Supreme Uprising Chapter 181

Chapter 181: One Man Versus 1,000

Although he wasn't the first martial grandmaster to fall at the hands of Luo Yunyang, the Thunder God's death still shocked everyone present, especially the members of the Thunder God's Wrath Mercenary Group. This had simply come out of the blue for them.

The Thunder God had been the pillar of the Thunder God's Wrath, so his death had sent the top-tier mercenary group plummeting into the abyss.

This wasn't the point, though. They just found it hard to believe that the hammer-wielding Thunder God had been blown away in such a cruel, dominating fashion.

Suddenly, a mercenary's teeth started to chatter. The sound immediately attracted the attention of his comrade, who didn't bother masking his fear as he said timidly, "I'm afraid things are not going to go so smoothly!"

Although his comrade was a high-level martialist, given his fighting strength, a battle of this level was out of his league.

The only reason they were there was because their mercenary group had decided to come!

They had only one objective for gathering there and stretching out layers of No.9 titanium steel nets. They had to prevent Luo Yunyang from fleeing.

However, given the current circumstances, would the young man they wanted to grasp really try to escape?

They really didn't know, but they didn't have any faith anymore. Fear was now evident in their eyes.

"It won't be easy, but we still have nine martial grandmasters, a telekinesis grandmaster and Jack Wang!"

While they were having this muted discussion, Scheler made a move and said with an icy tone, "That was a really cruel method to take away someone's life, Luo Yunyang. How can a vicious, merciless person like you be allowed to live?"

As Luo Yunyang stared at Scheler, who was berating him, he couldn't help but shout, "Were you all trying to beat one another to finding me and bowing down before me? Now that you have achieved your goal, can I finally kill you people?"

Luo Yunyang's expression suddenly became much colder and he stopped talking. Then, he soared into the air and charged straight at Scheler.

Scheler was really afraid of Luo Yunyang. Even though he was a telekinesis grandmaster, his physical cultivation was a grade lower than the Thunder God's had been.

Although the Thunder God's dead body was still intact, if Scheler was struck by Luo Yunyang's Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists, he might be blown to pieces.

Practically the instant that Scheler tried to evade Luo Yunyang, Jack Wang barked out, "Protect Master Scheler!" As he ordered his men, he brandished his fists. Suddenly, two bright red chains with a blunt head about the size of a watermelon appeared in his hands.

Although the two chains looked the same, one of them was actually a dark crimson color, while the other one was bright scarlet.

When the two chains were drawn, the crimson hammer heads flew at Luo Yunyang like shooting stars.

By the time the scarlet hammer came close to Luo Yunyang, it had already split into nine parts and formed nine balls of fire.

It felt like Judgement Day had arrived and there was nowhere to hide!

Although only one of the nine hammer heads was real and the others were fake, if Jack Wang wanted to, he could make everyone think they were all real.

Back when Jack Wang had entered the grandmaster realm, he had relied on this move to defeat the previous leader of the Dusk God Mercenary Group.

The Thunder God's death had put a lot of pressure on him, which was why he had displayed his unique technique at the outset.

Luo Yunyang was the epitome of calmness. As the hammer heads whizzed towards him, he could already sense the variations within them. His powerful mind power had not only allowed him to become a telekinesis grandmaster, but it had also gifted him with an acute perception of his opponent's moves during an exchange.

A glimmer of excitement flashed across Luo Yunyang's eyes as he saw the nine fireballs.

He immediately used the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists and the Divine Pearl-Dancing Dragon!

Luo Yunyang made a strange lunge towards the red hammer head, which landed in his hands. Jack Wang had yet to use any variations, yet the hammer head had already been deflected by Luo Yunyang.

As a Tai Chi martial grandmaster, Jack had a deep understanding of both firm and soft variations. However, he had just sent the hammer head flying without using any variations.

This time, the speed at which it flew was even faster, so it contained the power of three flames.

A Western fighter that was built like a bear waved his axe as he charged over at Luo Yunyang. However, before he could even raise his axe, the hammer head had already smashed into him like a comet. It was so unbelievably quick that he wasn't able to react!

The fighter was still a martial grandmaster entity though, so as soon as he sensed the danger, he raised his axe frantically to shield his body.

Although his blocking move was simple, the axe, which was as thick as a board, gave him a sense of security.

The axe pulled along that huge bear of a man, sending them both flying. A brilliant radiance erupted as the surging flames exploded. When this bright light weakened, everyone saw the huge man lying on the ground, devoid of any life.

He was dead!

"That's the Frost Titan!" a trembling voice shrieked. The Frost Titan was rumored to have the blood of ancient giants. Although it hadn't been that obvious before the apocalypse, his ability had become more and more startling ever since.

However, he had died before he had even been able to make a single move.

Two martial grandmasters had fallen on the Long Snake Ridge with only two techniques. Everyone immediately turned to look at Luo Yunyang fearfully. Even some of the martial grandmasters that surrounded him felt their lips twitch and their hearts quiver.

Besides having a natural aptitude, a martial grandmaster also needed to possess the resolute attitude of a strong warrior.

One had to be undaunted by repeated setbacks and persist even after repeated defeats.

However, their indecisiveness was obvious as they surrounded Luo Yunyang.

Scheler, who was the only telekinesis grandmaster and undoubtedly everyone's pillar of strength, was now staring at Luo Yunyang with an intense murderous glare.

"How mighty! How impressive!" Scheler lamented before waving the bone scepter in his hand and sending formless binds flying over to Luo Yunyang.

"He must have used up huge amounts of power during these two moves. We have to strike together now. It is the most opportune moment to kill him!" he cried out.

Meanwhile, Jack Wang waved the two comet-like hammer heads. Captain Sebak from the Hell Angel Mercenary Group, who hadn't moved yet, waved his black sword and floated towards Luo Yunyang like a specter.

Luo Yunyang's expression hardened when these formless binds flew at him. He was also a telekinesis grandmaster, so he could sense the power contained within those binds.

This was a Mind Bind!

A Mind Bind could weaken a martial grandmaster's power!

Although his current mind power couldn't be compared to Scheler's, Scheler unfortunately didn't have an attribute regulator.

"You are a telekinesis grandmaster? That isn't all that rare. Daddy is one, too!" Luo Yunyang made some adjustments by using his attribute regulator. As he spoke, the Buddha Disks flew out of the pouch strapped to his back!