Supreme Uprising Chapter 173

Chapter 173: The Great Snow Mountain's 18 Guardians

"Quick, look! The mist is turning even redder. I think the treasure is about to emerge!" 36-year-old Su Zhe smacked his lips in anticipation.

Su Zhe was a martial master that didn't work for the Da Alliance. Instead, he had chosen to be a dire beast hunter.

That's right, a dire beast hunter!

All these years, the Da Alliance had developed martial skills and strengthened various armies. However, it had also established a hunter system among the public.

Hunters received a reward for killing a dire beast and were able to sell the carcass for a considerable income. Being a hunter was widely considered one of the best ways for martialists to earn money in the Da Alliance.

Of course, this was also a very dangerous way of earning money.

The best way for hunters to become rich overnight wasn't by killing top-tier dire beasts, but rather by obtaining all sorts of rare materials and precious treasures hidden in lands teeming with dire beasts.

The apocalypse and the emergence of the sixth factor had caused many plants to die, but they had also caused quite a number of plants to mutate.

Some treasures congested with sixth factor could fetch extremely good prices within the Da Alliance. For example, some people would occasionally gather a ruby-like kind of fruit. Although its use was unknown, this fruit was sold for three billion dayuan.

Thanks to these favorable circumstances, Su Zhe would no longer need to lead this sort of dangerous, bloody life.

He had been yearning to make a fortune overnight, and now he sensed that he was really close to realizing his dream.

Su Zhe's comrades looked just as delighted. The five hunters, who had similar cultivation bases, had been working together for a long time.

If they were able to obtain this sort of treasure, their lives would change completely.

"If I get three billion, I will buy a bottle of evolution source fluid. I just can't believe that I can't become a martial master!" the youngest hunter, who was a young man in his 20s, said with a voice full of yearning.

"Ha ha! Forget about it, Little Lu. Although the effects of the evolution source fluid are great, given your current age, your odds of success are really low."

"In my opinion, if you really got that treasure, the best option would be to..."

The person who was speaking was the eldest of them all, a middle-aged man nicknamed Old Loach. He had been given this nickname because he was as slippery as a loach in the wilderness.

Although one couldn't rely on his fighting strength, he was the strongest in terms of experience and knowledge. Therefore, even though Su Zhe and the others didn't like Old Loach much, they still kept him around.

"What's wrong?" Someone had noticed that Old Loach had swallowed whatever words he had been about to say.

Old Loach waved his hand and said loudly, "Let's go over to that side. There's a One-Eyed Dire Wolf lair over there. We can kill it and have fun during the next few days."

Su Zhe felt a little puzzled when he heard these words.

As he was about to speak up, he realized that a group of people was walking over from about 300 meters away. Each member of this group had a formidable air about them, yet the person right at the front resembled a small hill.

Although physical strength wasn't that reliant on muscles after one became a martial master, every single member of this group seemed to be tough as a nail.

"Master Xue Yuan, our hopes will be resting on you when that rare object appears," said a young man in his 30s respectfully.

The man called Master Xue Yuan glanced at the man who was built like a hill and chuckled. "Piece of cake!"

"After we retrieve that rare object and kill Luo Yunyang, I will have to return to the Great Snow Mountain. Sir Deity is cultivating in isolation, so we cannot leave the place without a guardian."

"Sir Deity's might is renowned throughout the world. Who would dare stir up trouble at the Great Snow Mountain?" the 30-year-old young man said with a laugh.

The group paid no heed to Su Zhe and the others. They actually acted as though they didn't even exist.

When the group had walked away, Old Loach let out a huge sigh of relief. "Damn, how scary! I thought for a second that we would all die in this horrible place."

"Who are those people, Old Loach?" Su Zhe asked softly.

"People we mustn't provoke. If you see them again in the future, either hide or walk away!" Old Loach explained to his comrades, who had perplexed expressions on their faces. "They are the Great Snow Mountain's 18 Guardian Custodians!"

A look of alarm appeared on Su Zhe's face. "The 18 Guardian Custodians that killed the Source Power Monarch?"

"Who else could they be?" Old Loach's face looked a little gloomy.

The Source Power Monarch was a legend among hunters. Although he had been an ordinary hunter at first, he had gradually gotten close to a martial grandmaster level.

Despite the fact that he had become a king among the hunters, his existence had offended the Great Snow Mountain, so he had been chased down by a Guardian for over 3,000 miles before he had been killed with three strikes in the wilderness.

"Are we still going?" someone asked after an extended period of silence.

Nobody replied. In the end, Old Loach said, "Still going, my ass! We would just be throwing away our lives if we did!"

Nobody refuted Old Loach's words as the party of five started to turn back.

"The Shadow Mercenary Group is also here. We were lucky that we didn't head over!""

"Isn't the one controlling that huge snake the only telekinesis grandmaster among the hunters? I think his name is Jing Xinghe..."

"Stop talking so much!" Old Loach, who shuddered a little when he heard this, warned his companion.

Suddenly, the earth all around them started to tremble. Amidst this trembling motion, they saw a person that looked like a crazed human bear charge over in a straight line. Every boulder and tree in his path was smashed to pieces.

"It's the Eight Pole King! Was... Wasn't he supposed to be dead?"

In under an hour, Su Zhe and his companions had encountered at least eight powerful enemies. These people were either walking alone or in groups. However, the only common characteristic they had was their strength. They were all so powerful that Old Loach and the others had no intention of resisting them.

"It seems like this object isn't ordinary indeed. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many powerhouses gathered here. It's a pity that we can't take advantage of this opportunity!" Su Zhe lamented.

"There's no point in discussing this now. It will be a big enough victory for us if we are able to walk out of here in one piece. Staying alive is our priority." Old Loach suddenly inhaled sharply. "Damn, this will surely turn into a bloodbath. Perhaps some martial grandmaster entities might even show up."

"Who do you think is the strongest one among them?" Su Zhe asked Old Loach.

Old Loach pondered it for a bit before replying, "In my opinion, the strongest must be the 18 Guardians of the Great Snow Mountain. At least four of the 18 Guardians have already reached martial grandmaster boundaries. Plus, the combined techniques of the Great Snow Mountain are unrivalled!"

As they were talking, someone suddenly pointed ahead and said, "Look! What is that?"

When the others looked in the direction his finger was pointed at, they saw a huge bird with a wingspan of at least 100 meters fly towards the scarlet lotus mist!