Supreme Uprising Chapter 172

Chapter 172 The Beast Controlling Technique

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“It’s a Raging-Spirit Flame Lion!”

The moment Xue Yuhua saw the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion, a look of alarm appeared on her face and she turned pale with fright.

When Xue Yuhua spoke, the eyes of the huge scarlet lion, which had appeared to be sleeping, flashed wide. There was an odd glow in its eyes as it gazed in the direction of Luo Yunyang.

The lion had obviously sensed Luo Yunyang’s might.

Luo Yunyang had also sensed the formidable fire power in the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion’s body. Although they had yet to fight, he believed that, in terms of strength, this lion was way stronger than the Black-Winged Ash Ape.

Back when the founder of the Dragon Elephant Sect had discovered the Gold Fire-Cleansing Lotus, he hadn’t come across any strange beasts. Of course, the apocalypse had not occured yet at the time.

After the apocalypse, source beasts had started appearing from various pockets of space. The maturing dire beasts that absorbed sixth factor in combination with the products of interbreeding between source beasts and dire beasts had made the world a dangerous place.

The lion was a guardian that watched over the divine lotus!

Luo Yunyang studied the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion with a strange look on his face. If he wanted to kill the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion, he could just use the Mind Sword and do it with one move.

However, an idea popped into his mind as he studied the lion.

He could control the beast!

Luo Yunyang had already formed a Mind Sword. Plus, he was quite close to becoming a top-tier telekinesis grandmaster. Telekinesis grandmasters were usually able to control dire beasts.

Many telekinesis grandmasters used controlled dire beasts as their default defense.

Luo Yunyang’s constitution was strong and he also had the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, so he didn’t need to control any beasts. However, as he watched the huge Raging-Spirit Flame Lion, he suddenly had an idea.

Having a grandmaster-level underling didn’t seem like a bad concept.

As Luo Yunyang considered this, the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion seemed to sense his intentions.

The lion was the overlord of this area and it had killed countless enemies in the past, so it was quite proud.

When it made eye contact with Luo Yunyang, it felt extremely provoked.

“Evil creature!” Luo Yunyang shouted, wielding the God Slayer. Although he hadn’t made any adjustments through his attribute regulator, his martial grandmaster-level ice and fire source powers still gathered in the ancient spear.

In under a second, the God Slayer was glowing gold and silver. Luo Yunyang was surging with killing intent as he locked his eyes on the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion.

Back when he had still been a martial master, his Sky-Shattering Spear had already been able to kill a brand new martial grandmaster. The Raging-Spirit Flame Lion could sense the immense danger.

It was an S-grade dire beast, so it was just as intelligent as a human. Thus, its perception of danger surpassed that of an ordinary person.

When Luo Yunyang waved his spear, the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion felt an immense threat. Its three-storey tall body immediately shrank to one meter.

However, as the lion shrank, its entire body seemed to become even more condensed. Its bright scarlet fur now looked like carvings in red jade.

As the lion kept shrinking, a small crack appeared on its forehead and a bright red eye revealed itself.

The eye was strange, yet it seemed to contain immense danger.

Xue Yuhua, Mr. Zuo and the others were mere martial masters, so as the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion shrank, they all felt intense fear and dread.

When they saw that bright red eye, they shuddered in fear, as if this was a threat that could cost them their lives in an instant.

Luo Yunyang’s smile brightened. He had already set his mind on subduing the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion into becoming his combat beast. The higher its cultivation, the better.

As a result, the transformation that the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion had demonstrated delighted him.

He immediately made some more attribute adjustments!

Power: 2,013 (Fire: 1,000, Ice: 1,000, Wood: 0)

Speed: 215

Mind: 439

Constitution: 568 (Golden Body: 0, Fire: 35, Ice: 35, Wood: 13)

The power of the God Slayer doubled in an instant!

This tremendous intimidation caused the body of the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion to start trembling. The lion had already sensed that, if Luo Yunyang’s spear was sent flying, it would undoubtedly die.

However, it didn’t dare retreat. It was afraid that the spear would be sent flying if it showed even the slightest sign of retreating.

Luo Yunyang, who sensed the lion’s fear, decided that this was the most opportune time for him to subdue the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion.

“What are you waiting for, you evil creature? Surrender!”

His voice resonated like a bell. Although Xue Yuhua, Mr. Zuo and the others knew that Luo Yunyang wasn’t speaking to them, when they heard his shouts, they involuntarily prostrated themselves on the ground.

They suddenly felt that the young man standing before them was a lot like a god!

The Raging-Spirit Flame Lion was still struggling. Although it was facing a life-threatening situation, its innate pride did not allow it to crawl under the foot of a human being.

As it struggled and considered attacking indiscriminately, Luo Yunyang adjusted his attributes once again.

His Mind Attribute instantly reached 3,000 points.

The Mind Sword flew forward under the control of his mind. In under a second, the tiny sword had stopped to hover before the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion.

The lion, which could feel that it was at death’s door, was so afraid that it prostated itself on the ground.

Luo Yunyang’s unrivalled abilities were etched deeply into its mind.

If Luo Yunyang had wanted to kill the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion, his Mind Sword could have done so with a single strike. However, Luo Yunyang wanted to keep the lion alive.

Therefore, the Mind Sword stopped just as it was about to pierce through the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion’s forehead.

The lion was trembling from head to toe. It had already given up any intention of fighting back, so it wasn’t moving at all. This allowed Luo Yunyang to do whatever he wanted.

Thanks to the subduing methods of a telekinesis master, Luo Yunyang used his mind power to imprint his authority in the mind of the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion, which wasn’t resisting in the slightest.

This was the first time Luo Yunyang was using this method. As he was doing so, he felt an intricately intimate relationship form between him and the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion.

Each and every action of the lion would now be under his control.

Luo Yunyang sucked in a deep breath after subduing the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion completely. Although the process had been quick, it had still used up a lot of his abilities.

The God Slayer and the Mind Sword were currently his strongest techniques, yet he’d had to use them both before the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion was thoroughly subdued.

When the lion ran to Luo Yunyang’s side like a little dog and crouched down to await orders, Xue Yuhua and the others looked even more frightened.

How could an S-grade dire beast submit without a fight? Was Luo Yunyang even human?