Supreme Uprising Chapter 165

Chapter 165 The Ice Frost Fort

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Lots of dirt had accumulated on Luo Yunyang’s head. However, this suppressing force, which felt like a mountain, didn’t bother him much.

When three of his apertures were linked, especially his Taiying and Taiyang meridians, they allowed him to absorb the vigorous cold and heat around him, even though he wasn’t cultivating.

When that immense external force dissipated, Luo Yunyang rose up from the soil and flew into the sky.

He felt utter devastation!

Although it was still raining at the Wind-Rain Crossing, everything within a five-kilometer radius had turned into flat, scorched earth. This area, which had originally been teeming with organisms and their vitality, had been wiped off completely. Not a single blade of grass was left.

Taboo weapons could not be used capriciously.

They were humanity’s last weapon, so they were only supposed to be used when it seemed like all hope was lost.

However, someone had just unleashed this weapon on Luo Yunyang.

Of course, Luo Yunyang didn’t know that it was a taboo weapon. As he wondered where it had come from, he looked at the devastating sight all around him and let out a long howl.

It was the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique!

This was a technique of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint that was used to temper one’s body. However, after Luo Yunyang’s simultaneous breakthrough with his two meridians, his body had already advanced, so the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique was no longer of much use to him.

As he faced the sky and roared, the air seemed to tremble, as if both the sky and earth were grieving.

Although Luo Yunyang was in mid-air, he wasn’t using his mind power. The sixth factor all around him frantically rushed into his body and supported him as he hovered in the air. He looked just like a divine demon with power over the sky and earth.

He still hadn’t died!

Practically no one who was watching the scene could describe what they were feeling.

Some people looked pleasantly surprised, while others were crying tears of joy. There were also some people who were cursing viciously and some people with fear in their eyes.

A martial grandmaster who survived a taboo weapon would become a powerhouse among martial grandmasters. Although Luo Yunyang was covered in dirt, the way he roared at the sky made a lot of people shiver.

“Come back with me, Yunyang!” As Luo Yunyang was howling at the sky, a rumbling sound was heard. A helicopter was flying over. It had only taken this aircraft five minutes to rush over from Chang’an City.

The Flame Emperor, who was on the helicopter, had a solemn expression on his face as he gazed at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang nodded at the Flame Emperor before soaring up and landing in the helicopter. When he did, the helicopter didn’t even shake.

As Luo Yunyang left, the two satellites capturing footage were turned off. All that was visible on people’s screens now was static.

Cheers broke out at Base 7. Xu Zhong’s cadets, who had been sleeping, were shaken awake. They were all bewildered when they heard Xu Zhong say that they would drink, have fun and get plastered.

When Sun Miaomiao and the others heard Xu Zhong’s generous suggestion, they thought that the stingy fella must have suffered some kind of brain damage. He had always been known for being miserly after all.

Although they were suspicious, they ate and drank without restraint until Xu Zhong felt his heart ache and returned to his senses.

When Fat Xue saw Luo Yunyang reappear, he silently picked up some ice-cream, which he had already sworn off. Meanwhile, Ling Yubing said jokingly that scourges lived 1,000 years.

Luo Yunyang paid no attention to them. As soon as he returned to the Rising Dragon Army’s base, he went to take a shower.

He had to bathe. There was just too much mud and soil on his body. The only remaining clean part of his body were his teeth.

The delightful, warm shower he took was really comforting. Then, he walked to a long table under everyone’s admiring gazes.

An array of delicacies and a bottle of high-quality white wine had been laid out on the table.

The Flame Emperor took two goblets and divided the wine evenly between them before handing one to Luo Yunyang.

When he watched the Flame Emperor throw his head back and guzzle the wine, Luo Yunyang didn’t hold back either. He drained his goblet in one gulp.

“You little brat! You survived!” The Flame Emperor put down his goblet and gazed at Luo Yunyang solemnly. “When I saw the Dragon Elephant’s Venerables and the others appear, my intestines turned green with regret. I really regretted letting you go!”

Luo Yunyang flashed the Flame Emperor a smile as he chuckled. “Reality has proven that what is meant to be will be! They were still unable to kill me.”

“Stop looking so pleased with yourself, kid. You were nearly turned to dust by a taboo weapon. How can you still be so complacent?” The Flame Emperor grabbed another glass and gulped it down.

“Taboo weapon is a wrong name for that weapon. Won’t you tell me where that taboo weapon originated from, Commander?” As Luo Yunyang stared at the Flame Emperor, the old man could see the killing intent emanating from his eyes.

The Flame Emperor hesitated for a bit before eventually saying, “It came from the Ice Frost Fort, which is about 1,000 kilometers away from Chang’an City. Although their strength cannot be compared to the Da Alliance’s, there are some people who support them. They have a fighting strength of over 3,000 soldiers.”

“However, no one expected that they would actually possess a taboo weapon!”

Luo Yunyang laughed, but didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, the Flame Emperor said rather grimly, “We won’t take this lying down. We will make the Nie Family pay with blood!”

“What would things be like if I re-entered Shen’du, Commander?” Luo Yunyang asked the Flame Emperor, his voice carrying a murderous aura.

A trickle of sweat dripped down the Flame Emperor’s forehead. Although Luo Yunyang was much younger than him, it seemed like they were already at the same level.

Plus, when it came to fighting strength, Luo Yunyang was already stronger than him.

“Even if the Viceroy is hesitant, he will still support you. However, all the big powers in Shen’du will join forces to suppress you. The Nie Family will not admit to placing that bounty. We have been unable to find any evidence, so if you headed there, you would only put the Viceroy in a predicament.”

The Flame Emperor’s voice became a little hoarse as he said, “You have already become a martial grandmaster. You will soon understand how this world works.”

“The Da Alliance might be humanity’s government on the surface, but it is actually just a simple alliance. There is a large union that possesses absolute authority, and a Martial God disciple from the Nie Family holds a substantial status among this union.”

“Therefore, the Da Alliance and the 13 Eastern Cities always make certain allowances when it comes to the Nie Family. You have to understand how helpless the Viceroy is!”

Although the Flame Emperor’s words didn’t reveal much, Luo Yunyang was still able to get a rough outline of the circumstances.

He glanced at the solemn Flame Emperor before he said, “I will handle this myself without implicating the Rising Dragon Army.”

“You are a part of the Rising Dragon Army, Yunyang. We won’t let you handle this matter all by yourself. While I picked you up, the Viceroy personally led five Honorary Delegates to the Ice Frost Fort,” the Flame Emperor said gravely. “From now on, the Ice Frost Fort will not exist anymore!”