Supreme Uprising Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Taboo Weapon

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Back at the Nie Household, Nie Tianyuan’s unflinching gaze was fixated on the large screen.

Although those four martial grandmasters hadn’t been a part of the Nie Family, they had always had a good relationship with them.

Plus, the four men had only participated in this fiasco on account of a person from the Nie Family. Now, the four of them were all dead!

Their death was a loss for the Nie Family’s power. Of course, this loss wouldn’t cause them much distress. The four men hadn’t been very influential after all. However, they could still have been used as tools by the Nie Family.

What was more unbearable for Nie Tianyuan was Luo Yunyang’s growth.

He had become a martial grandmaster and a telekinesis grandmaster at a really young age. If he was allowed to mature any further, it would be a calamity for the Nie Family. This disaster could follow them relentlessly throughout the course of his life.

This made Nie Tianyuan feel a little uneasy. He sipped some water before issuing an order. The Nie Family could end up paying a high price for this particular order.

Although the cost of this command was very high, Nie Tianyuan wouldn’t cower. He believed that paying this price in exchange for the life of an opponent like Luo Yunyang was completely worth it.

“Should we retract the bounty, Father?” Nie Yunxin asked kind of indignantly as he walked up to Nie Tianyuan.

He still felt a little dim, though, as he thought that he wouldn’t be able to catch up with that man in his entire lifetime.

Nie Tianyuan, who was a martial grandmaster, knew what his son was thinking about. He patted his son on the shoulder and said, “You don’t have to worry too much about him. He will soon be a thing of the past!”

Although Nie Yunxin didn’t understand his words completely, he didn’t dare ask any questions. Nie Tianyuan’s many years of accumulated might made Nie Yunxin afraid of asking too much.

Therefore, he shut his mouth and nodded faintly. What appeared on the screen next made him understand what his father had been talking about.

Over 10 brilliant rays of light blasted over towards the Wind-Rain Crossing on the large screen. When Nie Yunxin saw these lights, an extreme fear filled his eyes.

“It’s a taboo weapon!”

Taboo weapons had been the most intimidating powers before the apocalypse. Although god-grade entities that could sweep away everything before them had appeared after the apocalypse, the existence of taboo weapons still made people feel afraid.

Taboo weapons could even annihilate martial grandmasters.

The only people that could fight back against taboo weapons were god-grade powerhouses. No one knew where this theory had come from, but it was one that most people accepted.

Taboo weapons were currently bombarding the Wind-Rain Crossing!

How could this be?

Although it was commonly known that the Da Alliance had quite a few taboo weapons, this was humanity’s last line of defense. It was only supposed to be used as a last destructive measure when a battle reached a dead end.

The control of taboo weapons was really stringent. Even the Da Alliance’s chairman only had one part of the code that activated the taboo weapons.

How could someone actually have activated it?

“Our family discovered this information at a damaged base during the apocalypse. This is strictly insider information,” Nie Tianyuan said indifferently as he watched the screen turn white from the bombardments.

Nie Yunxin clenched his fists tightly as a wave of ecstasy swept over him. Never had he expected that the Nie Family would still have so much power.

For a moment, he felt so delighted that he nearly cried tears of joy. The Nie Family was strong! The target that he had considered out of his league had been completely destroyed by that endless white flash!

As Lu Qubing stared at the white glare on the screen, he felt as though his insides were about to explode.

How was this possible? How?

How dare the Nie Family do this? How could they use this sort of pre-apocalyptic taboo weapon? Had they gone crazy?

The Da Alliance had assessed every type of taboo weapon in existence, including the Nie Family’s.

There was a very high possibility that the Nie Family had hidden this weapon away. This had to be why the Nie Family enjoyed a status so difficult for ordinary people to achieve.

However, no one had expected that they would really use this weapon, let alone use it against such a talented genius.

“How dare they!” Lu Qubing roared. He was addressing Zhuge Yi, who was standing close to him.

Zhuge Yi had an extremely grave expression on his face. However, after pondering this for a bit, he told Lu Qubing softly, “This isn’t the most pressing problem. What’s important is to remain calm.”

“Has the place of origin been determined?”

“Yes, this taboo weapon was shot from the Ice Frost Fort, a small base owned and constructed by the Nie Family.”

The 37 cities of the Da Alliance were currently humanity’s biggest strongholds. However, there were still some smaller cities in the world that hadn’t joined the Da Alliance.

Although the Ice Frost Fort wasn’t big, thanks to the Nie Family’s support, it had been able to become a stronghold that could hold out in a world filled with dire beasts.

Lu Qubing clenched his fist tightly. Suddenly, he impulsively rushed over to Zhuge Yi. “You piece of sh*t! You f*cking piece of sh*t!”

“Such means should be used to integrate the Ice Frost Fort and other similar places under the Da Alliance’s jurisdiction. We should…”

Lu Qubing was a viceroy, so after he vented, he cooled down very quickly. However, his eyes were still burning with rage.

“Don’t make a hash of things, Old Lu. Establishing and maintaining the Da Alliance was really hard to achieve after all the fighting the apocalypse brought about.”

Zhuge Yi took a step closer to Lu Qubing and advised him solemnly, “You must know that, if the Da Alliance crumbles, we won’t have any hope of winning the fight against the source beasts. You are a commander-in-chief, so you can’t let your emotions affect your decisions!”

Lu Qubing glared icily at Zhuge Yi, but didn’t say anything else. In the end, he just headed for the door silently.

“You mustn’t forget your promise, Lu Qubing. Although the Da Alliance is in an extremely tough spot, things are still stable. Luo Yunyang might be a genius, or the Rising Dragon Army’s best hope, but he is only one man.”

Zhuge Yi’s tone was firm. “We can force the Ice Frost Fort to pay the consequences, but these consequences still need to be discussed.”

Lu Qubing snorted before ignoring Zhuge Yi’s words and walking out. Although his steps weren’t quick, each one felt immeasurably heavy.

Zhuge Yi couldn’t help but scratch his head. He knew that he hadn’t been able to convince Lu Qubing.

The moment Lu Qubing caused any trouble, the peace on the surface of the Da Alliance would vanish.

He still couldn’t stop Lu Qubing, though.

As several thoughts went through his mind, he suddenly heard someone say, “Ah! Ah…”

Zhuge Yi felt irritated when he heard this. His subordinates were the strongest elite martialists in the world, so they would never make a fuss over something small.

He turned his head to look at the person who had spoken, but his eyes suddenly caught sight of something else. A black dot had appeared on the huge screen.