Supreme Uprising Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Take Your Medicine

Luo Yunyang kept adjusting his attributes. When he raised his Mind Attribute, he realized he had become incomparably smarter.

Some things that had been just a fuzzy part of his memory before now became clear in a flash. When he adjusted his Mind Attribute to 3.1, he could even remember every single mark on that worn-out cave wall.

He had a sick memory now!

Certain things he hadn't been able to comprehend well during training fell into place as soon as he increased his Mind Attribute.

When he raised his Speed to the max, he realized the speed he could jump, run and walk at was actually zero.

Without the support of Constitution, whatever power he possessed would ultimately amount to nothing!

While Luo Yunyang was having fun, his growling stomach suddenly voiced its complaint. Luo Yunyang gazed at the cave's entrance and realized that the sky had already turned foggy.

It was mealtime!

When he heard the school's dining hall bell, he immediately started running towards the school. His Speed was currently adjusted to 2, so as he ran, he felt as fast as lightning.

The dark canteen was filled with the scent of youthfulness. Hundreds of young students were standing like hungry wolves, waiting for their food to be served.

A row of 18 tables was filled with food. Behind every table stood boys and girls that were on weekly duty.

Luo Yunyang's class table was at the first spot. Behind the table stood a tall girl with delicate features. Whenever she saw a classmate, she would bring the food they ordered really fast.

"What the f*ck! There is someone who can actually have a grade-four energy bar? How impressive!" a young student who was holding a grade-two energy bar made of premium meat and flour said enviously.

The student's words attracted a lot of attention. There were also many students from other classes that looked at the grade-four energy bar.

The Da Alliance gave students free grade-one energy bars. These bars were mainly made out of potato starch and flour. Of course, there was also some animal fat used.

Grade-one energy bars were not enough for a normal student's daily diet though.

If one paid an extra 20 dayuan, they could exchange it for a grade-two energy bar made of flour, 1/10 premium meat and dire beast fat.

The energy contained inside a grade-two energy bar was twice as much as the amount of a grade-one energy bar.

A grade-three energy bar, which cost an additional 100 dayuan, was made completely out of premium meat and dire beast fat.

Naturally, the amount of energy it contained was twice the amount of a grade-two energy bar.

Grade-four energy bars contained 1/10 dire beast meat and cost 500 dayuan each.

Very few people ate these sort of energy bars at the Donglu Town Secondary School.

"Lian Yubi ordered it. His family is filthy rich!" some students said regrettably.

Many people were still discussing this, when someone suddenly said, "Luo Chang, could you hurry up and get me my energy bar? I'm starving!"

At the sound of the voice, many people turned towards its source with looks of pity.

Of course, there were also a couple of people that were grinning in delight at the person's misfortune.

The pale girl called Luo Chang blushed as she picked up a grade-four energy bar along with a large bowl of broth and handed it over.

Luo Yunyang was stunned.

Thanks to the attribute regulator in his mind, his bad mood had already improved. The grade-four energy bar before him gave him a shock though.

His family's living conditions were poor, so a free grade-one energy bar had always been his go-to staple food. Every once in awhile, Shen Yulang or some other close friend of his would order a grade-two energy bar for him.

Life in Donglu Town was tough, so Luo Yunyang did not have grade-two energy bars often.

Now, he was actually having a grade-four energy bar and some broth!

As he looked at the grade-four energy bar, Luo Yunyang felt his throat go dry and his eyes warm up. He didn't know who had ordered a grade-four energy bar for him, but when he looked at it, his heart felt warm.

"Oh my! Luo Yunyang is actually having a grade-four energy bar. Ha ha! I wonder how many sets of clothes your mom had to wash for this energy bar!" a mocking voice was heard among the crowd.

The person who had spoken was a lean young man who appeared to be Lian Yubi's lackey.

Lian Yubi looked on with a disdainful sneer as Luo Chang handed the grade-four energy bar over to Luo Yunyang.

A heavy slap landed on the lean young man's face. It was Luo Yunyang who had attacked him.

Luo Yunyang rarely raised his hand against anyone at school. His mother had always been his weak spot though. If anyone dared insult her, he would not let them off easily.

"You You dared hit me!" The lean young man used to be afraid of Luo Yunyang, but now that his strength had surpassed his, he didn't think too much of him.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared speak this way to him.

"I shall give you a second chance. Let Xiao Shan return the slap, and I will act as if nothing happened!" Lian Yubi folded his arms. His eyes were slits as he grinned at Luo Yunyang. He looked like a cat facing off against a mouse.

His strength was higher than Luo Yunyang's by more than 100 kilos. To him, defeating Luo Yunyang seemed very easy.

Lian Yubi had some plans about the title of Donglu Town's best martialist. Now that he had this opportunity, he would make use of it.

Luo Yunyang stared at Lian Yubi, who seemed really full of himself, and said coldly, "Scram!"

"You are asking for it!" As he said this, Lian Yubi unleashed a Nanshan punch, one of the 12 styles of fundamental fighting techniques, at Luo Yunyang.

This technique was one that Lian Yubi had practised a lot, so he was proficient at it.

However, as his punch was aimed at Luo Yunyang, his rival used the exact same technique and sent a Nanshan punch back.

