Supreme Uprising Chapter 186

Chapter 186: The Golden Emblems

Although the Koi Guard's status among the 13 Eastern Cities couldn't be compared to the Eight Militaries, it was still a force people didn't look down upon.

The Koi Guard Commissar was also a trusted aide of the vice-chairman, who exercised a lot of power in the 13 Eastern Cities.

It could be said that his status was similar to Lu Qubing's!

Many hedonistic sons and daughters living in Shen'du shivered in their sleep whenever they heard Shi Tiaochen's name.

"He... He is really rude. Why would he not even salute the Commissar?" An older man with an important position within the Koi Guard fanned the flames.

His comments encouraged his comrades, who all voiced their opinions. This fellow was really arrogant indeed!

"I know he brought a lot of glory to the 13 Eastern Cities, but this doesn't excuse his haughty behavior!"

"Doesn't he know who the Commissar is? Such arrogance is really..."

"He is a martial grandmaster!" a sweet-looking, oval-faced woman said gently. "He isn't someone we can comment on!"

The weight of her words shocked all the young men and women present. Even though they could be as tyrannical as they wanted in Shen'du, if humanity were to face a crisis, their fate would be clear.

If he wanted to, Luo Yunyang could kill them!

Not even their own families, let alone the Da Alliance, would tangle with a martial grandmaster over one of their hedonistic sons or daughters.

To their knowledge, Luo Yunyang was only a top-notch martial master. Although he had endless potential and his development was a focal point for the Da Alliance, they had assumed that his value didn't exceed theirs by much.

However, the words 'martial grandmaster' made them understand the difference between them and Luo Yunyang.

The gap was just too big!

Shi Tiaochen glanced at the slowly-approaching Luo Yunyang. The young man seemed to be strolling over leisurely with expressionless eyes, as if he was made out of steel.

"Go back to where you came from!" Although Shi Tiaochen's voice was very calm, there was still an unquestionable doubt in his tone.

"No!" Luo Yunyang replied nonchalantly. His body didn't move, but his eyes said everything that needed to be said.

Although this rejection seemed downplayed, Luo Yunyang was resolute.

"How can he speak to the Commissar this way?" a man who had kept his mouth shut when he had discovered that Luo Yunyang was a martial grandmaster couldn't help but blurt out angrily.

There were quite a few others who felt the same. Their gazes turned to the beautiful woman who had just advised them.

Not only was this young woman beautiful, but her clothes were also of the highest quality. One could tell with just a glance that she didn't have an ordinary background. Her family was among the most powerful clans in Shen'du, so she was naturally well-informed.

The young woman wasn't very talkative, yet as she watched her comrades take turns to criticize Luo Yunyang's brazenness, she realized that they would keep blabbering on, so she decided to speak up once again.

"Sometime ago, Luo Yunyang became a telekinesis grandmaster and killed the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables and the Golden Clock's Two Elders. All four of them were martial grandmasters!"

She glanced at Luo Yunyang before she said solemnly, "Open your eyes wider and take a good look. This man is the kind of wealthy husband you should be working hard to win over. If you marry him, your status will be rising in a straight line."

She was addressing the other women following behind her.

Although the few men in the group who were pandering to these ladies frowned when they heard this, her words were indeed irrefutable.

The words 'martial grandmaster' had already made them feel hopeless, yet the words 'telekinesis grandmaster' felt like a mountain crushing their spirit. There would always be people who were better than them!

They suddenly understood that Luo Yunyang and the Koi Guard Commissar were on equal footing.

"I don't wish to lecture you, young man, but the Da Alliance will not tolerate being tossed from side to side any longer!" Shi Tiaochen said solemnly. "I can take responsibility for the harm you inflicted on Luo Shaocheng. I can also guarantee that you won't get in any more trouble!"

Shouldering the responsibility of hurting a Martial God's grandson was something only a bigshot like Shi Tiaochen could guarantee.

However, Luo Yunyang didn't appreciate his goodwill. "I do not know how strong the Martial God is, but he spurs me on to work harder. As for his grandson, being hit by me was good fortune for him," he replied dully. "I can bear this responsibility. Plus, the fact that the Da Alliance is being tossed side to side isn't my fault. I'm just unsatisfied with the way you are behaving!" Luo Yunyang's voice resonated strongly. "That's why I came to Shen'du personally!"

As Shi Tiaochen watched the high-spirited Luo Yunyang, he felt like he was too old for this.

Compared to Luo Yunyang, who was full of vigor, he suddenly felt extremely old.

"What if I say that I have to stop you, no matter what?" There was an unprecedented graveness in Shi Tiaochen's voice as he asked this question.

"You don't have that ability!" Luo Yunyang emphasized each and every word as he stared down Shi Tiaochen.

Saying these words outside Shen'du's secondary gates and in front of so many people was very disrespectful towards Shi Tiaochen.

The few young people whose family members served in the Koi Guard felt as though they were about to erupt from anger. After all, in their eyes, Shi Tiaochen was an elder as unrivalled as a god.

However, the might of a telekinesis grandmaster made them feel so afraid that they had to forcefully swallow back whatever words they wanted to say.

"I may not have that ability, but I am representing the entire Koi Guard!" Shi Tiaochen produced a golden emblem with a golden carp on it.

If an ordinary person saw this, they would find it funny or even assume that it was a toy. However, according to a myth, there were 13 golden emblems divided among the top brass of the 13 Eastern Cities.

After the apocalypse, but before the 13 Eastern Cities had joined the Da Alliance, the supreme power of the 13 Eastern Cities had basically been these 13 golden emblems.

Although they didn't have any power on their own, they represented the Eight Militaries of the East, the Three Guards and the two seats of power, all of them forces that could make the entire Da Alliance quiver.

When all the 13 golden emblems were gathered in one place, they represented the will of the entire 13 Eastern Cities. This will could even shake the earth.

The Commissar had taken out the Koi Guard's golden emblem to show the Koi Guard's staunch resolution!

Although Shi Tiaochen had been open to discussion before, he had suddenly given an order to the entire Koi Guard.

Anyone who disobeyed would become an enemy of the Guard!