Supreme Uprising Chapter 189

Chapter 189: The Thousand Wind-Splitting Strikes

"To think that the Nie Family managed to coax Feng Yinglie out! No one can compare to the family of a Martial God's disciple!" an old fellow in Shen'du lamented.

There was a number of others who felt rueful about exactly the same thing...

Although Feng Yinglie hadn't made a move in a long time, his name was still just as famous and shocking in Shen'du.

The Sky Vision, which had remained quiet for some time, started to bubble once again. Even martialists from the 17 Western Cities and the Free Cities started to ask martialists from Shen'du to think of ways to share videos on the Sky Vision.

What they were interested in wasn't Luo Yunyang, but Feng Yinglie.

What kind of person was this Feng Yinglie, who had remained on the 10th spot of the Sky List for 20 years? What would his methods and skills be like compared to the past?

Luo Yunyang watched Feng Yinglie gravely. He could sense a wild, explosive vibe coming from this man.

He was truly berserk!

Although Feng Yinglie had made a name for himself 20 years ago, the man before Luo Yunyang had smooth, fair skin and long hair that trailed over his shoulders. These characteristics, in combination with his clean, shaven face, gave him a majestic charm.

Luo Yunyang never paid much attention to appearances, yet when he saw the god-like Feng Yinglie, he couldn't help but feel some admiration for him deep down.

This was Feng Yinglie?

"I know who you are. You are the youngest martial grandmaster to ever make the Sky List!" Feng Yinglie clutched the pike in his hands tightly. The green pike was five meters tall, so it looked like it could prop up the sky when it was set on the ground.

Luo Yunyang watched Feng Yinglie as he inhaled and said faintly, "I've heard of you, too. You rank 10th on the Sky List!"

The two men fell into a strange silence after this exchange. They acted as though they were close friends that could understand each other without speaking.

However, the reason the two of them were silent wasn't because they had nothing to say, but because as soon as their eyes had met, they had come to a tacit understanding. Saying anything else would just be useless.

"Take my Wind-Splitting Strike called the Blowing Wind!" Feng Yinglie's pike moved as he spoke.

The Blowing Wind could create ripples in a pond!

As soon as this technique was used, Luo Yunyang felt a bizarre change in the air around him.

Although this change was much weaker than the effect of the God's Right Arm, it was fine and delicate, unlike the extremely crude power of the God's Right Arm.

On his way to Shen'du, Luo Yunyang had become a seasoned veteran of 100 battles. He had always felt in control of the situation, even during his fights with Master Scheler and the Shadow Killer. However, right now he felt like his hands were tied.

He could beat this technique, but if he did, the technique Feng Yinglie would follow up with would be even more difficult to deal with.

Although the pike was twirled around naturally, it actually contained countless variations.

The area around him was like a pond of still water, and Luo Yunyang found himself right in the middle of it.

When he saw the shadow of the pike rush over at him, Luo Yunyang made a decision. Although using his mind power would require less effort, he still decided to take the martial path.

This wasn't because of his respect for Feng Yinglie, or because he was pretentious. He just needed to improve through practice.

Although the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart was a supreme cultivation method, it was also a supreme combat method. The Heaven-Burning Dragon Fist and the Almighty Sky-Ripping Violent-Ape Move were both supreme combat techniques.

If he relied on Chi Hen's memories, Luo Yunyang could unleash these techniques in their optimal form.

However, without any actual combat experience, he would find it difficult to reach perfection.

His journey of slaughter on the way to Shen'du had made Luo Yunyang realize how tyrannical his opponents were. This was only the Nie Family after all. What if he had to face the supreme Martial God himself at some point?

The Martial God had not made a move in a long time, so the chances of him confronting Luo Yunyang himself over a descendant were really small. However, Luo Yunyang couldn't gamble his and his family's lives on the off-chance that the Martial God wouldn't do anything.

He also hadn't considered that he would have to face Feng Yinglie, yet the two of them were currently locked in combat on Sky Main Avenue.

Luo Yunyang used the Soaring Golden Dragon with his left hand and the Void-Cracking Ape with his right hand so he could attack Feng Yinglie with both fists. Thanks to these two Yin and Yang forces, Feng Yinglie's Blowing Wind Technique, which was similar to a God's Domain, was shattered.

There wasn't any anger on Feng Yinglie's face when his first technique was beaten. He actually looked kind of excited.

This was the excitement of a martialist who had met an equal opponent. It was the sort of excitement that stemmed from one's innermost feelings, an excitement that bubbled from one's very core.

"Take this then!" Feng Yinglie twirled the pike in his hands, forming countless pike shadows. In an instant, a raging gale covered the sky, making it impossible to differentiate between the humans and the wind.

Luo Yunyang used the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fist with his left arm and the Almighty Sky-Ripping Violent Ape with his right hand. The two contrasting powers gathered in his palms and formed two huge balls of gold and silver that pulverized every attack.

Thanks to the two men's powers, countless cracks appeared on Sky Main Avenue. A three-meter tall building instantly exploded due to the rippling shockwaves that the clash between those two produced.

Luo Yunyang rained strikes down on Feng Yinglie's dancing pike with his fists. Each time his fist struck, a crack would appear on Feng Yinglie's pike.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to stop this barrage, a long cut appeared below his ribs.

Although this wound wasn't a big deal for him, he was well aware of the danger he had been in.

If it hadn't been for his deft evading ability, if the powers of his Heaven-Burning Dragon Fist and Sky-Ripping Violent Ape hadn't coordinated so perfectly, if...

Under any other circumstances, this wound might have cost him his life.

Feng Yinglie stood as perfectly upright as ever, clutching the shuddering pike. However, a few strands of hair on his head now looked out of place. Although the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fist hadn't broken him, he did look as though he had just escaped from a collapsing cave.

"Ha ha ha! How delightful! I haven't fought like this in a long time. You were no disappointment indeed!" Feng Yinglie gazed at Luo Yunyang as he lamented sincerely. "I dare say that I'm not sure if I would have been your match 20 years ago! Unfortunately, the Feng Yinglie you have met today has 20 years of experience!"

While he spoke, an increasing boundless aura emanated from his body, causing some spectators to feel a subconscious submissive impulse.

It seemed like the man standing before Luo Yunyang was no longer Feng Yinglie, but a god. An omnipresent, mighty god!

Luo Yunyang watched Feng Yinglie attentively as he said in an annoyed manner, "You talk too much nonsense! You are like a chattering woman! If you want to fight, then let's just fight!"