Supreme Uprising Chapter 170

Chapter 170: The Great Snow Mountain

According to a saying, a minister would rather die than watch his monarch get humiliated.

Fury was evident on the faces of the Farm God Research Center martialists standing behind Xue Yuhua as she was chided. Some of them even seemed eager to start a fight.

However, when Xue Yuhua heard Master Balu's name, a grave expression appeared on her face. There was a faint trace of respect in her voice as she asked, "Are you the famous Master Balu from the Great Snow Mountain?"

The words 'Great Snow Mountain' made the expression on Mr. Zuo's face change as well. There was a solemn look in his eyes as he looked at Master Balu.

Master Balu nodded his head arrogantly.

The faces of the few men behind Xue Yuhua darkened. They were obviously afraid of the Great Snow Mountain's reputation.

Although most humans had moved to the 37 major cities after the apocalypse, there were also some people who had stayed behind in the wilderness.

Those people had been unwilling to be restricted by the Da Alliance.

The Great Snow Mountain had been one of the sects that had remained in the wilderness yet managed not to get preyed on by all sorts of dire beasts.

Before the apocalypse, the Great Snow Mountain had been a holy land. According to the legends, back in an age when there had been absolutely no powerhouses, the Great Snow Mountain had possessed the means to cultivate internal energy.

However, this had only been a legend.

Ever since the arrival of the apocalypse and the emergence of the sixth factor and the source power, every sect like the Great Snow Mountain had appeared again and drawn attention.

This was because these sects had written secret manuals after many years of cultivation. In the past, these manuals had been difficult to use, but thanks to the source power, everyone's fighting strength had suddenly shot up in a straight line.

Even the 13 Eastern Cities now treated these sects with extreme courtesy.

Although the Great Snow Mountain, which was where Master Balu was from, could not be compared to a Martial God, they still had a part to play in supporting the human race.

"Master Balu is the best martialist of the Great Snow Mountain's youngest generation. It's an honor to meet you." Although Xue Yuhua was annoyed deep down, she was still very polite to Master Balu.

Master Balu nodded his head faintly, as though he was swatting a fly away. "The Great Snow Mountain will be handling this issue. If you aren't with us, then you are against us. You better get lost now!" he declared.

Xue Yuhua gritted her teeth. Although she was a lady, she had also killed a lot of people in her life. However, she had never been treated with this much contempt before.

Unfortunately, she knew very well that she couldn't afford to offend bossy Master Balu.

Just as she was about to swallow her pride and concede, she noticed a figure stroll over unhurriedly from a distance.

The figure looked like a young man. Judging by his clothes, the young man didn't seem to belong to any of the three groups. He looked like a passerby just traversing the wilderness.

"Mmm!" Master Balu had also noticed Luo Yunyang. Unfortunately, his cultivation base was a lot lower than Luo Yunyang's, so he wasn't able to determine Luo Yunyang's cultivation base.

As a result, Master Balu thought that Luo Yunyang was just an ordinary person. His appearance was pretty ordinary after all.

How could Master Balu waste any time on dealing with an ordinary person?

"Who are you?" A man from the Sangu Research Center rushed over to Luo Yunyang when he noticed Master Balu's expression.

Luo Yunyang didn't have the time to deal with this man. He just glanced at Xue Yuhua and the others for a moment before asking nonchalantly, "Do you wish to enter this valley?"

The Sangu Research Center had already become accustomed to running amok, so this particular employee thought really highly of himself.

Thus, when he saw that Luo Yunyang had not paid any attention to him, the man tried to slap him without hesitation.

A cold glint flickered across Luo Yunyang's eyes. Unbeknownst to him, when he had absorbed Chi Hen's spirit, he had also unwittingly absorbed Chi Hen's killing intent.

In reaction to this provocation, Luo Yunyang waved the sleeves of his shirt a little, sending the man flying into the air before he crashed to the ground with a tremendous force.

As the leader of the Sangu Research Center group watched his subordinate fly in the air, he felt like he had been slapped in the face.

This kid was really wild!

"How dare you hit a Sangu Research Center employee! If I don't teach you some manners today, then I shall not be called Li Yunhao anymore!" Li Yunhao shouted before he gestured to his men. "Seize him! I want him alive!"

As soon as Li Yunhao said this, the men from the Sangu Research Center got ready to grab their weapons and rush forward. However, they were unexpectedly stopped by someone.

The person who stopped them was Master Balu, whose eyes were fixed on Luo Yunyang. "Your cultivation base isn't bad, but this issue isn't something you should get involved in. I am going to give you a chance to flee. Leave this place immediately. Otherwise, you will die!"

Luo Yunyang glared at Li Yunhao coldly. How could he ever forget the way the Sangu Research Center had treated him?

Only by becoming a martial grandmaster could one finally be free!

This was what Lu Xiu had told Luo Yunyang in the aftermath of the incident with the Sangu Research Center, after Luo Yunyang had escaped from Zu Long's tomb with the others.

"DIE!" Luo Yunyang shouted like a demon as his body appeared next to Li Yunhao.

Li Yunhao was the person in change of the Sangu Research Center, so his skills weren't ordinary. He was actually a second-grade martial master. However, when Luo Yunyang appeared, he wasn't able to evade him.

In an instant, Luo Yunyang had clutched his neck in an awkward angle.

"Let him go! Or do you really wish to make an enemy out of the Great Snow Mountain?" Master Balu asked. His voice sounded very imposing.

"So what if I do?" Luo Yunyang stared at Master Balu, who seemed to be very confident about defeating him.

"No martial master dares act this arrogantly in front of me!"

Master Balu had never expected to experience such humiliation. Although he could tell how different Luo Yunyang was based on his words, how could a disciple of the Great Snow Mountain like him cower?

Thus, when Luo Yunyang spoke, he soared into the air and brandished his fists. Suddenly, a disc of snow-white light surged towards Luo Yunyang.

This snow-white radiance, which was Master Balu's source power, looked like a bright moon to Xue Yuhua and the others.

As this bright moon was about to hit Luo Yunyang, he suddenly raised a fist. A small green clock formed in front of his fist and crashed into the bright moon.


When the moon shattered, Master Balu's face fell. By now, the small green clock that Luo Yunyang had unleashed had already swollen up 10 times and was steamrolling its way to Master Balu.

Master Balu was in shock as he watched the now giant clock head towards him. Only a martial grandmaster could absorb the source power from a surrounding area.

He had actually encountered a martial grandmaster. Damn it! Why was he so unlucky?

Before Master Balu could grieve over his misfortune, the giant clock had already smashed into his body and sent him flying. He flew at least 50 meters away before he crashed down.

"You people don't have any beefs with me, so you might as well leave this place!" Luo Yunyang said firmly as he met Xue Yuhua's gaze.