Supreme Uprising Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Still Not Enough

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Most of these hedonistic young people had heard the elders of their clans talk about the 13 golden emblems before.

During these conversations, they had been warned repeatedly by the clan elders that, regardless of who displayed these emblems, if one of them was presented, they would have to comply obediently and not resist in any way.

If they put up any resistance, they would place their entire families in danger!

Although the 13 golden emblems that represented the 13 Eastern Cities’ strongest powers had always been considered a myth, they had actually emerged.

Even though only one emblem had been presented, this was enough to instill fear in everyone’s hearts.

Practically all these rich young people felt pity for Luo Yunyang. If he had known that things would turn out this way, he would surely have retreated earlier.

Instead, he would now be driven away without any rewards. Wasn’t this like a hard slap across the face?

Anyone would have felt extremely awkward about this.

However, even though everyone expected Luo Yunyang to leave tactfully, he said indifferently, “Not enough!”

As he uttered these words, he took a step forward, declaring his stance openly. Shi Tiaochen, who was holding out the golden emblem, turned rigid.

He was someone with a lot of experience, who had met many talented young people who acted arrogantly. How could he not be able to read Luo Yunyang’s each and every move? He had been certain that Luo Yunyang would not retreat, yet he hadn’t expected him to be that unyielding.

He suddenly felt as though he was pinned to the wall.

Under normal circumstances, he would have punished such an ungrateful fellow. However, he had heard about the battle at the Long Snake Ridge. Although Shi Tiaochen was stronger than the Thunder God and the others, he still had his limitations.

Plus, telekinesis grandmaster Scheler was not among them anymore.

Scheler was dead, and so was Jack Wang. Luo Yunyang had chased down all the martial grandmasters that had attacked him and killed them one by one…

Shi Tiaochen would have been just as afraid to face the combined might of all these people and the Shadow Killer, who was the cause of many a headache.

“This should be enough!” said a lofty voice next to Shi Tiaochen. The voice belonged to a muscular man in his 30s, who gave off the vibe of a tiger and a panther.

His gaze was provocative, and the golden emblem in his hand depicted a bloodied knife.

He was from the Blood Strike Guard!

Among the Three Guards, the Blood Strike Guard was the only one that was considered superior to the Koi Guard. If people feared the Koi Guard, then they were scared sh*tless of the Blood Strike Guard!

Shi Tiaochen frowned. A hint of displeasure was clear in his eyes. Meanwhile, the man from the Blood Strike Guard told him rather indifferently, “Sir, our boss is attending to some other matters, so he asked me to come here on his behalf! Please don’t worry, Commissar. This is not a big deal. I will definitely help you settle it once and for all. You don’t have to worry about a single thing.”

The man had already turned proudly towards Luo Yunyang and asked, “Do you want to stay here and spend a few days in jail?”

Luo Yunyang stared at the proud man before he replied with a single word, “Scram!”

The man hadn’t expected Luo Yunyang to speak to him in such a way. Although he knew that Luo Yunyang had become a martial grandmaster, he had also advanced to a martial grandmaster. Plus, he was also the Vice-Commissar of the Blood Strike Guard.

As the Blood Strike Guard’s deputy, he wasn’t particularly fond of Shi Tiaochen. He actually kind of looked down on him.

He believed that even a martial grandmaster had to show some respect to the Blood Strike Guard.

He had heard about the exchange between Shi Tiaochen and Luo Yunyang, and deep down he thought that the main reason Luo Yunyang had declined Shi Tiaochen’s suggestion wasn’t because he was haughty, but because Shi Tiaochen was too soft.

Therefore, he had adopted a tough stance from the moment he had arrived.

He believed that the only way of settling this matter was by making Luo Yunyang aware of his unyielding stance.

However, he had never expected to be berated by Luo Yunyang the moment he said this. How could the Blood Strike Guard’s Vice-Commissar show his face again in the future after word of this humiliating incident spread around?

“You… How dare you speak to me this way! Today I shall…” These furious words had just left the man’s mouth, when Shi Tiaochen interrupted him.

“Please go easy on me.” A long rod appeared in Shi Tiaochen’s hands as he spoke. Shi Tiaochen twirled the rod, which covered a large area.

The man thought that Shi Tiaochen was being too meddlesome, when a cold flash suddenly whizzed past his head, grazed his skin and made his heart pound violently.

If Shi Tiaochen hadn’t intervened and that cold flash hadn’t been deflected upwards, his head might have fallen off instead.

The tremendous dread he felt didn’t allow him to utter a single word. It felt like even his body was too afraid to move an inch.

Suddenly, someone walked forward and said, “Brother Luo, we should spare others whenever we can. I’m under orders from my Viceroy to request that you do not enter Shen’du.”

The speaker was also holding a golden emblem in his hand. The carving on this emblem depicted a large snarling bear.

It was the emblem of the Sky High Military!

Luo Yunyang had a rather good opinion about the mediator of the Sky High Military, who had tried to stop him from passing through the Long Snake Ridge. Thus, when he saw this man speaking courteously, he waved his hands and said, “I understand, but I must go on today.”

“If Luo Yunyang still thinks that this isn’t enough, then what if the Royal Forest Military joins in?” A middle-aged martial grandmaster strolled slowly out of the city gates, holding another golden emblem in his hands.

Four golden emblems, that represented two armies and two guards, had been presented. Even the entire Da Alliance would cater to this power to a certain extent.

Luo Yunyang thought that the middle-aged martial grandmaster from the Royal Forest Military looked a little familiar, yet he couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

“It still isn’t enough!” he answered, waving his hands dismissively.

The Royal Forest Military’s martial grandmaster didn’t get angry. All he did was shake his head gently and move aside.

Standing behind him were several figures that walked forward in succession. They all represented different powers of the Eight Armies, yet the golden emblems they held in their hands represented the power behind them.

There were six, seven… nine emblems!

Each golden emblem represented a force no weaker than the Rising Dragon Army. The golden emblem count had now reached nine!

Luo Yunyang had a calm expression on his face as he watched the nine golden emblems flicker in the sunlight. Although he could sense the power behind them, he just couldn’t retreat.

“Still not enough!” he said once again without hesitation.

Shi Tiaochen respected him for persisting under these circumstances. He knew that, if he had faced a similar pressure himself, he would definitely have buckled under the stress.

“You have to think clearly about the cost of your refusal, Luo Yunyang!” Although Shi Tiaochen’s tone was slightly pleading this time, Luo Yunyang still took a step forward.