Supreme Uprising Chapter 19

Chapter 19


“You sure can eat, Yunyang!” Gu Qianqian found the sight of Luo Yunyang wolfing down food funny. She was actually in awe of this talented young man.

Luo Yunyang stuffed an energy bar into his mouth and devoured it in an instant. He didn’t know how he was able to absorb energy that fast, but this hunger gave him the urge to keep eating indefinitely.

“I am really hungry, Sister Qianqian. I should be full after I eat this!”

Luo Yunyang waved around the energy bar in his hand without even bothering to look up.

After swallowing a grade-four energy bar that weighed at least 5 kilos, he finally exhaled.

“Come on, let’s train a little. Let’s see how much you have improved!” Zhu Yan chuckled. He had waited for Luo Yunyang to finish eating before bringing this up.

Luo Yunyang felt his entire body coursing with energy. He had really wanted to find someone to practise with, so Zhu Yan’s suggestion had hit the mark.

Zhu Yan led the way to a small military drilling ground.

There was strength-testing equipment there, as well as training equipment, such as barbells. There were also soldiers of the Rising Dragon Army in sleeveless clothes.

A flurry of excited wolf whistles suddenly rang out. Ladies, especially pretty ones, were always a source of joy for men. A few Rising Dragon Army soldiers, who had been in the middle of training, flashed smiles at Gu Qianqian.

“Old Zhu! Long time no see!”

“F*cking Old Zhu! He only brings the sister-in-law over now. Hi, sister-in-law. I’m Liu Erleng. When will you introduce a girl to me?”

“You already have a potential girlfriend. Why would you need another one? If you are introducing people, you should pick someone like me!”

Zhu Yan laughed as he exchanged greetings with a few familiar comrades and fistbumps with a muscular chap.

Gu Qianqian, who had long gotten used to these sort of crude greetings, took the initiative to tease a few more bashful soldiers.

“Who is this young fella, Old Zhu? Did your father give you a new brother?” the muscular man said with a laugh.

Zhu Yan, who was clearly immune to these jokes, tilted his head towards Luo Yunyang. “This is Luo Yunyang. He has passed the Rising Dragon Army’s elite class assessment. You will all be calling him sir in the future!”


This startled the soldiers of the Rising Dragon Army. Although they didn’t have a military rank, judging by their appearance, they were all as tough as nails.

“He he… He must have exceptional ability to be able to enter the Rising Dragon Army’s elite class. Would you like to spar with me first? I won’t use one of my hands.”

“I won’t use two!” someone else shouted.

“I won’t use three!”

The chap who said this received a flurry of abuse. Everyone around started heckling him.

Luo Yunyang found this boisterous atmosphere enjoyable. He didn’t feel unfamiliar with this sort of situation.

Zhu Yan didn’t speak. He only turned to Luo Yunyang to see what he would decide.

When he saw that Zhu Yan wasn’t going to speak up, Luo Yunyang turned to the soldier who had suggested fighting without three hands.

The soldier, who had coarse hands, gave off a tough vibe. However, Luo Yunyang felt that his strength couldn’t be compared to his.

“Are you certain that you want to give me a three-hand handicap?” he asked him gleefully. “Then show me your remaining hand!”

Luo Yunyang’s joke caused a round of laughter to break out. The three-handed soldier looked embarrassed. “Damn it, I said the wrong thing! Alright, boy. I will take you on with just one foot. Come on, let’s fight for one round!”

Luo Yunyang didn’t agree right away. Instead, he glanced at the practise board before walking over.


A fist was smashed heavily into the practise target. Luo Yunyang had casually struck this blow without really trying to do anything extravagant.

“3,805 kilos!” the mechanical voice said abruptly. The soldiers were dumbfounded when they heard this.

One particular soldier, who had been training with a 50-kilo barbell, dropped it on the ground, nearly crushing his foot in the process.

Zhu Yan was flabbergasted. He had known that Luo Yunyang would definitely experience significant improvement in his strength, but this result shocked him to his core.

It was close to 4,000 kilos!

Based on his strength alone, Luo Yunyang had already achieved what only top martialists were able to do.

He also knew that Luo Yunyang, who had been cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, was still at the third diagram, the Tail-Swaying Storm Dragon.

There were three more diagrams for him to cultivate. What sort of level would Luo Yunyang’s strength rise to?

“What the f*ck! This isn’t right!” The burly guy who had said that he would take on Luo Yunyang without three hands went up to the practise target fast and struck it.

“2,006 kilos!”

The figure made the guy’s expression become even grimmer. He glanced at Luo Yunyang for a bit before muttering, “This isn’t right!”

“You lost, Old Tie!” Some soldiers hooted in delight as they rushed over to the burly guy.

