Supreme Uprising Chapter 190

Chapter 190: The Tempest-Starting, Cloud-Rising Strike

As Feng Yinglie stood even straighter, a faint sparkling glow appeared on his long pike, which was riddled with scorch marks from Luo Yunyang's strikes.

Luo Yunyang's eyes narrowed slightly. Using these techniques of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart a moment ago had made him feel carefree and wild.

Thanks to this sensation, Luo Yunyang felt like he had distanced himself from Chi Hen's understanding of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

The combination of the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists and the Almighty Sky-Ripping Violent Ape Move had been perfect.

Although Feng Yinglie had said that this could only have compared to his standards 20 years ago, Luo Yunyang wanted to tell him that this used to be his level a few days ago.

His integration of the two essence flames had already allowed his power to reach a whole new level second only to the god-grade level.

The pike in Feng Yinglie's hands flourished once again. However, the wind it produced this time was much wilder.

An unrestrained gale gathered at the tip of Feng Yinglie's pike. Luo Yunyang also noticed something within the raging gale that couldn't belong to Feng Yinglie.


Every person's source core attribute was supposed to be fixed. For example, Feng Yinglie's source core had already been determined to be a wind-based source core many years ago. Thus, according to common belief, even if he progressed in the future, he would only improve on his wind-based source core.

The intent of the wind was its inexhaustible variations, so there had to be many paths that Feng Yinglie could choose from.

However, Feng Yinglie's twirling pike seemed to carry a boundless, frenzied wind power. A cloud had suddenly appeared within this wind power.

A large cloud that was combined with the wind on the pike!

This strange variation made Feng Yinglie's aura intensify by 10, 20, even 100 times...

"This is the Tempest-Starting, Cloud-Rising Strike!" Feng Yinglie's voice reverberated all around them majestically.

Violent squalls and rolling clouds suddenly surged across the sky!

Luo Yunyang's eyes sparkled faintly as he watched Feng Yinglie unleash this strike that combined wind and clouds. He brandished his left palm once again.

If the purpose of their previous exchange had been that Luo Yunyang increase his control over the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, then now would be the moment that the outcome of this battle would be decided.

This outcome would also determine whether they would live or die!

Although the Mind Sword was a decent choice, using it now would be too dangerous.

While it could kill Feng Yinglie, that pike of raging wind and clouds could cause Luo Yunyang to experience a violent death.

Therefore, he used the Sun-Piercing Eternal Dragon Move of the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists instead!

Compared to the Nine Sun-Shattering Dragons, the Sun-Piercing Eternal Dragon Move was the most incisive strike of the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists.

It was sharp indeed.

The power formed a cohesive unit and converged to a small point before breaking all defences in every direction!

Back when he had faced Scheler's God's Right Arm, Luo Yunyang had chosen to use the Nine Sun-Shattering Dragons. However, this time he had chosen to use the Sun-Piercing Eternal Dragon Move of the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists instead.

After adjusting his Fire Attribute to 3,200 points, which was the max, Luo Yunyang took to the sky and unleashed the Sun-Piercing Eternal Dragon Move.

In an instant, surging reddish-gold flames enveloped him like a long golden-red dragon and rushed straight at Feng Yinglie's pike.

The huge sphere of the Tempest-Starting, Cloud-Rising Strike was frantically absorbing energy from all around it. The pike's strike had a mysterious, amplified power.

Although this combination of clouds and wind didn't form a God's Domain, the marvel within it was in no way inferior to a God's Domain.

In the heart of Shen'du, a large screen was broadcasting the duel between Luo Yunyang and Feng Yinglie. Several old men with snow-white hair were nervously watching the furious exchange.

A golden-red flame dragon surged through the sky, colliding with the huge sphere of wind and clouds.

The power all around it culminated into a bright golden light that spilled everywhere.

For a moment, nothing but that brightness could be seen on the screen.

Although the old men were calm and silent, their eyes were glued to the screen.

It was so quiet inside the room that one could even hear a pin drop!

On Sky Main Avenue, the Sky High Tiger King and the Sky High Bear King stood shoulder to shoulder on the roof of a tall building two kilometers away. The two men watched with unblinking eyes the battle in front of them and the huge ball of source power that had been created.

10 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters...

The area in a 200-meter radius was already congested with Luo Yunyang's and Feng Yinglie's source power, so the Tiger King and the Bear King couldn't see anything.

"When did Luo Yunyang become so powerful? If he had displayed this sort of strength last time, he would even have beaten me!" Although the Sky High Tiger King was proud, right now he felt terrified.

The Sky High Bear King mocked him without restraint. "You weren't his match in the first place, so if he had this sort of power back then, I'm afraid you wouldn't be standing beside me right now!"

The Sky High Tiger King usually loved to bicker with the Sky High Bear King, yet he uncharacteristically didn't retort this time.

The Sky High Bear King noticed his old pal's dispirited expression. He knew that the Sky High Tiger King had been berated by Luo Yunyang, so he now bore a grudge and wanted to pay him back. Judging by Luo Yunyang's present power though, it seemed like he would never get a chance to fulfill his desire.

As he thought about this, the Sky High Bear King felt a little disturbed. "There are just some people who are naturally stronger than others. Don't take this to heart," he advised his friend hurriedly.

The Sky High Tiger King shook his head. "After this battle, he..."

Just as the Sky High Tiger King was about to say something, the shrinking ball of wind and clouds in the air exploded and Feng Yinglie was sent flying violently.

The pike in his hands snapped as he was blown back.

One could imagine how strong this pike was if Feng Yinglie used it as a weapon. However, it was still broken.

Feng Yinglie started retreating quickly. Luo Yunyang no longer had the flame dragon around him, yet he was currently the one in pursuit.

He appeared unhurt as he held an ancient spear in his hands. This spear was the God Slayer, which had been strapped to his back the whole time.

Luo Yunyang raised the spear flatly. It was already filled with the power of frigid ice and intense fire, even though the two energies within his body had already started to weaken as a result of his earlier exchange with Feng Yinglie.

However, Feng Yinglie did not seem like his previous self anymore. If Luo Yunyang wanted to, the man would just end up dead.

Feng Yinglie stopped retreating. He had already sensed that his life was in danger, so he decided to face Luo Yunyang's Sky-Shattering Spear calmly.

The God Slayer flew out of Luo Yunyang's hand as soon as Feng Yinglie stopped.

Although Feng Yinglie had a calm expression on his face, the countless people watching the battle shut their eyes.

Feng Yinglie was a rare genius among the 13 Eastern Cities, so it would be a real pity if he died this way.


Suddenly, a loud crashing sound reverberated around the area. On the screen, one could see the big main doors of the Nie Household, which had been shattered by the God Slayer!