Supreme Uprising Chapter 199

Chapter 199: The Blood Strike Guard Commissar

The Eight Armies and Three Guards were practically the Da Alliance's strongest forces in the 13 Eastern Cities. These forces stood towering over a great number of dire beasts and guarded the 13 Eastern Cities.

The commanders of the Eight Armies were called Viceroys. Each Viceroy possessed so much power in the 13 Eastern Cities that they could even make the earth tremble beneath their feet.

Although the Three Guards were slightly weaker, they were in charge of the internal order of the 13 Eastern Cities. For example, Shi Tiaochen, who belonged to the Koi Guard, was a figure a lot of people feared. The commanders of the Three Guards were called Commissars.

Both the leaders of the Eight Armies and the Three Guards were considered very powerful.

Therefore, if Luo Yunyang became the Blood Strike Guard Commissar, he would become a big shot in the 13 Eastern Cities, perhaps even the entire Da Alliance.

The Koi Guard was in charge of maintaining order in the Da Alliance, the Flood Dragon Guard was in charge of its defence, and the Blood Strike Guard was responsible for handling matters related to the various ancient martial families and influential sects.

To put it simply, the Blood Strike Guard was the only organization in the 13 Eastern Cities that suppressed those influential sects and families.

The Blood Strike Guard Commissar had to be a grandmaster. If a grandmaster had died in such an unexpected, mysterious way, one could imagine how unreasonable those powerful ancient families and influential sects had become.

Luo Yunyang ended the call. The incident at Zhu Yan's wedding earlier that day was still fresh in his mind. If he hadn't been there, Zhu Yan's wedding would have probably been halted by force.

Zhu Yan might even have died!

Although this was the first time Luo Yunyang had seen or heard of the Gu Family, the extremely aggressive way that they had acted had showed him the tyrannical ways of these ancient martial families.

This wasn't just any ordinary tyranny!

Deep down, Luo Yunyang had never intended on saving the world by himself. However, although he wasn't anyone's savior, he at least knew how to conduct himself with integrity.

Even though being the Blood Strike Guard Commissar would be dangerous, if he occupied this position, he would have some power that would truly belong to him.

A big shot needed to have both the god-like strength to suppress everyone else and a huge team to support them.

As these thoughts revolved around his mind, Luo Yunyang retrieved a black notebook from his storage pouch.

This notebook, which had been left behind by Blood Doctor Li Hong, contained the man's lifelong research on telekinetic abilities. When the Blood Doctor had died at the hands of Luo Yunyang, this set of insights had naturally become Luo Yunyang's spoils of war.

Although Blood Doctor Li Hong had been a disgusting man, his research on telekinesis was an eye-opener for Luo Yunyang.

According to the excerpts in the notebook, Li Hong had believed that, besides controlling objects, human telekinetic abilities could also be used to form supernatural beings during a battle.

However, the level of mind power required to form such supernatural beings was really high. Actually, Li Hong believed that he would not reach that level, even if he cultivated for an entire lifetime.

Therefore, he had thought of gathering huge quantities of consciousness and mind power and using them to create a supernatural being.

This research had resulted in a Ghost-Refining Technique that Li Hong would be able to occasionally use on people. At first, Li Hong had thought that this sort of technique was rather senseless. However, he had gradually discovered during his research that those so-called supernatural beings were actually a human's consciousness and mind power.

When people died, their consciousness dissipated and their light was extinguished. However, the consciousness of people with high levels of mind power would condense after their death and they would become ghosts.

Some people who had suffered a huge injustice before dying could also form malicious spirits.

If this research had been published before the apocalypse, it would have naturally received a lot of criticism. However, after the arrival of the apocalypse and the rise of spiritual powers, it would be easier for most people to accept.

After going through the notebook once, Luo Yunyang retrieved Li Hong's Spirit-Warding Banner.

The Spirit-Warding Banner was an item Li Hong had spent many years refining. The outline of a horned demon was faintly discernible on the small jet-black banner.

According to Li Hong's notebook, he had slaughtered 21 telekinesis grandmasters, 360 telekinesis masters, 4,560 telekinesis users, and over 30,000 ordinary humans.

The consciousness of all those people had been absorbed bit by bit by the Spirit-Warding Banner, until the banner had reached its current form.

The single-horned spirit could attack both physically and spiritually, as well as pass through fire and water as if it were treading on flat ground.

If one excluded any domains that hadn't been formed yet, this spirit could be considered the equivalent of a god-grade existence.

As these thoughts buzzed around in his head, Luo Yunyang glanced at the life-like horned demon on the Spirit-Warding Banner. He had concluded that following Li Hong's method to control the horned demon would be the safest way.

However, he could faintly sense that this method would cause him some trouble in the future. A person like Li Hong would definitely leave something harmful in his notes for other people to find. Nevertheless, Luo Yunyang wasn't able to determine if whatever was installed would be life-threatening.

An alternative method would be to slowly absorb the spiritual power within the Spirit-Warding Banner and use the Mind Sword to behead that spirit. However, in that case, Luo Yunyang might not be able to absorb more than 1/10th of the spiritual power within the Spirit-Warding Banner.

Luo Yunyang had been contemplating over these two methods ever since he had killed Li Hong, yet he had still not made a decision.

That day, after he had ascertained that he would become the Blood Strike Guard Commissar, he finally made his decision. Although refining the horned demon within the Spirit-Warding Banner might be dangerous, he believed that if he could kill Li Hong with his Mind Sword, killing the horned demon wouldn't be too much of a problem.

After making up his mind, Luo Yunyang left his family's villa quietly and stepped into the cultivation room the Rising Dragon Army Chang'an General Headquarters had prepared for him.

The cultivation room, which was the size of a basketball court, was dense with sixth factor. Luo Yunyang loosened his joints and muscles before he started using the technique according to Li Hong's excerpts and urged his mind power into the black Spirit-Warding Banner.

Although his current mind power could even move a small hill, the instant it entered the Spirit-Warding Banner, Luo Yunyang felt an immense dread fill his heart.

If the situation within the Spirit-Warding Banner could be put into words, it would simply be described as pure evil!

It was an incessant evil that made one feel indescribable fear and dread!

Luo Yunyang's current objective was that horned demon. Only by using his own mind power to subdue the demon would he be able to have control over the Spirit-Warding Banner.

Although the Spirit-Warding Banner was very small, when his mind power and consciousness entered, it felt as though its inside was a completely different world. Luo Yunyang treaded very carefully, advancing gradually and settling in with every step.

As soon as his consciousness entered the Spirit-Warding Banner, an ominous glow replaced the two eyes of the horned demon.

This glow made the demon's sinister face look even more evil.