The burly guy laughed and looked at Luo Yunyang’s body. “Your strength isn’t bad, kid, but when it comes to combat, you just aren’t there yet. Watch my leg!”

As he spoke, the burly guy swang his leg hard towards Luo Yunyang.

His kick was simple, yet fast. So fast actually that, although Luo Yunyang could see where it was going to land, he couldn’t think of any way to fight back.

All he could do was dodge it.

The soldier called Old Tie seemed to have predicted that Luo Yunyang would dodge. His leg, which was still swinging frantically like a serpent, seeked out Luo Yunyang once more.

Zhu Yan and the others watched Old Tie make his move quietly. No one said anything or shouted a warning at Luo Yuyang.

To them, this was nothing more than a simple sparring session.

Of course, if they wanted someone to win, that would be Old Tie. He was one of their own after all.

This much fighting was already enough.

Old Tie’s leg was like a sharp axe sweeping everything in its path.

Luo Yunyang kept dodging it. Apparently, the only thing he could do now was dodge. What surprised the experienced soldiers was that every time they thought Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be able to dodge, he still managed to avoid the leg again.

“The boy’s combat intelligence isn’t bad!” A man with a ruthless face walked up to Zhu Yan and helped himself to a cigarette from Zhu Yan’s pocket.

A respectful smile formed on Zhu Yan’s face when he saw the man. “Do you think he could beat Old Tie, sir?”

“What do you think? You know how many battles Old Tie has fought. The battle scars on his body outnumber this young man’s body hair.” The man exhaled a plume of smoke before he said decisively, “Old Tie will kick him out in the next 10 moves.”

Zhu Yan didn’t think Luo Yunyang had a big chance of winning anymore, but he believed that he wouldn’t be defeated that quickly.

Luo Yunyang was under extreme pressure. Every time he saw Old Tie move, all he could do was dodge.

He saw his leg too late, so his reaction was too slow!

What could he do? While they fought, Luo Yunyang started becoming calmer and clamer, until his mind finally started to work. If he couldn’t react in time, then it was probably his mind’s fault…

Luo Yunyang made the decision to adjust his Mind Attribute. By doing so, he would be able to observe Old Tie’s moves faster.

However, his Power could not be too low while they fought, so Luo Yunyang reduced his Constitution by 50% and added the points to his Mind Attribute.

Power: 7.8

Speed: 2.0

Mind: 6.8

Constitution: 5

After these changes, Luo Yunyang felt his surroundings become much clearer. When Old Tie’s legs moved, Luo Yunyang could see their trajectory in his mind.

Plus, Old Tie’s legs didn’t seem as fast as they did before. Actually, Luo Yunyang felt that they were a little slow now.


Luo Yunyang threw out a Nanshan Punch!

This move was his most basic punching technique. He had been practising it for years, so his mastery over it had been like a walk in the park.

The man with the ruthless face grinned when Luo Yunyang made his move, but when Old Tie’s leg crashed into Luo Yunyang’s fist, his expression changed again.

As expected, Old Tie was sent flying by Luo Yunyang’s fist. While he fell, his legs were still vibrating wildly.

“Old Tie is at a disadvantage!” The bunch of rowdy men roared with laughter.

“That’s not bad, boy! Let’s go again!” Old Tie leapt up and sent his leg flying at Luo Yunyang once again.

He used the same leg once more. Given the circumstances, Luo Yunyang raised his fist and threw another Nanshan punch.


There was a sound of heavy impact as Old Tie was sent flying. When he landed, he knelt down on the ground.

The rowdy Rising Dragon Army soldiers shut their mouths. They had wanted to see Old Tie beat this kid. They had not expected that he would actually be at a disadvantage.

Soldiers could be at a disadvantage sometimes. However, the opponent putting Old Tie in this position made it harder for them to accept it.

“Watch my fist, boy!” Old Tie hesitated for a bit. His entire body was like a leopard’s as he punched Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didn’t see Old Tie’s move, but his Mind Attribute was now at 6.8, so his opponent seemed to be moving in slow motion.

Old Tie launched a flurry of over 10 punches, but all of them hit the air. His final punch was met by Luo Yunyang’s fist.

Old Tie looked slightly embarrassed. He had used his legs, his fists He had even used his own head! His attacks had been like a torrential storm, but Luo Yunyang was as firm as a mountain. He had fought back his every move.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Luo Yunyang’s fist shot out and struck Old Tie on the shoulder hard, sending him crashing to the ground.

Luo Yunyang had controlled half of his strength, so Old Tie didn’t suffer any serious injuries. As he lay there looking at Luo Yunyang, his expression had a glimmer of dread to it.

“That was really sick!”