Supreme Uprising Chapter 194

Chapter 194 The Second Spot On The Sky List

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Early in the morning, at an ancient castle within the jurisdiction of the 17 Western Cities, a skinny girl was wandering around the grounds slowly.

The girl’s hands were behind her back as she strolled leisurely. As she walked unhurriedly, she suddenly bent down gently and picked a rose glistening with dew.

The flower was very beautiful, but the girl’s appearance was clearly incompatible with it.

In the garden were more than 10 servants, each of them watching the girl respectfully, not daring to utter a single word.

“Congratulations on your breakthrough, Miss Alice!” a high-spirited, elegant man congratulated the girl as he walked up to her.

Alice nodded her head. She just clutched the rose without saying a word.

“Thanks to your current breakthrough, you are now considered the 17 Western Cities’ youngest martial grandmaster ever. If I remember correctly, your breakthrough must have even broken the record of the Martial God of the 13 Eastern Cities.”

Alice, who was obviously immune to this sort of vehement flattery, waved her hands dismissively and said, “Enough. There is still a big difference between me and the Martial God. Tell me about what’s happened recently. Has Luo Yunyang become a martial grandmaster yet?”

The man with the graceful demeanor smiled. “How could he achieve this that fast? Not everyone has the innate talent you do, nor are they willing to work as hard! As far as I know, you are the quickest.”

“Today is the day the Sky List will be refreshed. The people who update it are supposed to be the most well-informed. I wonder if they know about your breakthrough yet. If they have been informed, you will definitely be on the list!”

The Divine, Sky and Earth Lists were important for a great number of martialists. Even Alice paid a lot of attention to them.

In the past, Alice had ranked 7th on the Earth List. yet now that she had ascended to the realm of grandmasters, her position would naturally no longer be the same.

Opening her apertures and allowing her source core to link with the sky and earth had both increased her strength considerably and helped her make huge spiritual progress.

“Fetch a computer.”

A laptop was brought over quickly. The webpage had already been opened for Alice.

Alice didn’t check the top of the Sky List. Instead, she scrolled down to the bottom.

Even if she ascended to the Sky List, she would only be at the bottom of the list. Although she might be a disciple of Murat, any grandmaster that was able to climb to the Sky List was no ordinary person.

No. 319th!

Alice was rather satisfied with her ranking. When she saw that there were still more than 20 names below hers, a faint grin appeared at the corner of her lips.

She recognized some of the names on the list. When she had faced these people in the past, Alice had had to treat them respectfully, despite her status.

A grandmaster needed to be shown the respect they deserved after all.

However, everything was different now. Alice was also a grandmaster.

Was Luo Yunyang on the Sky List as well? This question popped up in Alice’s mind like a runaway horse that had thrown off its rider and started galloping away recklessly.

Ever since their battle, that powerful young man had remained deep in Alice’s thoughts.

Luo Yunyang would probably rank first on the Earth List. Although checking the Earth List would be very simple, Alice didn’t do so. She just browsed through the names on the Sky List, trying to find Luo Yunyang’s name.

His name was not below hers.

Luo Yunyang’s name wasn’t among the 300 names above hers on the Earth List either!

When she saw this, Alice felt much more relaxed. She had been special ever since she had been born, yet even though she had entered the grandmaster realm, she only ranked 319th. Luo Yunyang wasn’t stronger than her, but even if he was, it wouldn’t be by much.

Actually, there was a rather considerable gap between every position on the Sky List. Usually, a distance of 20 places would be due to a combination of factors.

If Luo Yunyang wasn’t on the Sky List, then that could only mean that he was still languishing on the Earth List.

Alice felt pleased at the thought that she had entered the grandmaster realm before Luo Yunyang. She didn’t know why she cared about this young man so much.

The man waiting on her had an apathetic expression on his face. When he saw Alice browsing through the lists, he immediately realized what her intention was. The man wouldn’t expose it, though. If he wanted to be a trusted aide, then providing his master with information right away was enough. However, if he wanted to get on her good side, then he had to learn when to keep his mouth shut.

After some casual browsing, Alice soon reached the end of the list.

“Bitter Cultivator Dika is at 8th place. How can this be? Wasn’t he 6th?” Alice’s face froze when she spotted a familiar name.

She was no stranger to Bitter Cultivator Dika. He was a follower of Unrivalled Warrior Johann and Johann’s favorite disciple.

He had been cultivating bitterly his entire life and been praised by Johann as someone who could surpass him. Alice was a disciple of Murat, so she naturally had to pay attention to the Bitter Cultivator.

She wouldn’t pay much heed if his ranking rose, as his position had always been rising on the Sky List.

However, his ranking had actually dropped by two places. What was this all about?

Alice quickly scrolled up and saw that the person occupying the 7th spot on the Sky List was her senior sister, the Bloody-Clothed Goddess Arena!

Her sister had ascended to the 6th spot a year ago. How could she be 7th now? Who had surpassed her?

If her sister saw this, she would…

Alice kept moving the mouse and proceeding up the list. She wanted to see exactly who the martial grandmaster who had rushed up the list was.

The person at 6th place was the master of the Great Snow Mountain called the Guardian Deity. This wasn’t unexpected. However, he had also dropped by two positions.

The person at 5th place was Feng Yinglie, who also came from the 13 Eastern Cities. However, he used to rank 10th on the list in the past.

Alice had been paying attention to Feng Yinglie, so she knew that he used to rank 10th. He hadn’t been active in 20 years, so his ranking on the Sky List hadn’t changed in 20 years either.

It was no wonder that he had rushed up the list!

No, something was wrong. There should have been three more people above the Guardian Deity on the list. Besides Feng Yinglie, there was also someone else who had improved.

At the 4th place on the Sky List was Kou Hangkong, Martial God Luo Kai’s most experienced disciple and the person with the highest probability of succeeding Luo Kai and becoming a god-grade entity in the 13 Eastern Cities.

He had actually been squeezed out of the 3th place on the list by someone else.

The 3rd spot was occupied by Divine Walker Engelkoch. Alice’s heart shuddered when she saw that familiar name. This man, whom she had viewed as a divine entity, had actually dropped a spot as well.

Although it was only one spot, this could be considered an extraordinary humiliation for him.

In the eyes of his supporters, this was something that simply wasn’t allowed to happen.

How could Divine Walker Engelkoch have dropped to 3rd place? How could there be a stronger grandmaster than him in the world?

Alice found it hard to maintain her composure. Her hands had already started trembling slightly.

“Luo Yunyang!” she said in astonishment as her hands trembled on the mouse. These two words sounded extremely familiar.