Supreme Uprising Chapter 179

Chapter 179: A Man With No Match

Martial grandmasters were also distinguished by how strong or weak they were.

The most important factor in distinguishing the strength of a martial grandmaster was the number of their apertures that could be linked with the sky and earth.

The more apertures one could link with their surroundings, the more power they could absorb from the surrounding environment, so the stronger they would be.

However, these apertures were the dividing line between martial masters and martial grandmasters. To many people, they were barriers that were very hard to destroy.

Actually, many martial grandmasters were only able to break through one aperture in their lifetime.

According to Martial God Luo Kai's theory, there were countless apertures within the human body, so it was simply impossible to open up one's every aperture. Even if only six were used, there was still hope of becoming a god-grade entity.

Luo Yunyang had already broken through five apertures, so he could be considered a middle-tier martial grandmaster.

However, his two essence flames, the changes to his Divine Sun Flames and the cultivation of the Mind Sword had given him some self-confidence.

If the Nie Family wanted to prevent him from going to Shen'du and getting revenge, then why would he choose to hide? Although he wasn't fond of killing, ever since he had absorbed the traces of Chi Hen's consciousness, Chi Hen's decisiveness had influenced him imperceptibly.

Even the arrogance that stemmed from being Zu Long's vassal and the pride one felt when they looked down on others had slowly seeped into his fundamental self.

Plus, this was something that Luo Yunyang needed to do.

"My moustache isn't slanted!" The woman, who was disguised as a skinny middle-aged man, instinctively pulled out a small face mirror when she heard Luo Yunyang's teasing words.

Her moustache wasn't slanted! How could Luo Yunyang know...

When she recalled that this man was a telekinesis grandmaster, a hint of anger appeared on her face. "People say that telekinesis grandmasters like to use their abilities to check out other people's figures. He must have taken advantage of me!" she muttered to herself.

Her face flushed at the thought. This was no different than standing stark naked in front of him! The woman hesitated for a bit before quickly running in the direction that Luo Yunyang had left.

Her speed was very quick, so in about 15 minutes she could already see Luo Yunyang's silhouette.

The young man was walking leisurely as a red lion dog bounced behind him cutely.

Why would he bring along a lion dog? The woman found this young man really over the top!

Just as she was thinking about this, she suddenly realized that a group of people had appeared ahead.

They were all armed with knives and swords, and they were carrying several D-grade and C-grade dire beast corpses as they moved along.

It was a small team of hunters. When the team saw Luo Yunyang, everyone immediately greeted him.

The woman found their sincere smiles a little suspicious. She wondered whether she should warn this fool or not. How could there some ordinary hunters appear at a place like this? These people were clearly...

As the woman hesitated, 18 light disks flew out from behind Luo Yunyang, even though he hadn't said anything.

The net of disks zipped through the air, obliterating the team of over 10 hunters in an instant.

A rather unremarkable member of the team displayed the power of a martial grandmaster before the light disks surrounded him. Unfortunately, although he was strong, he wasn't stronger than the Buddha Disks.

A Buddha Disk pierced through his back, slicing him into two.

The woman who was following Luo Yunyang was left flabbergasted as she watched this scene. She suddenly inhaled sharply. Luo Yunyang had seemed like a gentle kid to her, so she hadn't expected that he would actually be so cruel!

The woman, who only reached the slaughtered mercenary group after Luo Yunyang had left, recognized the martial grandmaster who had died with his eyes wide open.

"It's Situ Tianya from the Wolf Heart Mercenary Group!"

Although this man was at the bottom of the Earth List, he was still a martial grandmaster. How could he have died just like this?

Fear filled her face as she recalled how Situ Tianya had died. After a while, she picked up her communication device and sent a report back to the headquarters. "7 a.m, Luo Yunyang killed Situ Tianya!"

Then, the woman started following Luo Yunyang once again, sending a different report every once in a while.

"9 a.m, the Hidden Fire Mercenary Group has been wiped out! Tan Taizhen, also known as the closest entity to a martial grandmaster in existence, has died!"

"10 a.m, the Blaze Mercenary Group fought Luo Yunyang with laser weapons. The landscape changed and everyone was obliterated!"

"11 a.m, Luo Yunyang experienced an assassination attempt. Seven top-notch martial masters collaborated with a telekinesis master to kill Luo Yunyang by the Broken Bridge. They were all completely wiped out!"

"1.10 p.m, a Western martial grandmaster approached with a swordlight that changed the color of the sky. He was killed by Luo Yunyang in three moves!"

"3 p.m, everything is clear. Pushing into 30 kilometers."

"6 p.m, no sounds whatsoever. Luo Yunyang has walked 140 kilometers."


The woman kept sending reports. However, as it got later, her reports slowed down. There was now an implicit worry in her words. Based on what she knew about the situation, there were still some top-notch powerhouses that hadn't showed up yet.

These powerhouses definitely wouldn't choose to withdraw just because Luo Yunyang had gone on a rampage.

"7 p.m, the Long Snake Ridge is deadly silent. Luo Yunyang..."

Just as the woman was about to say that Luo Yunyang kept pushing forward, what she saw left her stunned. Countless torches had appeared all around the huge Long Snake Ridge, pretty much replacing the setting sun.

The torches looked like stars in the sky. They were so densely packed that she couldn't tell exactly how many there were.

Eventually, the woman saw who was standing between the torches. There were 10 people in various clothes with strong self-confidence evident on their faces.

"That's the leader of the Thunder God's Fury Mercenary Group, Thunder God James, who ranks 79th on the Sky List!"

"That's the leader of the Dusk God Mercenary Group, Blazing Hammer Jack Wang, who ranks 63rd on the Sky List!"

"That's Captain Sebak from the Hell Angel Mercenary Group, who ranks 69th on the Sky List!"

"That's Telekinesis Grandmaster Scheler, who ranks 50th on the Sky List..."

The woman felt her heart tremble as she matched the faces to the names she had memorized in her mind.

The 17 Western Cities' main mercenary groups had gathered on the Long Snake Ridge.

Many other mercenary groups had also appeared, so their numbers added up to more than 4,500 mercenaries!

This was a formidable might that had gathered there for one purpose: to kill Luo Yunyang.

The woman drew her eyes away from the top-notch powerhouses and turned to Luo Yunyang, who was still alone.

"Long Snake Ridge, 10 grandmasters. Status unknown!" When the woman said these final words, she felt as though she had exhausted all the strength in her body.

The word 'unknown' didn't just describe Luo Yunyang. She didn't know whether she would survive or die herself either!