Supreme Uprising Chapter 183

Chapter 183 The Nine Sun Shattering Dragons

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As the Sky High Military’s top secret agent, Yun Qingping had some knowledge about certain taboo weapons, such as weapons related to gods.

Although god-grade entities were considered the backbone of the Da Alliance, god-grade powers hadn’t existed before the apocalypse.

Even though it was possible that gods and god-grade experts had existed years before the apocalypse, this was just a deduction of Yun Qingping’s, who understood the difference between god-grade experts and grandmaster entities extremely well. This difference could be summed up in one sentenceGods exceeded the limits of ordinary humans, whereas martial grandmasters were still human.

The strongest techniques of god-grade powerhouses belonged in the God’s domain.

Martial grandmasters simply didn’t have the power to retaliate against these techniques.

The green glow that was about to envelop Luo Yunyang made Yun Qingping feel extremely afraid.

Was this power from the God’s Domain?

If she found herself at the center of this green glow, she would immediately turn into dust.

Although Luo Yunyang was stronger than an ordinary martial grandmaster, this was still the God’s Domain!

Jack Wang had now stopped attacking. His skintight clothes were already tattered, and there were even a few spots of blood in some places.

“You have my deepest respect, Master Scheler!” Jack Wang exclaimed in admiration when he saw the green glow gradually suppress Luo Yunyang.

Although he had heard of the God’s Domain in the past, he hadn’t witnessed any god-grade moves before. The move that Master Scheler was using might be a far cry from actual God-grade experts, but it was still a power that exceeded everybody else’s abilities.

Jack Wang himself wouldn’t be able to withstand it if he had to face it. In the past, he had harbored some contradictory feelings regarding Master Scheler’s superior position, but all that remained now was fear.

In the future, no one would dare offend telekinesis grandmasters again, especially telekinesis grandmasters that had been alive for a long time. Who knew what sort of powerful treasures they possessed?

Master Scheler was barely able to maintain his standing position as he said firmly, “I didn’t want to use this move. Its consumption is just too high.”

He wasn’t lying about this. It was evident in his expression that, the moment he had used the God’s Right Arm, the move had not just exhausted his mind power.

“Luo Yunyang, the God’s Right Arm is a move I discovered by unearthing some historical remains. I have been studying this move for years. You should feel honored to be the first person to lose your life to the God’s Right Arm!”

Master Scheler’s words didn’t scare Luo Yunyang, whose expression didn’t change as he observed the immense power slowly suppressing him.

He could also sense the green arm that was behind this power.

In just a few seconds, a twinkle appeared in Luo Yunyang’s eye. As he watched the gradually suppressing green glow, he suddenly chuckled. “This domain of yours is just an empty vessel that makes a lot of noise. It will never be able to stop me. I’ll break it in one move!”

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang used his fire-based source core. He was currently enveloped by the green power, so he wasn’t able to absorb the power all around him. However, the power stored inside his source core was still enough.

Even so, Luo Yunyang would need to make great effort. If he failed, there wouldn’t be a second opportunity to strike. Plus, although he appeared calm, he felt rather cautious deep down.

The energy stored inside his source core wasn’t limitless after all.

Luo Yunyang pulled back his arms and started using his technique. Suddenly, he soared into the sky like a dragon travelling through the atmosphere.

He was using the seventh form of the Heaven-Burning Dragon, the Nine Sun-Shattering Dragons!

The moment Luo Yunyang brandished his arms, nine dragon-like shadows appeared behind his back. Six of the nine dragons were fairly discernible, but only three were actually life-like.

A purple-flame dragon, a gold-flame dragon and a white-flame dragon!

The three flame dragons that had formed from the blazes gathered behind Luo Yunyang. When he punched forward, the six virtual and three real dragons converged by his fists.

Luo Yunyang struck the slowly-shrinking God’s Domain that enveloped him.


An earth-shattering sound resounded throughout the void. As soon as Luo Yunyang’s fists collided with the green domain of the God’s Right Arm, the domain started to crumble.

Meanwhile, the sparkling God’s Right Arm in the sky was surrounded by the three blazes before falling to the ground.

“How is this possible? You were trapped inside the God’s Domain! How were you able to escape?” Scheler shouted like a madman.

While he was shouting hysterically, Luo Yunyang rushed over to him and punched him without a word.

Jack Wang was the person most likely to save Master Scheler right now. He ranked 61st on the Sky List after all.

However, Jack didn’t care about Master Scheler’s intentions right now. He just started retreating frantically, backing off about 300 meters in an instant.

Master Scheler’s eyes turned to the other martial grandmasters. Although the remaining martial grandmasters were a long distance away, if they tried their best, perhaps they would be able to buy him some time.

Unfortunately, although Master Scheler’s reasoning was right, these martial grandmasters didn’t have any intention of doing anything to help him.

Master Scheler watched with wide eyes as Luo Yunyang’s fists struck his torso.

In the blink of an eye, Master Scheler was engulfed by the flames. All that remained now were wisps of green smoke.

Master Scheler was dead!

His black bone scepter hit the ground with a patter.

Before Master Scheler had even used God’s Right Arm, everyone had already felt that this bone scepter wasn’t ordinary. It was a weapon used by a telekinesis grandmaster after all.

However, now it had finally showed its might. It was a divine bone scepter that could use the God’s Domain.

Any martial grandmaster would go crazy over such a treasure, yet nobody paid any attention to it now. They all knew that if they rushed over to get it, they would risk losing their lives.

The divine bone scepter belonged to the person who had killed Master Scheler.

Everyone was deadly silent. Luo Yunyang glanced at the fallen scepter as he raised an arm slowly. When he raised his arm, everyone realized that this treasure would fall into his hands.

However, the instant Luo Yunyang lifted his arm, a dagger flew out of the shattered ground.

The dagger, which was coated with a dark blue luster, wasn’t held by anyone as it stabbed at Luo Yunyang’s back soundlessly.

Its appearance had been quick and strange, yet no one made a sound.

The dagger had eerily appeared before Luo Yunyang’s chest!