be able to block them all.

His defeat was clearly imminent.

"We are all martial grandmasters, Luo Yunyang. We are all people with the strength to resist source beasts. You mustn't kill us! Doing so would be disgraceful!" Jinzhong shouted. Suddenly, he felt a pang in his heart. He just couldn't die now. He still had many things he wanted to do!

Luo Yunyang answered Jinzhong's words by shaving off a layer of skin from his scalp. The Dragon Venerable, who was bleeding profusely, cried out.

"According to the Martial Gods, every martial grandmaster is an irreplaceable resource. We mustn't massacre one another. An internal strife wouldn't be beneficial for us!"

A mocking grin appeared on Luo Yunyang's face after he heard the two men speak in turn. These men had been very different when they had surrounded him a small while ago. It felt great to watch them grovel and preach about being humanity's martial grandmasters now!

How could he put up with these fellows, who were suddenly singing a different tune?

Luo Yunyang wasn't bothered by their requests in the slightest. The 36 Buddha Disks that were urged on by his mind power were like 36 suns revolving in the air.

The shimmering, flashing lights made it seem as though the four martial grandmasters had no chance of escaping.

"Are the martial grandmasters going to be defeated?" Qi Yunhao's voice trembled slightly as he spoke.

He was an entity close to a martial grandmaster, so he knew all about a martial grandmaster's might and only felt reverence for this sort of entities.

However, four real grandmasters were currently in a hopeless situation without an obvious way out. There was also a very high possibility that they were going to die.

"Hurry up and get out!" the calm middle-aged man told Qi Yunhao, as if he had suddenly realized something.

Qi Yunhao suddenly came to his senses. If Luo Yunyang managed to slaughter the four martial grandmasters, then wouldn't people just like him be next?

"Don't act impulsively, Luo Yunyang. I am the Da Alliance's Grand Sky Corps Viceroy Zhuge Yi. I'm using my status as a Viceroy to order you to stop this massacre immediately!" a voice said, suddenly resounding from the sky.

When he heard it, Qi Yunhao, who had been about to leave, looked up and noticed that a helicopter had appeared in the sky. The voice was clearly coming from the helicopter.

The Grand Sky Corp's Viceroy had come?

The Golden Clock's Two Elders and the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables perked up. This was an extremely crucial moment for their lives.

The saying 'time is money' wasn't enough to describe what they were feeling. Right now, time would determine whether they would live.

"Golden Clock Dragon Elephant!" When this shout was heard, the four men brandished their arms at the exact same time, causing a golden clock to appear before them.

Compared to the golden clock that had been blasted at Luo Yunyang earlier, the Golden Clock Dragon Elephant was very different. Its primary objective wasn't to attack Luo Yunyang, but be used as a defense against his attack.

In an instant, countless Buddha Disks struck the top of the golden clock with loud sounds of impact and cracks started forming on the golden clock one after another.

"Luo Yunyang, stop immediately! This is an order!" Zhuge Yi's tone became more serious. However, Qi Yunhao and the others felt disappointed that Zhuge Yi hadn't appeared himself.

"Someone is using the helicopter's equipment to broadcast his message to Luo Yunyang." Qi Yunhao observed the helicopter meticulously before turning to inform the man beside him.

The calm middle-aged man shook his head. "A red mist has already descended over Luo Yunyang. I'm afraid that Zhuge Yi can't stop him anymore!"

"Luo Yunyang, withdraw right now. The Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables were in the wrong. I can make them pay the price, but if you kill them right now, humanity will suffer a huge loss. You don't want to betray humanity!"

As Zhuge Yi's voice was broadcast, cracks continued to appear on the golden clock that enveloped the four martial grandmasters. The golden clock, which was made purely out of source power, looked as though it was about to shatter into fragments.

"Alright, Luo Yunyang. If you won't listen to me, then I shall let the Rising Dragon Army's Viceroy speak to you!"

Suddenly, Lu Qubing's voice was heard. Before Lu Qubing could speak, he started coughing.

"Yunyang, cough cough cough... cough cough... cough cough cough..."

When the Golden Clock's Two Elders and the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables heard that Lu Qubing was going to speak, they immediately expected that they would be saved. However, after a succession of sparse coughs that dragged things on, whatever faith had been reignited quickly faded away. They felt extremely unlucky to be in this situation!

"Let... Let me drink some water... before speaking!" Lu Qubing finally managed to complete a proper sentence.