Supreme Uprising Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Getting Lost Completely

Luo Yunyang glared wordlessly at the Gu Family's uncle, who felt a wave of pressure radiate from his body.

This formless pressure caused the old man's body to start trembling. He wanted to resist, so he inwardly kept trying to egg himself on...

However, all his effort was pointless. Luo Yunyang, who was standing in front of him, scared him out of his mind. His fear pervaded the deepest parts of his heart like a snake hidden beneath his skin and flesh, sticking to his bones as it slowly slithered across his body. He suddenly felt his legs go weak and refuse to listen to his orders. He unconsciously started to bend down. No matter how much he tried to force himself to stand straight, he still couldn't help but kneel on the ground.

This kind of strength was able to crush one's will. That fellow was really scary, and his strength was extremely difficult to withstand.

"You... You are a grandmaster!"

The old man's teeth were chattering a little. As he yelled out, every male member of the Gu Family turned pale. They all convulsed in fear, as if they were at a loss.

Although there was no lack of grandmasters in that ancient martial family, each of them was even higher up that ladder. Grandmasters were simply trash compared to them!

In their eyes, Gu Qianqian was an object to be used at the right time. The fact that she was useful meant that they could do as they pleased and exploit her as they saw fit.

However, they had not expected that there would actually be a grandmaster-level entity at this plain wedding ceremony.

The high-ranking executive's face had turned red. Now he understood why this young man had just called them animals. He had received a scolding for no reason, yet no one would bicker with him about it. Grandmasters stood at the top of Chang'an City's social ladder.

Why would the consul's office offend a martial grandmaster over a subordinate like him? That would simply be a joke!

"Who cares if you are a martial grandmaster? Just let Gu Qianqian return to her family. This is the will of the Gu Family elders. You... You should back out now. The Gu Family will let bygones be bygones and act as if nothing has happened!"

The voice of the Gu Family's uncle suddenly turned somewhat fierce. "Otherwise, your entire family will be exterminated!"

The killing intent in Luo Yunyang's eyes intensified several times as he stared at the crazed old man. Then, he unleashed his telekinetic ability without hesitation, causing a wave of power to rush into the old man's source core.

The source core was the source of a martial master's power, so it was naturally extremely strong. However, the wave of Luo Yunyang's power shattered it immediately.

The instant his source core shattered, the old man crashed hard against the floor and lay there paralyzed. He looked like an old tree that had suddenly been hit by a snowstorm and left with only a few withered branches. His appearance and spirit were no longer as they had been in the past. From that day on, he would be reduced to an invalid.

Although this was a result of attending to his family's affairs, he knew all too well what the status of a handicapped person was within that ancient martial family. If nothing had happened to him, he would have been able to call the wind and summon the rain. However, now that he had become an invalid, the way the world treated him would be strange. People like him were not afraid of being used by others. They were only afraid of being useless!

"This isn't over!"

The younger members of the Gu Family were all scared sh*tless by this point. Although they were used to their overbearing, tyrannical ways, this sort of oppression made them want to hide away.

"Everyone break an arm and scram!" Luo Yunyang said in an indifferent tone as he watched the younger members of the Gu Family try to hide.

"You... Don't bully others like that!" a young man from the Gu Family said as he stepped forward. These words had barely left his mouth, when Luo Yunyang's fists smashed into his body.

The young man, who was unable to hold his own, was beaten to a cripple.

The other young members of the Gu Family stared at the sight before them in shock. They had never imagined that someone would treat them so roughly!

A young man brandished his fist and smashed it into his other arm. The sound of bones snapping immediately reverberated in everyone's ears.

"Sir, the Gu Family will concede this time. However, you did not tell us your name. We need to give our family a proper report when we return," said a delicate-looking young man with a cold expression in his eyes.

Luo Yunyang chuckled. "Very good. Daddy loves straightforward people! Listen up! I am Luo Yunyang, so if you have the guts, you can find me at the Rising Dragon Army. I will be shouldering the responsibility of this whole issue with Gu Qianqian!"

A disbelieving expression appeared on the young man's face. He believed that he had heard this name before, but he wasn't able to recall it immediately.

"Luo Yunyang? You are Luo Yunyang? You rank 2nd on the Sky List! My name is Gu Zai. I was in the wrong, but... Just because you hold the 2nd spot on the Sky List, it doesn't mean that you can do anything you want. Our ancient martial family won't leave this matter as is!" the paralyzed old man lying on the floor blurted out hysterically.

The entire Gu Family left, each person breaking an arm before leaving. Luo Yunyang had already dispelled his mind power. He had told them his name, so there was no longer any point in using this technique.

"Thank you, Brother!" Zhu Yan said sincerely as he walked over to Luo Yunyang. Although he didn't say anything else, everyone could understand what he was thinking.

If Luo Yunyang asked Zhu Yan to sacrifice his life for him, Zhu Yan would do it without hesitation. Gu Qianqian had already told him about the status of these ancient martial families, yet Luo Yunyang had shouldered the entire burden of this incident on his behalf.

"You should save any emotional words you want to say for Gu Qianqian!" Luo Yunyang teased Zhu Yan, punching him playfully on the shoulder with a laugh.

As soon as Luo Yunyang had revealed his true identity, the ladies of the Heaven Pass Corporation had surrounded him like bees around a pot of honey. They had all seen Luo Yunyang's performance in Mei'ya City, so they knew all about his abilities.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang had a huge headache!

At first, Xi Cunrong tried to act a bit more reserved. How could a goddess like her take the initiative and act friendly after all? Her superiority complex made her unwilling to walk over and fawn over Luo Yunyang. However, as she watched the number of girls flocking around Luo Yunyang increase, she couldn't remain unperturbed anymore.

Outstanding men were a scarce resource. Plus, Luo Yunyang's display had caused the Gu Family to call him a grandmaster. That young man's aura made Xi Cunrong's eyes flutter. Suddenly, she felt as if a small blaze had started to flicker within her heart.

The rest of the wedding procession went smoothly. When it ended, Luo Yunyang took the hand of his extremely excited little sister and walked home, feeling a little exhausted.

Judging by his Constitution, he could even fight off two or three martial grandmasters without a problem. However, he had still been unable to withstand the throngs of passionate female guests at the wedding.

If Luo Yunyang hadn't used an intimidation technique at the end, he wouldn't have been able to get away.

He had just handed over Dong'er to his mother Shen Yunying and was about to get some rest, when his communication device suddenly rang.

It was Lu Qubing!

When he saw the name displayed on the device, Luo Yunyang raised his eyebrows slightly and answered the call. "Viceroy!"

Luo Yunyang felt a deep respect for Lu Qubing.

"Kid, I heard that you did a good deed that made everyone happy. Ha ha ha!" Lu Qubing teased him.

Luo Yunyang chuckled faintly. "Some people were being too overbearing, so someone had to teach them a lesson."

Lu Qubing laughed. "Ancient martial families and sects have been looking down on the Da Alliance more and more these days and becoming increasingly overbearing in certain areas. The former Blood Strike Guard Commissar died mysteriously right after offending them. Some people have been suggesting that you should become the next Blood Strike Guard Commissar. Do you think you have the guts for it?"

"If it's meant to be, it will be. When have I ever been afraid of anything?" Luo Yunyang said without thinking as he recalled that day's events.