The two of them had practically punched each other at the same time!

Luo Yunyang had been in a rush to have dinner, so he had set his Speed Attribute at 2. This meant that his current speed was three times his normal speed.

Due to this adjustment, his Constitution, Mind and Power had weakened quite a bit, but his punch was shockingly fast.

A punch with 100 kilos of force smashed hard into Lian Yubi's face. Although Lian Yubi wasn't sent flying, the punch drew blood from his nose. The wrenching pain nearly made Lian Yubi kneel on the ground.

His own punch had missed and hit the air.

"I'll beat you up!" Lian Yubi, who felt humiliated, went ballistic. He leapt up on one foot and kicked out at Luo Yunyang.

His sweeping leg, which carried over 350 kilos of force, produced a whistling sound as it moved through the air. By the time the kick had been launched though, Luo Yunyang's leg had already landed on Lian Yubi's face and sent him flying onto the ground.

Lian Yubi felt like he was going to go crazy. He had used a body-forging medicine to impress everyone overnight, so he thought he had beat Luo Yunyang. He had never had the ability to retaliate during their exchanges before.

"I'll crush you!"

The Ocean-Rising Raging Dragon, the fastest move among the 12 styles of fundamental fighting techniques, helped Lian Yubi fly in Luo Yunyang's direction like a raging vortex.

"How quick! It's an Ocean-Rising Raging Dragon!" someone exclaimed in surprise. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang's fist struck Lian Yubi's underbelly.

Lian Yubi looked like a shrimp as he clutched his stomach. He stared at Luo Yunyang as he trembled with rage, wishing he could rip him to shreds.

"Luo Yunyang's attacks are very strong. Lian Yubi should have been lying on the ground by now. Could the body-forging medicine be able to make one resistant to beatings?"

"Don't be stupid. It's obvious that Luo Yunyang doesn't want to stop this soon. He wants to hit him a few more times!" someone said, laughing mischievously.

During this exchange, a lot of people who were not on good terms with Lian Yubi sniggered. Little fat Shen Yulang yelled loudly, "Lian Yubi! Keep fighting if you are a man!"

Thanks to the clamor and encouraging sounds echoing all around the dining hall, the 18 classes of students no longer had any intention to eat. They were all unable to take their eyes off Luo Yunyang.

"How fast!"

"Luo Yunyang's speed is really sick. I'm still way behind compared to him."

"Damn it, that body-forging medicine is wasted on Lian Yubi."

"Stand up and fight me, or go home and take your medicine!" Luo Yunyang said coldly, extending a finger in invitation.

Lian Yubi wanted to keep fighting, but the pain in his nose and stomach made him seem afraid when he looked at Luo Yunyang once again.

It was his spirit that had taken the biggest hit. His 400-kilo strength had allowed him to beat Luo Yunyang before, but not during this exchange.

"This isn't over, Luo Yunyang!"

"Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang!" As Lian Yubi left exasperatedly, the young students who had been watching their fight started chanting Luo Yunyang's name simultaneously.

Their shouts were startling.

Xiong Zhenshan, who had been eating in a single room in the dining hall, glanced curiously at Luo Yunyang and unconsciously clenched his fists tighter.


The insult was not directed at Luo Yunyang. He had been thinking about Lian Yubi.

Despite using a vial of precious body-forging medicine, he still hadn't been able to take on Luo Yunyang. What else could he be, but trash?

Unfortunately, he still had to give the Qitian Martial Academy recommendation spot to Lian Yubi.

Don't blame me for my wickedness, Luo Yunyang. Blame your father for not having any authority over this town. Blame yourself for not having a martialist brother!

You can only become a stepping stone for someone else!

"Hurry up and eat. Your food will go cold soon!" Luo Chang told Luo Yunyang quietly as she handed him the grade-four energy bar and the bowl of broth.

Luo Yunyang looked at the grade-four energy bar that cost 500 dayuan and then looked at his friends around him. "Who helped me order this grade-four energy bar, Luo Chang?" he asked suspiciously.

"All you have to do is eat it. What's the point in asking so many questions?" Luo Chang shoved the grade-four energy bar and broth into Luo Yunyang's hands and then turned around and walked away.

"Shen Yulang, help me distribute the food. The list is on the table."

Luo Chang's voice drifted over from a distance. When they heard this, a number of students laughed heartily.

Luo Yunyang had a faint idea of what this was about, but his Mind Attribute was half of what it normally was, so he couldn't think about it right now.

"Just eat it now that you have it!" Shen Yulang chuckled as he patted Luo Yunyang on the shoulder. Then, he took a deep breath and shouted, "Meals coming! Meals coming!"

The moment Luo Yunyang took a bite of the grade-four energy bar, a warm feeling started swelling in his stomach. After a couple of mouthfuls, both the energy bar and the broth were in his belly. Luo Yunyang headed to the training grounds quickly.

He trained at the 12 fundamental styles until he became proficient. The heat in his belly was rolling over and over, causing his every move to produce a rustling sound as it cut through the air.

Once, twice, thrice...

Luo Yunyang only sat down when the power in his belly had been consumed. He didn't even take a breath before he brought up the regulator in his mind.

He had eaten a grade-four energy bar, so his Power would most likely have changed.