Supreme Uprising Chapter 18

Chapter 18


The price of grade-one body-forging medicine was 100,000 dayuan, so grade-two body-forging medicine couldn’t be too expensive.

However, judging by Zhu Yan’s expression, Luo Yunyang guessed that its price was probably higher than he thought.

He muttered something to himself before glancing at Zhu Yan and saying, “20 million!”

This figure had popped up in Luo Yunyang’s mind. A small sum wouldn’t make Zhu Yan this excited after all.

Zhu Yan chuckled. “Your guess was too conservative. The uses of grade-two body-forging medicine cannot even be compared to grade-one body-forging medicine. It costs 100 million dayuan!”

As Zhu Yan uttered this number, Luo Yunyang felt his brain buzz. This was a little too much.

For Luo Yunyang, 100 million dayuan was a figure he could only dream of.

“Lee Xiaoyong is such an unlucky man. This time, he almost paid in blood. Ha ha ha This probably cost him years of savings. He probably pulled some very big favors to get this grade-two body-forging medicine.”

Zhu Yan suddenly huffed. “He sure deserved it!”

“What does grade-two body-forging medicine do, Big Brother Zhu ?” Luo Yunyang asked him seriously as he looked at Zhu Yan.

“It improves the body’s essence.” Zhu Yan glanced at Luo Yunyang a little enviously before he said, “This medicine will save you a lot of pointless trips. If you have used grade-one body-forging medicine, you should know that after a person uses it once, he cannot use it a second time. A second time would have no effect whatsoever.”

“Grade-two body-forging medicine does have this drawback. I heard that it contains source-beast blood essence.”

“You have seen for yourself how formidable source beasts are. I believe that you can tell how difficult it is to obtain source-beast blood essence.”

Luo Yunyang nodded. Although he did not know how much blood essence that giant golden tiger had, he wondered how it could be obtained from a source beast’s body.

It certainly couldn’t be an easy task.

“Actually, just root-beast blood essence is worth 100 million. This grade-two body-forging medicine is something extremely hard to obtain, even in Chang’an City. Just hurry up and use it!”

“Oh, right, don’t forget this. No matter what intense pain you experience, you must try your hardest to endure it. You must not give up easily. In comparison to grade-one body-forging medicine, grade-two body-forging medicine is really expensive.”

Luo Yunyang looked at the box in his hands and nodded. “Thank you, Big Brother Zhu. I will go use it right now.”

When he saw the look Luo Yunyang gave him, Zhu Yan shook his head and started walking away. “Alright boy, prepare well. I will wait for you outside. Hopefully, you will surprise me.”

Luo Yunyang, who was very confident about himself, laughed. “Don’t worry, Big Brother Zhu. I will give you a huge surprise.”

As he opened the box and looked at the small bottle made out of gold crystals, Luo Yunyang once again sensed how precious grade-two body-forging medicine was.

He looked at the liquid inside, which did not weigh more than a few grams, and shook his head. This miniscule amount of liquid was worth more than 100 million dayuan.

The manual’s instructions were more or less the same as those of grade-one body-forging medicine. The difference between the two was that the manual of the grade-two body-forging medicine was much more exquisite.

Luo Yunyang reduced his Mind to 0.1 and raised his Constitution to the max.

Based on his past experience, he knew that he had to adjust his attributes once the grade-two body-forging medicine was injected into his body.

Nevertheless, Luo Yunyang still felt like pins were pricking him continuously all over.

The force wasn’t too strong, but as soon as it appeared, Luo Yunyang felt his entire body slowly start to burn up.

Fortunately, the sensation wasn’t unbearable.

However, Luo Yunyang’s brain was fuzzy, so he didn’t have a good grasp of time. Although he didn’t fall asleep, he didn’t know how he was interacting with his surroundings either.

One hour, two hours, three hours


Zhu Yan was sitting in the lobby of the Little Prosperity Hotel, drinking wine. His calm expression gradually became fretful.

Based on his estimations, he reckoned that Luo Yunyang would be able to endure the grade-two medicine for an hour. That was what he expected. This sort of outcome was hard to accept.

Two hours was abnormally long!

Zhu Yan had never even thought about three hours. After all, the longest record for using grade-two medicine in the Da Alliance was only three hours.

Even if it had been Zhu Yan using it, all he would have been able to do would be to hide in a corner and stare at the ceiling in silence.

Three hours had passed, but Luo Yunyang hadn’t come out. Could something have happened to him?

