Supreme Uprising Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Any Objections?

Master Xue Yuan's mouth curled into a sneer. This young man had overestimated his damn abilities. Did he think that he could be that lady's savior? That son of a b*tch was really ignorant!

Master Xue Yuan wanted to kill Luo Yunyang to set an example. Although Luo Yunyang had surprised everyone, he had made the wrong choice this time.

Due to that choice, he had forced himself into quite the predicament.

The Ocean-Suppressing Guardian was an ancient secret technique that gathered the 18 Guardians' source power and formed a guardian so unimaginably powerful that even the Guardian Deity would not face it head-on!

Anyone who chose to face the Ocean-Suppressing Guardian would most definitely die.

Luo Yunyang had to be killed in one move. This way, everyone around would be intimidated into letting Master Xue Yuan have this unknown treasure.

A murderous glint appeared in Master Xue Yuan's eyes as the giant guardian's palms pressed down.

Several sonic booms were produced in a 50-meter radius around the palms.

The expressions on the faces of some of the mercenaries who had entered the valley to try their luck changed. Although there were some top-notch martial masters among them, they had never seen such might before.

"Even a Mountain-Crushing Beast wouldn't be able to withstand this strike!"

"Let's run away quickly as soon as we can. This treasure might be great, but it is something we sure cannot obtain."

There were also some people who watched Luo Yunyang with admiring or pitying gazes. Although they believed that he was extraordinary, he still couldn't hold a candle to the 18 Guardians.

Meeting force with force was basically suicide!

Although his intentions were honorable, quite a number of people thought that the way he handled it was way too naive.

At a critical juncture like this, all one could do was save their own life. What point was there to putting oneself in danger just for the sake of a woman?

As everyone shook their heads and sighed silently, Luo Yunyang's eyes flashed like steel.

He quickly made some adjustments to his attributes as he stood below the massive guardian's palms. He had already made up his mind a while ago.

Thus, when the giant guardian's palms descended, Master Xue Yuan saw Luo Yunyang smile!

The other 17 Great Snow Mountain Guardians, who had also seen Luo Yunyang's smiling face, believed that this reaction was a little silly, a little reckless, a little...

Just as they thought to themselves that it was kind of laughable, Master Xue Yuan sensed a white light fly towards his neck. At first, he didn't pay any attention to it.

He was currently enveloped by the Ocean-Suppressing Guardian, so any attacks aimed at his body had to go through the Ocean-Suppressing Guardian first.

Could Luo Yunyang break through the Ocean-Suppressing Guardian?

There was no need to answer this question. The answer was clear. The corners of Master Xue Yuan's lips arched upwards to form a mocking grin. However, this grin had barely formed, when a sword-light appeared in front of him.

How could this be? Master Xue Yuan felt frightened deep down. He instinctively tried to raise his hands, but before he could do so, the white light had already struck his heart. Suddenly, he felt his thoughts turn white, right before everything was completely forgotten.

As the leader of the 18 Guardians, Master Xue Yuan had been considered the soul of the Guardians. As soon as he collapsed on the ground, the giant guardian who had been about to strike started to crumble.

The faces of the 17 remaining Guardians fell. This was the first time they had encountered such a strange situation. As shock and fear crept into their hearts, a massive light disk appeared behind Luo Yunyang's back.

The 72 Buddha Disks had formed a light net that covered the entire sky and headed straight for the 17 Guardians and the giant Guardian in the sky.

Jing Xinghe was a telekinesis grandmaster, so he was probably the strongest person among everyone present. However, when he saw the Buddha Disks covering the entire sky, fear crept into his mind.

Luo Yunyang was a telekinesis grandmaster. Although Jing Xinghe knew this, he didn't fear Luo Yunyang. He had been a telekinesis grandmaster long before Luo Yunyang had even been born after all.

He had too many advantages compared to him.

The Great Snow Mountain's 18 Guardians were an unyielding group that always displayed its overbearing side. However, the only reason there hadn't been any unexpected conflicts outside the valley was Jing Xinghe.

Master Xue Yuan hadn't been willing to oppose a powerhouse like him.

However, the current situation made Jing Xinghe shiver. He reckoned that if he faced such an insane attack himself, he would most likely end up dead.

Had this young man really just become a telekinesis grandmaster?

Numerous rays that looked like balls of pure white light flew all over the place. When they disappeared, the Ocean-Suppressing Guardian had vanished from the sky without a trace.

The 18 Guardians of the Great Snow Mountain had also vanished along with the Ocean-Suppressing Guardian, leaving pools of blood on the ground they had been standing on. An intact corpse was a rare sight.

The 72 Buddha Disks revolved on their own like a really precise machine that cut through everything within range.

The Eight Pole King stared with his mouth open. He had walked the martial path for so many years that his heart had become tough and unyielding. However, this scene from hell made him shudder all over with fear.

The young man who had been with the 18 Guardians but hadn't taken part in the 18 Guardian Array stood rooted to the spot, his face completely pale with shock.

He had been relying on the 18 Guardians, yet they had all been slaughtered during a battle they had been supposed to win.

A telekinesis grandmaster?

This was the only thought running through his head.

A loud roar jolted him back to reality. The Raging-Spirit Flame Lion roared at the sky with a sense of elation.

"You... You killed them? How is that possible?" The young man from the Sangu Research Center pointed at Luo Yunyang with a trembling finger. "Sir Guardian Deity won't... won't let this go!"

Luo Yunyang glanced at the young man and waved his arm impatiently. "You are making too much noise!"

Suddenly, a Buddha Disk rushed straight at the young man. Although the young man sensed the danger, he was a first-grade martial master, so he didn't have the ability to withstand the attack of the Buddha Disk.

"I am the junior director of the Sangu Research Center. You... You can't kill me. If you kill me, you will be making an enemy out of the entire Sangu Research Center!"

The young man had barely finished wailing, when the Buddha Disk reached his neck. In under a second, his head was severed.

The Eight Pole King shook his head lightly, as if he was disapproving of the young man's cries.

Who cared whether he had someone's support or not? His words had only fanned the flames in Luo Yunyang's heart and resulted in a quicker death. Plus, who would Luo Yunyang even be afraid of right now?

"The treasure hidden here belongs to me. Does anyone have any objections?" Luo Yunyang looked all around him.

For a moment, the entire valley was deadly silent.