Supreme Uprising Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Insane Constitution

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The Mythical Southern Phoenix was a super dire beast, so it had a much higher intellect than an ordinary human. The phoenix had gone over there for the sake of obtaining the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus.

The sight of the human actually borrowing its attack to achieve a cultivation breakthrough infuriated the Mythical Southern Phoenix to no end.

Its pride made it decide to burn this human, who had dared absorb its Heaven-Burning Mythical Flames, to a crisp.


Yet another fiery snake shot out of the Mythical Southern Phoenix’s mouth. However, this time the flames weren’t crimson. Instead, they were a reddish-purple color.

Before the reddish-purple flames could even get close to him, Luo Yunyang sensed the immense power contained within them.

If the previous Heaven-Burning Mythical Flames had looked like a ball of fire, then this fireball was so hot that it was close to becoming an exploding flame essence.

Luo Yunyang believed that the best option would probably be to avoid these flames. However, he was currently absorbing the energy of the Heaven-Burning Flames in order to achieve a breakthrough, so he didn’t have the time to reverse his technique. Plus, he also ran the risk of exploding internally.

If he didn’t reverse his technique though, then he would have to endure it.

Luo Yunyang didn’t have a choice. He gritted his teeth and kept using this technique, all the while absorbing the flames that entered his body.

The Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart allowed him to absorb essence flames and divine waters. Any other cultivation technique would have turned him into ashes if he came into contact with these flames.

Even so, the moment the reddish-purple flames entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt as though his meridians were being pierced by a searing knife.

He quickly urged the power of the Youthful Emperor’s Secret Art Of Longevity to restore his vitality. However, it felt as useless as a mantis trying to stop a moving car.

The Mythical Southern Phoenix, which seemed to be able to sense pain, let out a screech before spewing out another wave of Heaven-Burning Mythical Flames.

F*ck this!

Luo Yunyang cursed silently. He was afraid that if this went on, he would really die. However, if he chose to dodge now, he would suffer a blow to his vital energy, as well as several other severe injuries.

What should he do?

The Mind Sword would definitely be effective, but the distance was too long. If the Mind Sword struck the Mythical Southern Phoenix this far up in the air, its potency would be way weaker.

What about the God Slayer? Ideas kept flashing through his mind quickly, when Luo Yunyang suddenly thought of his attribute regulator.

He had only gotten so far by relying on his attribute regulator, so it was the first thing he thought of at this crucial moment.

He immediately opened the attribute regulator and turned all his attention to his Constitution, which was the reason he was unable to endure this sickening flame any longer. Luo Yunyang used the attribute regulator to raise his Constitution.

Power: 100 (Fire: 780, Ice: 0, Wood: 0)

Speed: 215

Mind: 439

Constitution: 2,600 (Golden Body: 0, Fire: 1,400, Ice: 0, Wood: 0)

When the adjustments were completed, Luo Yunyang felt his body relax. The searing feeling in his meridians had disappeared in an instant.

Furthermore, thanks to the increase of his Fire Attributes, the obstacle that had prevented his second aperture from breaking through had vanished completely.

As long as Luo Yunyang could fuse this essence flame with his source core, he would make a breakthrough.

However, the reddish-purple flames had already made a mark in his body. Luo Yunyang didn’t assimilate this mark into his source core. Instead, he stared at the Mythical Southern Phoenix provocatively.

The Mythical Southern Phoenix was really conceited, so the moment it met Luo Yunyang’s provocative gaze, it let out a long squawk.

Then, a thin beam of purple flames shot out of its mouth.

This jet of purple flames was so fine that most people wouldn’t even have been able to see it with the naked eye. However, as soon as it appeared, cracks started forming in the air.

Even the atmosphere was struggling to hold on!

Luo Yunyang was delighted when he saw this deep purple beam of flames. He immediately used the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart Technique to absorb the flames.

When the purple beam rushed into his body, the purple flame mark that had already formed crumbled abruptly and that searing pain erupted once again inside him.

Luo Yunyang quickly used this technique to force the flames into his fire-based source core. In an instant, the aperture that had been starting to crack flashed open.

Sixth factor quickly flooded his body. Luo Yunyang felt as though his body had just undergone a baptism.

However, that was only the beginning. When the purple fire mark fused with Luo Yunyang’s fire-based source core, Luo Yunyang was able to shoot out purple flames by activating his fire-based source core.

“Ha ha ha!”

Breakthroughs felt especially invigorating. As Luo Yunyang soared into the air, a pair of purple wings sprouted from his back and a purple flame appeared in his palm.

It would be impolite not to reciprocate in kind!

The purple flame gathered into a fireball in Luo Yunyang’s hands and shot out at the Mythical Southern Phoenix.

The Mythical Southern Phoenix used an ability that it had been born with. This could actually be considered the most important resource that it owed to its source half-beast blood.

Each time the Mythical Southern Phoenix used this precious resource, it felt a faint heartache. However, this purple blaze did not exterminate its opponent. Instead, it was gobbled up by that despicable human and used against the phoenix!

Although the Mythical Southern Phoenix was hurting, it had an intellect that surpassed the average human’s, so it flapped its wings and flew far away as soon as that purple ball of fire was shot at it.

It had left. The Mythical Southern Phoenix had chosen to leave!

Leaving was actually the wisest decision the Mythical Southern Phoenix could make. Its strongest move had already been beaten by that disgusting fellow after all. If the fight dragged on, any hope of victory would be bleak.

Although the Mythical Southern Phoenix would benefit greatly from the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus, it wasn’t willing to gamble its life for it.

Thus, when Luo Yunyang used the purple Heaven-Burning Mythical Flames, the Mythical Southern Phoenix chose to leave.

“Hey! Why are you leaving, Brother? Didn’t you come here to give me a present?” The Mythical Southern Phoenix had already flown five kilometers away, when it suddenly heard a voice right beside it.

It immediately started seething with anger so intensely that it nearly fell out of the sky.

As it tried to fight back the anger in its heart, the gradually-expanding red lotus-shaped clouds in the sky suddenly shrank. In the blink of an eye, the lotus Qi was already the size of a palm.

Suddenly, it started to descend in the direction of the fiery cavern.

The Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus had ripened!