Supreme Uprising Chapter 166

Chapter 166 The Martial God Behind Everything

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A chilly, desolate wind was blowing.

Lu Qubing sat in the cabin of a helicopter, staring coldly at the dire birds rushing over towards the aircraft.

Although these dire birds weren’t big and only actually had a wingspan of one meter, their number was astonishing. Their sheer amount seemed to blot out the sky,

The soldiers in charge of protecting the aircraft quickly used the on-board fighting systems to kill the dire birds quickly.

“Viceroy, you have a call from Viceroy Zhuge!” a soldier sitting in the cockpit reported to Lu Qubing.

“I’m not answering it!” Lu Qubing said dryly with no trace of emotion in his eyes.

The soldier, who respected Lu Qubing like a celestial being, immediately rejected the call.

“Viceroy, Viceroy Zhuge is rumored to have the vice-chairman’s trust. Plus, he is a supporter of his. If you aren’t going to agree to his request, shouldn’t you at least answer his call?” a middle-aged man sitting beside Lu Qubing advised softly.

Lu Qubing waved his hands around. “That man would do anything for the Da Alliance, but sometimes he is too soft! Although we wish we could slaughter the Nie Family and exterminate them completely, we can’t do that. There is a Martial God behind that family after all!”

“The Ice Frost Fort must still be eliminated, though!” Lu Qubing exclaimed ferociously. “Although the Rising Dragon Army can’t act rashly, if we choose to shrink back, then I would rather not be a Viceroy anymore!”

While Lu Qubing was having this conversation, Nie Tianyuan was having tea with a few family elders in a quiet room inside the Nie Family’s Shen’du Residence.

Although the tea was good, the people sipping it found it bland. Who would be in the mood for tea right now?

“Lu Qubing is already on the move. Don’t tell me that we won’t even send the Ice Frost Fort a warning? That is a base that the Nie Family has been using for many years. A third of our crack troops is stationed there!”

An elder of the Nie Family slammed his fists against the table.

The target of his anger was naturally Nie Tianyuan. However, Nie Tianyuan was the martial grandmaster responsible for the Nie Family, so the elder didn’t dare speak out openly, even though he was displeased.

Nie Tianyuan glanced at the old man before he said rather indifferently, “I know that the Ice Frost Fort owes almost its entire strength to your management, Uncle. I understand why you are so sentimental about it. However, this issue has been blown out of proportion. We used a taboo weapon, so we must be held accountable to Lu Qubing. How will this issue be resolved otherwise?”

A gentle-looking old man spoke up next. “You are the head of the family, Tianyuan. We are just some old fogeys. Although we will approve of your decision, your uncle still has something to say. Now that your third brother is around, is there really a need for the Nie Family to pander to Lu Qubing’s views?”

A hint of coldness flickered through Nie Tianyuan’s eyes as he glanced at the gentle-looking old man. “Of course there is. We also have to pay attention to the reaction of the entire Da Alliance.”

“The Nie Family could place a secret bounty on Luo Yunyang’s head. As long as nobody knows anything, then it cannot be connected to our family.”

“However, when taboo weapons are used, one must pay a price for them. When all is said and done, my third brother is only a disciple of a Martial God, not a Martial God himself! Everyone ought to abide by the rules of the game!”

His last words made all the elders fall silent. Eventually, someone broke the silence. “Giving up the Ice Frost Fort will be really annoying!”

Nie Tianyuan smiled dryly. “Some losses are a necessary evil. Using taboo weapons this time was unreasonable on our part. If Lu Qubing uses this against the younger generation of the Nie Family, then…”

“He better not dare!” Before Nie Tianyuan had finished his sentence, an old man stood up furiously.

Although Nie Tianyuan was annoyed by this outburst, he kept his emotions in check as he said, “The other powers of the Da Alliance believe that we deserve it. We can only choose the lesser of two evils. If we give up the Ice Frost Fort and let Lu Qubing take his revenge, this will all be over. We will just admit defeat and pay the price. Then Lu Qubing will have to abide by the rules.”

The elders nodded their heads. They were mighty individuals among the Da Alliance, so this humiliation made them feel resentful deep down.

“If we comply, will Luo Yunyang abide by this?” an old man exclaimed. There was a clear trace of satisfaction in his tone.

“He has no say in this matter!” Nie Tianyuan said firmly.

While Nie Tianyuan was having this conversation, Luo Yunyang was frolicking with his sister, Luo Dong’er. In Luo Dong’er’s eyes, her valiant brother was a returning hero, so she wanted to play with him to her heart’s desire.

Shen Yunying was also oblivious to what had happened. Although she had been surprised when she had been fetched over to the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters, she hadn’t thought much about it.

However, her son’s return had been a little unexpected.

Luo Dong’er persisted for 30 more minutes before she could not stay awake anymore. After Luo Yunyang had sent his little sister and mother back home, he sat cross-legged on his bed and opened the attribute regulator.

This particular breakthrough had made him feel as though he had made tremendous progress. However, he had no idea how much he had actually gained in terms of attribute points.

Power: 2,103 (Fire: 754, Ice: 549, Wood: 503)

Speed: 69

Mind: 315

Constitution: 568 (Golden Body: 201, Fire: 35, Ice: 35, Wood: 13)

Luo Yunyang felt his heart shudder a little when he saw the numbers. He clearly hadn’t expected to make that much progress in such a short time.

The Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart had actually increased his two types of source power tenfold. His Constitution and Mind had also improved tremendously, his Mind Attribute especially so.

Even though Luo Yunyang wasn’t concentrating right now, he could still sense clearly the changes happening all around him.

His Mind Attribute had probably risen due to the immense pain produced when his body had been barraged by that extreme ripping power.

Although pain made one wish to die, that immense pain had also allowed Luo Yunyang’s Mind Attribute to make huge progress.

However, his speed hadn’t improved much. It just kept increasing at an ordinary pace, according to the growth of his own body and strength.

What Luo Yunyang had to do now was familiarize himself with his own abilities before taking a stroll to Shen’du!

Lu Qubing had already moved out. However, although Luo Yunyang believed that Lu Qubing would be able to level the Ice Frost Fort, he just couldn’t let the matter go yet.

The Nie Family wasn’t scary, but Luo Yunyang still wouldn’t dare belittle the Martial God behind it. As long as the Martial God didn’t do anything, things would be okay. However, if the Martial God came out, then Luo Yunyang would need to have the ability to save his own life!