Supreme Uprising Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Owning A Sword

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Thanks to Chi Hen’s memories, as long as Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base was sufficient and he cultivated a little, he could put the techniques of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart to use rather quickly.

However, his Youthful Emperor’s Secret Art Of Longevity couldn’t make much progress short-term, as he had just become a martial grandmaster.

The only attribute of his that had yet to break through was his mind power.

His Mind Attribute was already almost 400 points, so it was close to breaking through to a martial grandmaster level. However, if he used his attribute regulator to transfer over 3,000 attribute points to his Mind Attribute, then his mind power could reach a level some top-tier telekinesis grandmasters could only dream of.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang wasn’t ready to reach a telekinesis grandmaster level step by step.

He instinctively thought of the original owner of the Buddha Disks, that old friend of Lu Qubing’s who had left behind his notes.

According to those notes, before this man had obtained the Buddha Disks, he had tried an incomplete technique called the Mind Sword.

When one used this technique, their mind and sword acted as one and cut down their enemies formlessly.

However, even though that man had been considered a genius when it came to telekinesis, he had only had a vague idea about this technique.

The reason was that, in his opinion, it was simply impossible to forge a Mind Sword using mind power before becoming a martial grandmaster.

A forcible cultivation would practically be a death wish.

When Luo Yunyang had first seen the Mind Sword, he had also believed that it was impossible. However, things were different now.

If all his attributes were added up, he would surpass any top-notch telekinesis grandmaster, so forcefully breaking through to a telekinesis grandmaster level shouldn’t be that difficult.

In contrast to the process the meridians had gone through, in order to reach the threshold of a telekinesis grandmaster one had to form a ‘soul’ within their own mind!

This soul would be the central point of the Mind Attribute. According to telekinesis grandmaster theory, when this soul was formed, it could link with the sky and earth and allow one’s telekinetic powers to increase tenfold, even up to the point that they could kill someone from a distance.

However, the formation of this soul resembled that of a Telekinesis Bead, whereas the Mind Sword tempered this Telekinesis Bead to form a sword.

This sword could kill formlessly, without ever leaving a trace.

Luo Yunyang’s opponents were only going to get stronger from now on, so he might even have to face a Martial God at some point. This was why he needed to know several methods to save his own life.

After carefully pondering this for a bit, Luo Yunyang decided to cultivate the Mind Sword Technique, which needed to be tempered and forged. The Mind Sword wasn’t a technique that could be mastered overnight.

As soon as Luo Yunyang made this decision, he turned his attention to the small pouches on the table.

The four different pouches had belonged to the Golden Clock’s Two Elders and the Dragon Elephant’s Two Venerables. Despite the fact that a taboo weapon had struck Luo Yunyang and he had been frantically looking for cover, he still hadn’t lost the four pouches.

Now it was time to see what was inside them!

Luo Yunyang picked one of the pouches at random and opened it. There were some small items inside, two books, a few odd-looking stones, and a box.

The box wasn’t very big. Luo Yunyang picked up one of the books and read the words written on it in astonishment: “Golden Clock Trap!”

Although he had seen this sort of technique on sale at the technique store of Base 6, he hadn’t paid much attention to it.

However, the Golden Clock Trap that the two Golden Clock Elders had relied on to reach the grandmaster realm would surely be a little different.

Luo Yunyang quickly browsed through the manual.

He was now able to read 10 lines with a single glance. The Golden Clock Trap Technique was rather simple at the beginning, but once one reached the seventh layer of the Golden Clock Barrier, there were some massive changes.

After the seventh layer, the internal force inside the Golden Clock could both protect the body and be used to attack one’s enemies. However, above the words ‘internal force’ was a handwritten scribble made up of two words: source power.

If one used the Golden Clock to attack by expelling source power, then when they reached the grandmaster boundaries, the Golden Clock that took shape would automatically absorb power from the sky and earth to strike their foes.

This was the Divine Giant Clock Fist!

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up when he saw this technique. Although the Divine Giant Clock Fist didn’t seem like anything magical, after experiencing the might of the Golden Clock Elders’ huge clock, Luo Yunyang was fully aware of how powerful it was.

He didn’t lack a source power anymore. What he lacked was the techniques that could make use of it. When the Divine Giant Clock Fist was blasted out, the effect would be similar to that of the Golden Clock Trap, which was exactly what Luo Yunyang needed right now.

In just 30 minutes, he had already gone through the Divine Giant Clock Fist manual once. Some of the theories inside didn’t seem that difficult.

The Five-Clock Quaking Universe was the strongest strike of the Divine Giant Clock Fist. When this strike was used, the source power converged and formed five clocks that overlapped and multiplied endlessly.

During the battle with the Golden Clock’s Two Elders, the two men hadn’t used this technique. Luo Yunyang believed that they had wanted to use it, but had simply been unable to.

It was really difficult for controlled source power to reach great heights after all. Besides, forming five different Golden Clocks successively would require mutual control, as these variations were really tricky.

However, after looking through this set of techniques once, Luo Yunyang believed that he could assimilate it with his Discordant Ice-Fire Barrier. This way, the changes wouldn’t be too drastic.

When he set down the Golden Clock Trap manual, his eyes fell on the second book. He had rather high hopes for this one.

The Golden Clock Trap had given him a pleasant surprise, so this book would probably be good as well.

However, as Luo Yunyang studied it, he realized that this book was an even more pleasant surprise.

It was a manual about the Shrinking Earth To An Inch Technique!

This was a technique that cultivated speed. Despite its name, it didn’t have the magical ability of shrinking the earth. When one mastered this technique, they were able to move so fast that the earth seemed to shrink.

Once Luo Yunyang had flipped through the Shrinking Earth To An Inch Technique manual, he appeared quite delighted. The growth of his Speed Attribute wasn’t very obvious yet, as it only rose along with his cultivation base.

If he used this technique, he would be like a tiger that had grown wings. Not bad, not bad at all!

Luo Yunyang just skimmed through the other contents of this pouch. Although he sensed that there was a handful of good items, he had no use for them right now.

Then, he opened the other pouches in quick succession, as though he was searching for treasure. Just as he had expected, he found cultivation techniques as well as a Dragon Elephant Diamond Fist Technique that belonged to that sect.

However, what made Luo Yunyang the happiest was a map and a diary of the Dragon Elephant Sect’s founder, who had discovered a treasure during his travels.

He had discovered the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus!

About 500 years ago, the founder of the Dragon Elephant Sect had come across a fiery cavern in the depths of a large mountain and discovered the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus.

When Luo Yunyang saw this map, an image of the 13 Eastern Cities quickly appeared in his mind.

If he left Chang’an and crossed this secret area, he would reach Shen’du!