Supreme Uprising Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Murder On The Doorstep

Nie Yunxin's face twitched as he watched the main doors come apart with a loud bang.

Although he had known that Luo Yunyang was heading to Shen'du right from the start, this entire matter had seemed too distant to him and most members of the Nie Family.

Even if that son of a b*tch was strong, he would never be able to touch the Nie Family!

Nie Yunxin wasn't the only one having these thoughts. Many other members of the Nie Family believed that their family was a pillar that held up the skies and would protect them from all sorts of trials and hardships.

However, the main doors of the family's home in Shen'du had just been blasted to pieces.

This was really humiliating, yet it was somehow even more astonishing!

Feng Yinglie glanced at the shattered doors. If that spear hadn't struck the Nie Family's main doors, then he would have been shattered to pieces instead.

Although he had lost, he felt no regret in his heart. He actually even felt a vague sense of excitement.

This excitement, which had been suppressed for many years, had finally been released!

Feng Yinglie didn't pay any attention to the people rushing out of the main doors. Instead, he cupped his hands in salute towards Luo Yunyang before he turned around to leave.

He had done what he was supposed to do. Now, he and the Nie Family were even.

"This is too much!" A roaring voice resounded from the entrance of the Nie Household. The voice belonged to an old man with white hair and a beard.

The old man jabbed a finger at Luo Yunyang and yelled, "You evil creature! How dare you destroy our family's home! I will not let you leave Shen'du alive today! Men, get my card! Go find Shi Tiaochen and get him over here. He needs to capture and interrogate this evil creature. I would like to see who actually dared target our family!"

Nie Yunxin shook his head. He had never expected that his great uncle, who hadn't cared about their family affairs in a long time, would come forward now.

His great uncle had had a tyrannical presence in Shen'du for a few decades and done many hateful things, yet nobody had dared offend him because of the Nie Family.

Back in the day, he had been the strongest young man in Shen'du.

As Nie Yunxing contemplated whether to drag his great uncle away, he suddenly saw his father stare icily down at everyone from a high platform.

When he noticed his ice-cold expression, Nie Yunxing immediately understood. Although this understanding made him feel a little uncomfortable, he was well aware that he wouldn't dare make a move given the circumstances.

He was his father's son after all. Blood was thicker than water.

His father held the authority of the entire Nie Family in his hands, so if Nie Yunxin made him unhappy, he would have to face the consequences.

As these thoughts flashed through his mind, Nie Yunxin kept his mouth tightly shut. He suddenly seemed to have understood something.

A few Nie Family servants came rushing out as well, each of them staring at Luo Yunyang as they shook in fear.

Luo Yunyang stared at the Nie Family elder, who was gesticulating wildly. Suddenly, he had a flash of understanding. He immediately started to think about many other things.

Luo Yunyang wouldn't hesitate to behead this man, but he wasn't willing to let the hiding man get what he wanted.

"Nie Tianyuan! You son of a b*tch! You have tarnished our ancestors' reputation. Even if I die, I will never forgive you, you disrespectful bastard!" the old man suddenly howled.

"Open your eyes, ancestors! Take a good look at our family and see how this ancestor-forsaking bastard ruined it! Forgive me for not keeping this murderous bastard in check, ancestors. I know that he killed his own brother, but I'm already at death's door!"

As he wailed, the Nie Family's great-uncle rushed towards a stone lion frantically.

In the blink of an eye, the stone lion was dyed red.

The Nie Family servants all stood in a daze, unable to describe what they were feeling.

It seemed like they had been let in on a secret they weren't supposed to hear. Their family head still had an elder brother.

Nie Tianyuan's hands were shaking. During Luo Yunyang's intense battle with Feng Yinglie, he had arranged for his great-uncle to go over and buy them some time. Hopefully, he would make Luo Yunyang feel uneasy and leave.

Even if he was slain by Luo Yunyang, it wouldn't be much of a loss for Nie Tianyuan. On the contrary, his great-uncle's death would wake up all the important big shots of Shen'du.

However, he hadn't expected that his shrewd scheme wouldn't work out.

Using a Mind Control Technique wasn't very difficult for a top-notch telekinesis master. How could he forget this?

Nie Tianyuan felt a shiver as he saw Luo Yunyang gaze at him.

As a large family living in Shen'du, the Nie Family included quite a number of powerhouses. However, right now, they were all cowering like quails at the sound of thunder, not even daring to budge an inch.

Luo Yunyang clasped his hands behind his back and walked straight into the Nie Household without facing any resistance.

The practice ground was the size of at least 10 football fields. In Shen'du, land was considered extremely precious, so an ordinary elite martialist would need to struggle for an entire lifetime to even buy a small room.

All sorts of weapons were on display in a neat array, showing the Nie Family's glory, reputation and pride.

Luo Yunyang strolled on the quiet path with his hands clasped behind his back.

"You are trespassing on private property, Luo Yunyang. Are you trying to break the laws of the Da Alliance?" Nie Tianyuan said as he walked out of the other end of the practice ground. His tone made him sound as if he were a righteous man.

Who was he to speak about laws?

Luo Yunyang stared at Nie Tianyuan with a sneer. Some people were just utterly shameless. They conducted shady business behind the scenes, yet they talked openly about laws.

The Nie Family's head was actually talking to him about laws with a deadpan expression!

"This lawless fellow is a disgrace to the Da Alliance. I suggest that we immediately ask the Koi Guard to arrest him!" a middle-aged man in his 40s suggested rather loudly.

His tone kept rising until it sounded like he was lashing out.

Although Luo Yunyang didn't recognize the middle-aged man, he was still annoyed by his behavior. He slowly took an unhurried step towards him and suppressed him with his majestic might.

As a telekinesis grandmaster, Luo Yunyang only needed to think about it for his force to become as powerful as a crushing mountain's.

The middle-aged man didn't have a chance to react. He immediately fell to the floor and died.

He died soundlessly, even though Luo Yunyang had not even raised a hand!

When the Nie Family's head had stepped forward and talked about laws, it had seemed as though a wave of energy had poured into the young Nie Family disciples. However, when they saw the middle-aged man collapse, the fear in their hearts intensified and their breathing became even more hurried.

Even Nie Tianyuan's face had turned slightly pale now!

He had suddenly realized how helpless he was!