Supreme Uprising Chapter 188

Chapter 188: 10th On The Sky List

Two people were seated inside a spacious, empty room with only two seats.

One of them was Lu Qubing, who was wearing casual clothes, and the other was a middle-aged man in a traditional robe.

Although traditional robes had been a rare sight ever since the apocalypse, the man didn't look out of place in the room.

The pot of water next to the two men had already turned cold and the chess pieces before them were inextricably locked in battle.

"The vice-chairman has already dispatched nine golden emblems!" the man in the traditional robes lamented. "It must be a really grand occasion!"

Lu Qubing chuckled as he clutched his cup and sipped the jade green tea.

"He's currently got people searching frantically for you all over the place. I've had a few of them ask around here three times already. Are you really not going to show up personally?" the man in the traditional robe asked softly.

Lu Qubing shook his head. "What will I achieve by going out? I can't hand out the golden emblem in my hands, can I? Plus, if that kid doesn't back down, imagine how embarrassing that will be for me!"

The other man's lips curled up. "What you're saying is completely wrong! If it were not for your secret support, would that kid even be so brazen?"

"Brazen? You know who the brazen ones are!" Lu Qubing snorted. "Now that the situation has been blown out of proportion, it's time that certain people showed some restraint!"

As the two men were talking, someone walked in quietly and handed Lu Qubing a paper note.

Lu Qubing took the note, scanned it and shook his head. "Shi Tiaochen managed to gather nine golden emblems, but he still didn't dare make a move."

"When you put it this way, it sounds like you are a little disappointed that Shi Tiaochen didn't do anything," the man in the robe teased.

Lu Qubing shook his head as he said, "Although Shi Tiaochen is a good person, he is kind of indecisive. Which is exactly the case this time!"

"This could also be good. It would really be troublesome if that kid went berserk and killed Shi Tiaochen."

The robed man smiled but didn't say anything else.

"Eh!" Lu Qubing's originally smiling face froze. As he read the paper in his hand, a cold glint flitted across his eyes.

"What's wrong?" the robed man, who seemed to detect a change in Lu Qubing, asked suspiciously.

Lu Qubing smiled grimly. "The Martial God's third disciple has a wide circle of acquaintances indeed. Even he was invited over!"

Lu Qubing rose to his feet as he spoke. The robed man now managed to see what was written on that piece of paper.

"Sky Main Avenue, Feng Yinglie!"

Although the note was very simple, the robed man understood immediately. His expression suddenly turned grave.

"What are you going to do?" he asked Lu Qubing, who was about to leave.

Lu Qubing didn't turn back as he said, "I'm going to stop the kid. It's not like you don't know what sort of person Feng Yinglie is. If he runs into Feng Yinglie, nothing good will come out of it!"

"But you've already promised several people that you will not get involved in this matter!" the robed man reminded him. "If you head over there and save him, this matter will turn into an even bigger deal! There is a possibility that a huge chasm will form between the 13 Eastern Cities!"

Lu Qubing remained quiet. He was no longer the rash young man he used to be. He knew very clearly that he had done everything in his power to contain this issue. If he got involved personally, there could possibly be a massacre in Shen'du.

If it was just his life on the line, he wouldn't fear anything. Ever since the apocalypse, he was no longer afraid of dying. Plus, the more unafraid he was, the less his chances of dying during that crucial time would be.

"You have already done your utmost. Besides, even if you go over, it won't be any use. I can promise you this, though. If that kid survives this day, I will pass on my sect's techniques to him!"

The robed man had made this decision after a lot of thought.

When he regained his composure, Lu Qubing sat back down on the cushion and moved a chess piece.

That chess move was downright dirty!

Back at the Nie Household, Nie Tianyuan was sitting quietly in the Peaceful Heart Hall, holding the latest piece of news in his hands. Luo Yunyang had ignored the nine golden emblems and entered Sky Main Avenue.

When he saw the words 'Sky Main Avenue', a faint smile appeared on his face. Sky Main Avenue was Shen'du's main street, where the Nie Family Residence was also located.

This meant that Luo Yunyang was already in the vicinity of the Nie Family!

"Old Lin, Feng Yinglie should probably be ready by now, right?" Nie Tianyuan asked indifferently.

Old Lin was a skinny man who had been in the Nie Family for years, so his status in the family was considerably higher than a genius' like Nie Yunxin.

"Feng Yinglie is a martial grandmaster that ranks 10th on the Sky List. His Intense Wind Pike is rated among the strongest weapons, so I believe he won't let you down," Old Lin said calmly.

Nie Tianyuan rubbed his fist as he answered, "I regret having to call upon this favor! Back in the day, the Third Brother had to put in a lot of effort to obtain it. Feng Yinglie had been about to become a god-grade powerhouse, when he asked for this favor."

Old Lin laughed, but didn't say anything. A hint of disdain could be seen on his face.

Was the target of his disdain Nie Tianyuan, Luo Yunyang, or perhaps Feng Yinglie?

Feng Yinglie was up ahead. Shi Tiaochen had passed on this message secretly as soon as Luo Yunyang had walked past him.

A set of techniques came to his mind whenever he heard Feng Yinglie's name.

The Thousand Wind-Splitting Strikes!

Feng Yinglie, who had created the Thousand Wind-Splitting Strikes, had been publicly recognized by the entire Da Alliance as a top-notch martial grandmaster 20 years ago. Back then, he had relied on his creation to kill the Lone Northern Desert Wolf and become a martial grandmaster that ranked 10th on the Sky List.

He had remained on the 10th spot up until now, even though nobody had seen him do anything in the past 20 years.

He was up ahead!

Although Luo Yunyang didn't know what would happen, he could only press forward without looking back.

When he stepped on the 100-meter wide Sky Main Avenue, he suddenly saw a figure.

The figure stood even more upright than the pike by its side.

The moment Luo Yunyang saw this figure, its eyes turned to him. When their eyes met, Luo Yunyang felt a piercing feeling, as if someone was stabbing his heart.

This was the first time ever since he had become a telekinesis grandmaster that he was at a disadvantage.

Luo Yunyang felt as if he and Feng Yinglie were like two dueling fencers. As they glared at each other, he suddenly felt a shuddering thrill. His heart was beating like crazy!