Supreme Uprising Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Admitting Defeat

Luo Yunyang had used telekinesis to kill silently and wordlessly.

Nie Tianyuan felt a pang in his heart as he gazed at his dead aide. His heart and abdomen felt as though they were on fire, his mouth felt dry and his throat felt parched. Ever since he had become a martial grandmaster and his younger brother had become a Martial God's disciple, no one had ever treated him this way.

Even the fellows that wielded power in the 13 Eastern Cities would smile and act courteously whenever they saw him.

However, someone had just murdered his trusted aide right in front of him.

His great uncle's death might have been a little less obvious, but the middle-aged man's cause of death was clear. Luo Yunyang hadn't found him pleasant to the eye, so he had just killed him!

What was even more repulsive was that Luo Yunyang had a smug look on his face and exuded the air of a ruffian. He acted as he wished, as if he was in a position of power. He made it seem like the fate of every member of the Nie Family lay in his hands, so he could do whatever he wished with it.

Nie Tianyuan had been humiliated in front of numerous people. His dignity had been trampled over completely!

However, he didn't dare make a move. Deep down, he knew that the difference between him and Feng Yinglie was really big. Feng Yinglie had been his final weapon. Luo Yunyang had beaten him, so if he faced Luo Yunyang himself, he would definitely die.

He didn't wish to die, nor could he afford to!

Thus, he forcibly quelled the fires burning in his chest, cupped his fist with his other hand and said, "Mr... Mr. Luo, the Nie Family admits its defeat. If you need anything, we will not try to stop you from getting it."

As he said this, Nie Tianyuan's face twitched. He felt as though a large rock had been dropped on his heart. He had been under too much pressure during the past few days. Although he had been brimming with confidence just a while ago, he now felt like his heart was dead.

If he admitted defeat, then he would be absolved. He wouldn't have to face the tyrannical Luo Yunyang, he wouldn't need to bear his wrath, he wouldn't need to...

The other members of the Nie Family standing around and watching were thunderstruck when they heard him admit defeat.

This was the Nie Family after all!

Even the Eight Armies and the Three Guards humored them to a certain extent. How could their family actually lower its head before one person?

Although this was an incomparable humiliation, nobody said a single word. That man's military accomplishments and killing ability made everyone shiver.

They would wait for their third uncle to return and take revenge. Waiting 10 years for revenge wasn't that difficult after all!

Some members of the younger generation of the Nie Family were gritting their teeth, others were clenching their fists, and a lot of them were imagining a scenario where the Nie Family rose to the top once more.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Nie Tianyuan and Nie Yunxin before his eyes landed on an old man.

He no longer remembered that old man's name, because it wasn't important to him anymore.

Back when he had acquired the Golden Body Fluid, this man had handed it over as though he had all the authority in the world.

When the old man felt Luo Yunyang's gaze, his body started shuddering violently.

His status within the Nie Family wasn't high, so if Luo Yunyang tried to kill him, he feared that no one would speak out on his behalf.

As he prayed inwardly to the gods that Luo Yunyang would stop gazing at him, Luo Yunyang walked over.

"Long time no see. I hope you are doing well!" he said.

The old man gritted his teeth so hard that he felt like they were going to drop. This was the first time in his entire life that he felt that he absolutely had to say something. If he didn't say anything, he feared that he wouldn't get the chance to speak ever again.

However, his mind was in complete chaos. He really didn't know what to say.

"Luo Yunyang, you... You mustn't..."

As the old man stuttered, a killing intent flashed across Luo Yunyang's eyes. The old man felt as though his head was suddenly crushed by thousands of kilos.

In an instant, his vision went dark and all his memories disappeared without a trace.

Nie Tianyuan bit his lip tightly, forcing himself to maintain his composure. He couldn't let himself show the slightest bit of hostility.

If one wanted to achieve something, they would always find a way!

"The Nie Family is just going to admit defeat? Just like this?" Luo Yunyang asked calmly.

Nie Tianyuan had never expected him to talk like this after soundlessly killing a person. He knew that, after admitting defeat, he would have to face an immense humiliation.

However, he hadn't expected that Luo Yunyang would ask for a yard after being given an inch. Apparently, he wasn't going to let the Nie Family save even the slightest bit of dignity.

"Stop bullying others, Luo Yunyang! Our family has already conceded. What more do you want?" a young man with an arrogant face said as he suddenly leapt out and pointed at Luo Yunyang. "Our third uncle is still the disciple of a Martial God. Don't you forget that!"

Crash! The young man fell to the ground without a warning. Fresh blood was now dripping out of the corner of his mouth.

He was an ordinary martial master, so his mind power was too weak to resist the power of a telekinesis grandmaster.

Nie Yunxin was trembling violently. He had half a mind to muster all his courage and step out, but there was a small voice inside that told him that Luo Yunyang was already bloodthirsty.

If he said anything, he would just be courting death.

"Mr. Luo, the Nie Family concedes!" Nie Tianyuan bowed down slowly during this deadly silence.

Every member of the Nie Family felt like the sky was collapsing. They had thought that they would just kill Luo Yunyang and get this over with.

He had killed Nie Xin and offended their family, so he clearly had a death wish. As long as the head of the family was willing, they could use thousands of means to get rid of him and any people related to him.

Four martial grandmasters had already been mobilized back at the Wind-Rain Crossing, and an entire group of grandmasters had set out to assassinate him at the Long Snake Ridge.

These influential individuals had all fought under the banner of the Nie Family. Luo Yunyang was just an ant that was supposed to be crushed under the wheels of the Nie Family's vehicle.

"Our family is willing to compensate Luo Yunyang with 100 billion dayuan, 15 Six-Star Soul Fruits and three boxes of treasure."

Nie Tianyuan met Luo Yunyang's gaze as he said solemnly, "As a way to show that the Nie Family does not intend on becoming enemies with Mr. Luo, I am willing to send two of my daughters to wait on him!"

As he said this, two beautiful young girls in flowing white dresses scowled. They had always been beloved among their family. How could they suddenly lead an ordinary life?

They had never expected that their own father would treat them as commodities and give them away without even thinking about it twice!

This sudden drop in elevation was hard to believe for the two of them.

However, ruthlessness was a sort of strategy. They had to be just as ruthless with themselves as they were with their enemies. Nie Yunxin stared at his father as he tried to analyze what he had just said.

In the past, he had barely been able to read between the lines, but now he had a much deeper understanding.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang's voice rang out next to his ear. "Okay, but I still want your life!"