Supreme Uprising Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Rivers Of Blood

"Damn! I, Xu Zhong, have never admired anyone in my life except for the Viceroy. When I say that he is awesome, I don't mean just ordinarily awesome!" Xu Zhong patted his own bald head as he rocked back and forth with a huge grin on his face, nearly falling to the ground.

Chief Instructor Lu didn't say anything regarding Xu Zhong's ungraceful behavior, yet the sides of his lips curled up when he heard the Viceroy say that he needed to drink some water. Chief Instructor Lu nearly burst into laughter.

Although he wanted to laugh, he eventually restrained himself.

"The Viceroy is the Viceroy after all. How impressive!" the Flame Emperor roared heartily. However, his gaze was still fixated on the numerous attacks of the flying light disks, which kept striking the golden clock.

Damn these four bastards! They were so old, yet they had actually tried to kill Luo Yunyang.

As soon as these four fellas had appeared, the Flame Emperor had felt as though he had been slapped in the face. He now felt completely guilt-ridden. How could he have let Luo Yunyang go? He had basically sent him to his own death!

However, Luo Yunyang, who always did the unexpected, didn't disappoint him this time either. Not only had he become a martial grandmaster, but he had also become a telekinesis grandmaster!

This meant that he had already reached the upper echelons of a martial grandmaster and could look down on ordinary martial grandmasters like them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tongzhong started spitting out blood. With every mouthful he spat out, the source power he expelled intensified.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables were basically clutching at straws. They didn't want to die. They wanted to live, even if this meant damaging their own source cores so they could endure until they received aid from the Da Alliance.

"Don't act hastily, Yunyang- cough cough cough cough..." Lu Qubing's voice was finally heard again.

When they heard it, the Golden Clock's Two Elders felt tears streaming down their faces. However, that damn cough felt like a knife being twisted in their hearts.

"Regarding these four men's conduct, the Da Alliance has agreed to- cough cough... cough cough cough... cough cough cough... I need more water!"

Lu Qubing's voice went quiet once again. While he was drinking water, a snarling voice was transmitted over the helicopter's broadcasting machine. "Make them stop first, Lu Qubing. I am speaking on behalf of a Martial God."

Although Luo Yunyang didn't know who this voice belonged to, a cold glint appeared in his eyes when he heard it.

He still needed a minute to break through the golden clock's defense. However, he didn't think that he would be able to wait that long.

Luo Yunyang sent out another disk by using his mind power. Compared to all the other Buddha Disks, this one looked a lot smaller.

The power contained within this disk seemed much weaker than the power of the previous disks that had struck the golden clock.

However, the moment this light disk struck the golden clock, the 36 other disks immediately fused with it.

"Sky Earth Buddha!"

As these four words left Luo Yunyang's mouth, Lu Qubing's voice was heard once again. "One must be lenient, Yunyang... Whenever... cough cough cough..."


A loud bang was produced as the bright, dazzling light disk bombarded the golden clock, shattering it completely. The glowing light disk instantly split into 37 parts again and flew over at the four martial grandmasters.

The flashing disks formed a large light net that covered a wide expanse. As the light net flashed across that area, everything returned to its previous calm state.

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly as he watched the light net. However, he suddenly felt an ache in his head, as if it was actually filled with needles.

The use of a technique that exceeded the limits of his attribute regulator would normally result in such a repercussion. Luo Yunyang already had some experience with this sort of situation, so the instant he felt the pain, he quickly reverted all his attributes back to their original state.

Although all his attributes returned to normal, his Mind Attribute remained a little weak. However, this wouldn't affect his basic combat strength.

Of course, he wouldn't be using his mind power during this battle again.

The light disks turned back into thin steel disks and flew over to Luo Yunyang's hand. Without their dazzling light rays, the entire Wind-Rain Crossing had returned to its previous tranquil state.

However, the unrecognizable stone platform was now full of marks and no traces of the four martial grandmasters could be seen anymore.

Only a few hoarding pouches stained with blood, which seemed to sparkle in the night sky, remained.

There was not a single trace of the four martial grandmasters, who had been illustrious individuals. Most people couldn't find the words to express what was going through their minds.

"They are dead!" Qi Yunhao seemed to use all the strength in his body to force out these three words. Suddenly, he felt his legs go soft, as if he was on the verge of collapsing.

Four martial grandmasters had died at Luo Yunyang's hands. This seemingly impossible scenario had really unfolded before his very eyes.

The coughing Lu Qubing, who was finally able to breathe properly, reprimanded Luo Yunyang in an extremely stern manner, "Luo Yunyang! Didn't I tell you not to let your emotions affect your decisions? How could you... you... you killed them all!"

"Didn't I tell you that our top priority is maintaining harmony? These people might have tried to kill you, but they didn't succeed!"

"You've made me extremely angry. My poor heart can't take this. Just return to the Chang'an General Headquarters and wait. I will personally head down there and teach you a good lesson. I will make sure you pay the price of your impulsiveness this time around! I will put you in solitary confinement!"

Qi Yunhao's lips twitched as he listened to Lu Qubing's bellowing voice. How was this a reprimand? He was clearly instructing Luo Yunyang on what to do next.

He would just return to the Rising Dragon Army General Headquarters and wait? Bullsh*t!

"Run!" Although no one knew who had shouted, the martial masters who had been watching the battle took off like spooked horses and scattered in all directions. There was even a number of them that jumped straight into the crossing's river.

Although rivers weren't as frightening as the ocean, ever since the apocalypse, they had also become an off-limits area for humans. Even though these men were top-notch martial masters, they would still face some dangers by jumping into the river.

Luo Yunyang watched indifferently as men jumped into the river or fled. Just as he was about to chase them down and slaughter them, he sensed something strange about his mind power.

It was an extremely dangerous feeling!

The sensation made Luo Yunyang's eyes widen. Although he had overused his mind power, he still had full confidence in his senses.

This was an incomparable danger!

If he was unable to avoid it, then it would cost him his life!

Luo Yunyang transferred all his attribute points to his Speed without hesitation.

When his Speed Attribute surpassed 1,000 points, he ran five kilometers away in an instant!