As Zhu Yan was considering whether to go and take a look, Gu Qianqian came hurrying into the hotel.

The woman was deeply in love, so all she was thinking about was the beloved man before her eyes. When she saw Zhu Yan’s anxious demeanor, she asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

“Luo Yunyang went to use grade-two body-forging medicine and has yet to come out,” Zhu Yan said right away.

“Grade-two body-forging medicine? Where did he get it?” Gu Qianqian obviously knew how precious grade-two body-forging medicine was, so she was astonished to hear its name.

“Lee Xiaoyong used his own money to obtain it so he would avoid going on three A-rank missions. Luo Yunyang is currently absorbing its medicinal properties.”

Suddenly, Zhu Yan’s tone became more worried. “It has already been over three hours since he started. That rascal hasn’t come out yet. I hope he didn’t try to endure it for too long and…”

“Is three hours too long?” Gu Qianqian asked in confusion.

Zhu Yan slapped the top of his head. Talking about body-forging medicine with Gu Qianqian was like playing the lute for a cow.

“Alright, don’t say anything else. You don’t understand.”

If Zhu Yan had dared speak this way to her in the past, Gu Qianqian wouldn’t have let him off the hook. This time though, she just gave him an understanding smile and stayed silent.

“Zhu Yan, tell your little brother that although he has chosen to join the Rising Dragon Army, I will always remain his friend.” Ji Tian’s words were transmitted through his communication device.

Zhu Yan agreed right away, as her words carried no burden. His answer was actually so quick, that Gu Qianqian pinched him.

Four hours, five hours

When six hours had passed, Zhu Yan could not wait anymore. He impatiently pushed open Luo Yunyang’s door and found him breathing steadily inside.

“He fell asleep!” Gu Qianqian heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhu Yan nodded. Then, he knocked his fist against Luo Yunyang’s headboard and chided, “This rascal sure chose the right time to go to sleep!”

The two of them left Luo Yunyang’s room quietly.

They left rather hurriedly, so they did not realize that Luo Yunyang hadn’t used the suppressing medicine in the little box.

“I was wondering why that rascal wasn’t done yet. It turns out he was sleeping. Ha ha He fell asleep while using body-forging medicine. Only he could do something like that!”

As Zhu Yan talked with Gu Qianqian, he felt a wave of relief wash over him.

Gu Qianqian nodded and chuckled. “The process of using body-forging medicine is very painstaking. It was normal for him to go to sleep right after he stopped.”

“Come on, let’s go for a stroll. Damn it, I don’t know how much of that body-forging medicine that rascal managed to consume. Let’s not bother him.”

Zhu Yan pecked his girlfriend on the face before the two of them linked their arms and walked out of the hotel.

When Luo Yunyang woke up, the sky was already dark. Before he could even turn on the lights, he opened his eyes and saw a streak of lightning.

His entire body felt like it contained power that it couldn’t use up. That power was surging all over him. His gaze was shining as if there was electricity in it.

Luo Yunyang checked his attributes.

This place wasn’t suitable for cultivating, so he could only use this method to check his current state.

Power: 7.8

Speed: 2.0

Mind: 1.8

Constitution: 10

When the panel appeared, the attributes in it gave Luo Yunyang a shock. He hadn’t expected his own progress to improve so much.

His Power had reached 7.8! That meant that his strength had already increased to 3,900 kilos. The intensity of this strength had already surpassed the minimum standard of 1,500 kilos for top-notch martialists.

However, compared to Power, his greatest improvement was his Constitution, which had become 10!

How could that be?

Luo Yunyang’s huge improvement was naturally a result of the grade-two body-forging medicine. He must have absorbed its energy completely.

Boom! Luo Yunyang threw a fist in the air. His 3,900-kilo strength made the air crackle around his fist.

As he thought about it, he raised his Speed to 10. He suddenly felt the impulse to rush out of the room.

When he raised his Mind to the max, the bed, which weighed about 50 kilos floated up silently

Luo Yunyang, who had diligently tested his abilities, suddenly felt an extreme pang of hunger. This hunger was really difficult to resist.

As soon as he reverted his attributes back to normal, he rushed down to the hotel restaurant.

“Get me everything that can be eaten!”

He had to eat, eat, eat!

When Zhu Yan and Gu Qianqian returned, they were stunned. A huge pile of empty plates had already formed in front of Luo Yunyang, who was wolfing down an energy bar the size of a human arm.

“Do you have any more? I want one more of this!”

Luo Yunyang waved his hands around impatiently.