Supreme Uprising Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Glass Flames

Luo Yunyang stood before the corpse of the huge Black-Winged Ash Ape. Although he appeared aloof on the surface, deep down he was surging with excitement.

If he had fought the Black-Winged Ash Ape with his current strength, it would have ultimately been the ape that would die.

Luo Yunyang believed that, even if he didn't use his attribute regulator, he would still be able to kill the Black-Winged Ash Ape. However, he would have run the risk of sustaining some injuries.

The Mind Sword had helped him steal the Black-Winged Ash Ape's life easier.

The ape had not succumbed to the injuries it had suffered. Instead, it had died because Luo Yunyang's Mind Sword had severed its soul.

It had had no thought or consciousness anymore, so it had died despite the fact that its body could still function.

An S-Grade dire beast like the Black-Winged Ash Ape was considered a treasure. The essence blood within its body alone was a valuable resource that could fetch a high price among the Da Alliance.

However, Luo Yunyang didn't collect the ape's essence blood. Instead, he used a knife to cut open the Black-Winged Ash Ape's neck and retrieve a fist-sized source core from its belly.

Although this fire-based source core wouldn't be of much use to him, Luo Yunyang placed it in his pouch. Then, he took one last parting glance at the Black-Winged Ash Ape, which was worth a fortune, and turned around to leave.

This time, he had walked from Chang'an to Shanling by using his own feet. Along the way, he had cultivated and honed his techniques, so his gains had been bountiful during his journey.

He had practised the Mind Sword Technique a lot. Thanks to the assistance of his attribute regulator, he had already acquired this ability, even though it had been impossible to cultivate at first.

However, although the Mind Sword was powerful, the energy it consumed was tremendous. Even if he made some adjustments using his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang could at best use it five times in a 12-hour period.

This meant that he could theoretically kill five martial grandmasters in 12 hours. However, if he really tried such a thing, the damage he would suffer would be just as great.

Luo Yunyang would probably reach the fiery cavern where the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus was located after crossing this ravine. He believed that the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus was a treasure that would help increase his cultivation speed. However, what he considered even more important was the Glass Flames that nurtured the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus.

While it was admittedly true that the sun and moon powers of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart were very powerful, if he wanted to improve the quality of these powers, he would have to absorb all sorts of essence flames and divine waters.

Chi Hen had tried to search for essence flames in the past, but even though he had helped three generations of Zu Long's descendants unite the world, he unfortunately hadn't found any.

Although the valley had suffered quite a lot of damage during the apocalypse, Luo Yunyang used his powerful telekinetic abilities to confirm that it was riddled with cracks.

When he was about 15 kilometers away from the valley, he noticed a scarlet mist floating in the air around it.

The mist was condensing just like a lotus flower!

Luo Yunyang frowned slightly as he watched the mist. Although he had assumed that there might be some twists and turns during the process of finding the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus, he hadn't believed that there would be that many. However, now it seemed like...

"Stop! This valley is a restricted area. Please leave immediately!" As Luo Yunyang got close to the valley, two built young men blocked his path.

The two of them were wearing black suits. Their attire and the way they spoke made them seem completely out of place.

They were first-grade martialists!

First-grade martialists in the Da Alliance were usually F-rank or even more superior martialists. They were so rare that one usually never came across one even in Chang'an City.

Luo Yunyang just groaned as he looked at the two men blocking his path. "Step aside!"

"You should listen when someone gives you a warning, young man. Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences. We work at the Sangu Research Center and we have been ordered by the Da Alliance to carry out a mission." The young man scoffed. "I shall give you one last chance. Get out of my sight and I will let you live. Otherwise, you will keep the lonely souls buried in this area company."

Luo Yunyang's expression changed when he heard the man's words. He had already disliked the mysterious Sangu Research Center for quite some time.

He knew that this research center had considerable power, but he had been too busy to get even with it.

He hadn't expected that the Sangu Research Center would come knocking on his door instead.

Luo Yunyang urged his mind power to suppress the two men in front of him without even moving an inch. Although the two men were considered strong fighters compared to ordinary people, they couldn't hold a candle to Luo Yunyang.

They suddenly felt as though there were formless bindings restricting them from all directions. This power made it difficult for them to even breathe.

The seemingly ordinary man before their eyes now looked all high and mighty.

He actually looked like a demonic deity!

These were the two men's last thoughts. Whatever thoughts they had afterwards were turned into formless chaos.

Three groups of people were already gathered at the entrance of the valley. Each group had adopted a hostile stance towards the others.

"Xue Yuhua, the Farm God Research Center shouldn't be bullying us. We were the first to discover this domain!" a man in a suit who gave off a slightly vulgar vibe hooted wildly. "Nobody is allowed to touch the Sangu Research Center's items!"

The person called Xue Yuhua was a gorgeous woman in her twenties who was wearing a professional suit that brought out her beauty.

This didn't seem like the right place for a lady like her.

"One might not mess with the Sangu Research Center, Li Yunhao, but the Farm God Research Center is no pushover either. What a joke!" Suddenly, she turned her eyes to a middle-aged man standing in front of the third group. "Mr. Zuo, does the Tyrannical Age Financial Group think that the Farm God Research Center can be provoked at will?"

The middle-aged man called Mr. Zuo, who had been watching from the sidelines, didn't seem to get angry at her words.

"Miss Xue, we are currently in a wild mountainous region. This area has no real owner. If it was not for the mist hanging in the air, as if pointing to some strange treasure, none of us would have gathered here."

"Therefore, I believe that we should explore the area together and take a look around. If the treasure is just an ordinary object, then all this anger and fighting won't be worth it."

A tiny charming smile twinkled across Xue Yuhua's face. "Mr. Zuo is a very capable person indeed. He's certainly much better than people who only know how to scream and kill!"

Although the man called Li Yunhao had an ugly expression on his face, he ultimately turned to the middle-aged man behind him. The man wasn't very tall, but there seemed to be an intense strength radiating from his body. "These people are obstructing our path, Master Balu," Li Yunhao told the middle-aged man respectfully.

When the middle-aged man raised his head, Xue Yuhua and the others saw an azure blue color appear in his eyes.

"Scram!" A low bellow erupted from the middle-aged man's mouth.