Supreme Uprising Chapter 178

Chapter 178 400 Kilometers From Shen'du

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On top of the golden lotus, which was about the size of a bowl, were nine lotus seeds that emanated a flourishing vitality. The lotus seeds contained an immense power that would allow an ordinary person to reach great heights if they swallowed one.

However, for the time being, these nine seeds weren’t of much use to Luo Yunyang.

The power contained within the seeds was just as gentle as the Glass Flames had been. Luo Yunyang had already consumed the Glass Flames that had been hidden beneath this land for years, so the effectiveness of the nine lotus seeds would basically be minimal.

Of course, they could be used to replenish one’s vital energy during combat.

Luo Yunyang inhaled sharply and used his hands to make a clawing motion in the air. Three flame dragons instantly appeared in front of him.

The dragons extended their huge claws and clawed at the air in front of Luo Yunyang simultaneously.

The purple Heaven-Burning Mythical Flames, the pure-white Glass Flames and the golden-red Divine Sun Flames all converged in a tiny space, each one minding its own business. There actually seemed to be no interaction between them.

The Raging-Spirit Flame Lion, which had already shrunk to the size of an ordinary cat, let out a whimper.

Luo Yunyang met the lion’s hopeful gaze as he pondered this for a bit. He guessed that he could use the carrot-and-stick method to manage these beasts. Just like humans, beasts also needed courage to beat their opponents. However, there was also an appropriate time to hand out treats. As he thought about this, Luo Yunyang chuckled and tossed a lotus seed to the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion.

When the lion swallowed the seed, which contained the power of the Glass Flames, a small pure-white blaze burst to life within its body.

This pure-white blaze was a Glass Flame. However, compared to the Glass Flames Luo Yunyang had absorbed by using the cultivation techniques of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, this Glass Flame was really weak. Plus, there were still some other impurities about them.

Luo Yunyang shook his head gently and put the remaining golden lotus seeds in his pouch before sitting down on the ground and quietly waiting for the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion’s evolution.

At sunset, the Raging-Spirit Flame Lion followed Luo Yunyang as he headed in the direction of Shen’du. Their shadows seemed to get longer under the setting sun.

Back in Shen’du, Nie Tianyuan was sitting on the family representative’s high chair with a dark look on his face. Below him, a Nie Family member was reporting in a loud voice, “It has been confirmed, sir. Luo Yunyang has left Chang’an to come visit our family!”

“This kid is really vile, sir. Our family gave him a way out, yet not only is he not grateful, but he actually plans on heading over here and provoking us.”

“He must be beaten to a pulp!” a Nie Family powerhouse said with a twinkle in his eyes.

The other Nie Family powerhouses took turns denouncing Luo Yunyang angrily. “The fact that he killed the Dragon Elephant’s Two Venerables shows his ignorance. Our family can’t show mercy to such a man!”

“We will use his blood to wash away the humiliation our family has suffered. If he reaches Shen’du, we will lose all our remaining dignity!”

Although Nie Yunxin didn’t say anything, deep down he knew that what everyone said made sense. If Luo Yunyang was allowed to do whatever he wanted, the Nie Family’s reputation in Shen’du would take a dive in the future.

Someone quickly walked over amid that noisy clamor and said, “Sir, I just heard that, as Luo Yunyang was fighting over the Golden Fire-Cleansing Lotus, he murdered the Great Snow Mountain’s 18 Guardians!”

Suddenly, the large hall turned so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Practically every single member of the Nie Family had fallen silent.

The Great Snow Mountain’s 18 Guardians?

The name was really familiar. Actually, some of them had even encountered Master Xue Yuan and the others before, so they had a deep understanding of Master Xue Yuan’s cultivation base.

“Good!” Nie Tianyuan clapped his hands. “Does the Guardian Deity know about this? If he doesn’t, then it is the Nie Family’s obligation to inform him.”

The man who was making the report hesitated a bit before he said, “The Guardian Deity doesn’t know yet. The Sangu Research Center sent some men to the Great Snow Mountain, but they weren’t able to find him. It is rumored that he is in isolation.”

“Does he want to break through the god-grade boundaries?” Nie Tianyuan mumbled to himself with a look that was 70% envy and 30% admiration.

“If the Guardian Deity comes out, he will naturally be able to kill that brat. What should we do in the meantime, though?”

“Don’t tell me that we are really going to allow that kid to knock on our family’s door? The Nie Family cannot lose to such a person!” said an old man with grizzled white hair. His voice was filled with stern criticism aimed at Nie Tianyuan.

Nie Tianyuan shook his head. “Don’t worry, Uncle. Even if we have to use up a lot of resources, we will make sure that this kid dies on the streets of Shen’du.”

“Spread this information. Anyone who is able to kill Luo Yunyang will receive a reward of 10 billion dayuan, 10 Six-Star Soul Fruits, as well as the privilege to study the Martial God’s philosophic stone for 10 days.”

“Don’t forget to summon the Shadow Killer from the 17 Western Cities. Inform him that the top-notch assassination weapon known as Endless Dusk is in our hands. If he wants it, he can trade it for Luo Yunyang’s head.”

The Shadow Killer was a top-notch assassin among martial grandmasters and a top-notch martial grandmaster among assassins. There were very few things that could make someone like him emerge for a hit, but the Endless Dusk was one of them.

The news that the Nie Family would be paying an exorbitant amount to whoever killed Luo Yunyang spread throughout the land quickly. Soon, numerous killers and assassins from far and near gathered in Shen’du.

Although some of them had found out about Luo Yunyang’s strength, the huge reward had attracted them like a flame attracted moths.

About 30 top-notch mercenary groups had showed up, as well as some famous martial grandmasters.

The Nie Family had requested that Luo Yunyang be killed before he entered Shen’du, and everyone who had gathered there had decided to do it.

Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be allowed to enter Shen’du, no matter what!

His communication device had been shut ever since he had started traversing through the wilderness, so by the time he heard this news, the net ahead of him had already been set.

It was early in the morning and he was 400 kilometers away from Shen’du.

“Greetings, Master Luo!” A skinny, middle-aged man appeared in front of Luo Yunyang. If a man like him walked down the street, nobody would pay him any mind.

However, even though he was using a superior disguising technique, Luo Yunyang’s eyes rendered these sort of methods useless.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. “Greetings!”

When the man noticed that Luo Yunyang seemed calm and unflustered, he felt a little embarrassed. It felt as if everything about him had already been etched clearly in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

“The Nie Family is aware of your intention to enter Shen’du and take revenge. This time, they are willing to pay in blood and fork out a huge reward. They have invited over 10,000 mercenaries and hunters from all over the Da Alliance, including some extraordinary martial grandmasters!”

“I was commissioned by the Rising Dragon Army to search for you and warn you that the 400 kilometers ahead of you will be fraught with danger. You should turn back immediately. There’s no need to rush to get revenge!” the man said sincerely.

“If you don’t believe me, you can turn on your communication device. I believe that the Rising Dragon Army has been frantically trying to contact you!”

“400 kilometers, you say?” There was a cold glint in Luo Yunyang’s eyes as he nodded at the middle-aged man and said, “Got it!”

“Why are you still walking forward?” the man asked with a hint of a reprimand in his voice.

“The net that you see 400 kilometers ahead isn’t even worth a fart to me. I’ll just kill those mercenaries as I move along! Oh, and your moustache is slanted, Sister!” Luo Yunyang grinned as he resumed walking.