Supreme Uprising Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Entering Shen'du At Daybreak

The Peaceful Heart Hall of the Nie Household was the place where Nie Tianyuan cultivated. It had been named Peaceful Heart Hall because it was a place as tranquil as still water.

Although Nie Yunxin was Nie Tianyuan's son, he could count on his fingers the number of times he had been allowed to enter the Peaceful Heart Hall ever since he had been born.

Right now, he was standing inside the simple, unadorned room, gazing at his father respectfully.

"What's the matter?" Nie Tianyuan asked.

"We have news, Father. Luo Yunyang displayed a fearsome might on the Long Snake Ridge. He blew up the Thunder God with one move!" Nie Yunxin said deferentially.

Nie Tianyuan felt a little disappointed at his son's inability to remain unflustered. Dragons birthed dragons and phoenixes birthed phoenixes after all. Nie Tianyuan's son should always be tough and remain calm regardless of the situation. This way, he would have the time to ponder what would be the most appropriate reaction. If he got flustered over small matters, how would he ever amount to anything big?

Nie Tianyuan shook his head and said calmly, "The Thunder God was just a boorish fellow. Although he came from a strong bloodline, he lacked any ability. The fact that Luo Yunyang killed him isn't surprising."

Even though Nie Yunxin always believed his father, the Thunder God's ranking wasn't something that he could ignore.

"Father, Luo Yunyang blew up the Thunder God with one strike..."

"The Thunder God is a dead man now. Whether he was a martial grandmaster or an ordinary person makes no difference anymore!" Nie Tianyuan waved his hands dismissively before he shut his eyes.

A minute later, another message was delivered. Nie Yunxin read the piece of paper and said in a lower voice, "Father, Luo Yunyang has killed yet another martial grandmaster..."

News continue to roll in so quickly that Nie Yunxin could no longer hold it in. He suddenly felt his heart beat faster. He could no longer maintain his composure. These consecutive news weren't favorable for the Nie Family. If his father flew into a rage, he would end up being the punching bag.

However, Nie Tianyuan didn't get angry.

"Father, Luo Yunyang has been trapped by Master Scheler's God's Right Arm Move. He's screwed this time!" Nie Yunxin finally heaved a sigh of relief as he read this piece of news. It seemed like his father had had good reason to remain calm. There would always be someone who would use a trump card to take down the enemy.

Nie Tianyuan shook his head lightly and said somewhat ruefully, "I always thought that Master Scheler wouldn't live up to his reputation. However, it seems like he is a skilled telekinesis grandmaster. It's just a pity that..."

A pity that what? Although Nie Tianyuan didn't finish his sentence, Nie Yunxin understood. The special weapon had already fallen into the hands of the top-notch assassin known as the Shadow Killer. Getting it back wouldn't be easy.

The sound of hurried footsteps shook Nie Yunxin from this rueful state. When he read the news that his subordinate brought, he stood rooted to the spot.

"God's Right Arm was broken. How can that be?" Nie Yunxin blurted out impatiently before even reporting anything to his father.

Although no one uttered a word, their expressions betrayed their feelings. Nie Yunxin glanced at his father.

Nie Tianyuan's expression was still calm as he waved dismissively. "Not a problem. Luo Yunyang will never reach Shen'du. We will be relying on the Shadow Killer now!"

The Shadow Killer was a legend throughout the Da Alliance. He was the highest-paid assassin, as well as the assassin with the highest bounty on his head.

No one knew how many important people had been killed by his dagger. He had even assassinated four consulates of the 17 Western Cities.

However, grandmasters and telekinesis grandmasters were the main targets of his assassinations. The number of telekinesis grandmasters that had died at his hands were at least in the two-digit range.

Most telekinesis grandmasters were extremely afraid of the Shadow Killer. So much so that some of them wouldn't dare try anything if they heard his name.

If the Shadow Killer made his move, would Luo Yunyang be alright?

Suddenly, someone came rushing into the Peaceful Heart Hall once again.

Back at the Long Snake Ridge, the dagger was acting like a streak of lightning. Luo Yunyang probably didn't have any chance of dodging it.

As Yun Qingping watched that apparition-like dagger quietly, her mind went blank. A name suddenly popped into her brain.

According to the myths, the Shadow Killer was practically the king of assassins!

She hadn't expected that the Shadow Killer would actually make a move on Luo Yunyang right now. Luo Yunyang had just beaten God's Right Arm with one strike, so he was currently basking in his success. Thus, he was at his most vulnerable.

A lapse in concentration when one was complacent could often be costly. However, it was already very difficult for Luo Yunyang to avoid this.

Although he had already caught sight of the dagger in front of him, there wasn't any fear in his eyes.

He actually had a hint of a smile on his face. It was the grim smile of a hunter who had caught his prey. It was also the smile of a victor.

As soon as that cold grin emerged, the assassin trying to strike Luo Yunyang seemed to sense something. However, instead of drawing back the hand stabbing at Luo Yunyang, he actually moved it even faster.

No matter how quick he was though, the Mind Sword that emerged from Luo Yunyang's forehead was even quicker.

In an instant, it had already reached the area behind the dagger. As it did, the hand grasping the dagger and a skinny body were revealed.

The assassin, who was dressed in khaki clothes, looked astute. However, his head was flat and his eyes no longer had the radiance of days past.

"You... Were you waiting for me?" the man asked with effort, his words laced with disbelief.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. "When I entered the Long Snake Ridge, I sensed a form of danger that wasn't coming from Scheler. I immediately realized that there was someone else waiting for me at the Long Snake Ridge. Although I don't know who you are, I have faith in myself!"

The Shadow Hunter inhaled deeply. He wanted to say something, but ultimately wasn't able to. The color in his eyes had faded completely in an instant.

His soul had been extinguished. The Shadow Killer, who had operated in the Da Alliance without obstruction for so many years, was dead!

Luo Yunyang's gaze landed on the Shadow Killer's dagger. He could sense a tremendous might coming from it. He also sensed that the dagger was extremely sharp and seemed to contain some kind of special power.

"You actually killed the Shadow Killer, you... You actually killed the Shadow Killer!" Jack Wang started fleeing frantically towards the other side of the Long Snake Ridge.

When the others saw him flee in this deranged fashion, they all seemed to ponder what to do for a bit. No one said a word. Instead, they chucked aside whatever preparations they had made and started to flee frantically into the distance.

As they were busy fleeing, Luo Yunyang stood up slowly, soared into the sky and charged in the direction of Jack Wang...

The sun illuminated the land at daybreak. Shen'du's large steel gates opened slowly at dawn and the soldiers on the city walls saw the silhouette of a young man stepping in along with the first rays of the day!