Supreme Uprising Chapter 20

Chapter 20


“You two, get up!” the ruthless-looking man, who seemed flustered to be seeing Old Tie defeated, ordered as he rushed over to the group of Rising Dragon Army soldiers.

Rising Dragon Soldiers were all proud, conceited individuals, who found bullying and overpowering one with numbers disrespectful, even more so when it was a new recruit like Luo Yunyang!

However, when the ruthless man looked at them, the two Rising Dragon Army soldiers obeyed without hesitation. They rushed over to Luo Yunyang, one approaching him from the front and one from the back.

Four fists were sent flying at Luo Yunyang with the same technique.

As this synchronized attack took place, Luo Yunyang felt pressure from every direction. This was three times as ferocious as the previous attacks.

He could deal with one soldier, but while he was distracted, the other one would hit him.

He had to dodge!

Luo Yunyang spotted a gap in their attacks and moved through that empty space without hesitation.

He had barely dodged the two men’s fists, when one of them retracted his fists and kicked out at him. Meanwhile, the other one kept waving his arms around.

Although both their movements were as quick as they had been before, Luo Yunyang was still able to see the small gap in between.

This time, he used a move he wasn’t that familiar withthe Tail-Swaying Storm Dragon.

One of the soldiers, who had been still using his fist to attack Luo Yunyang, had not expected that he would actually take such an initiative and kick out.

Although his strength couldn’t be compared to Luo Yunyang’s, he had a way richer combat experience. Given the circumstances, the soldier chose to perform a Lazy Donkey Roll.

The move was simple, yet very effective. The kick, which contained Luo Yunyang’s full body strength, struck the asphalt. A crater the size of a bowl formed there.

By now, the soldier attacking Luo Yunyang from behind had reached his body. When he swung his leg over, Luo Yunyang’s fist collided with it.


As their fist and leg met, the soldier, who had originally wanted to strike a low blow, was pushed back seven steps.

“Two more up!” The ruthless man had forgotten his manners.

When she heard this, Gu Qianqian got worried. She wanted to say something to stop this madness, but Zhu Yan held her back.

The four soldiers’ coordination was flawless. Although they couldn’t compare to Luo Yunyang in terms of strength, when their fists converged, Luo Yunyang felt as if he was caught in a net.

He could sense the gaps in their formation, but his speed was not fast enough for him to break out.

If he forced his way out, he could get injured in the process.

If they had been enemies, this would not have been a problem, but this was a sparring match, so Luo Yunyang did not want to risk it.

All he could do was keep dodging into every gap he found.

He wasn’t pleased. The soldiers attacking him also felt sullen. When Zhu Yan had first brought this kid over, they had thought that they would teach this future elite martialist a lesson.

They had not expected that they would be unable to beat him. Even though the four soldiers had joined forces, they had yet to land a proper blow on this young man.

If word about this disgraceful incident got out, they wouldn’t be able to show their faces anywhere.

10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes passed

The more Luo Yunyang fought, the crisper he got. The techniques he had found stiff at first had already become more familiar. The predicament he had found himself in at the beginning had already become easier to handle.

“Four more up!” The ruthless man seemed to be burning with anxiety.

When he said this, Zhu Yan could no longer remain cool. He walked up to the man and said, “Sir, he is only a kid. This might be a little too…”

“Got it! I know when to stop!” the ruthless man interrupted Zhu Yan bluntly.

As four more soldiers joined the fray, the pressure on Luo Yunyang multiplied a few more times. Although he could still see the gaps in his mind, by the time he discovered them, his numerous opponents had already blocked them.

Although he kept dodging, Luo Yunyang had still taken three punches. These punches made the fury in his heart soar.

“Watch my fists!” Luo Yunyang shouted as he leapt in the air. He used a Two-Headed Sea Dragon and aimed it at the soldier who had landed the blows on him.

The soldier appeared calm, but the instant Luo Yunyang shouted, he froze. Although it was just for an instant, by the time he reacted, Luo Yunyang’s fists were already right before him.

It was too late to make a move now!

When Luo Yunyang had shouted in rage, the soldiers’ comrades had become sluggish for a moment. When they finally reacted, a few of them had a look of fear on their faces.

They looked as if a ferocious tiger had descended from the mountain!

This was Gu Qianqian’s first thought as she watched Luo Yunyang charge straight ahead.

“Impressive! This kid is actually good!” The ruthless man had appeared like a spectre in front of Luo Yunyang as his fist was about to land.

Suddenly, he raised his hand up and tried to catch Luo Yunyang’s fist.

His grip seemed relaxed, but Luo Yunyang could clearly sense it change. He realized he couldn’t dodge it anymore.

The instant his fist was caught, Luo Yunyang felt as if his hand had been caught in an iron vice. Even budging was too difficult.

His strength was close to 4,000 kilos, so anyone who could catch his punch had to be a martial master!

Martialists were well-respected in the Da Alliance, but martial masters were even more superior. Even the richest and most powerful people, with resources worth millions, treated martial masters with unparalleled respect.

“Good, kid. Very good, You lack actual combat experience, though. Since you have already joined the Rising Dragon Army, you may report at the Black Dragon Squadron tomorrow!”

The ruthless man’s words were irrefutable. The moment they came out of his mouth, looks of envy appeared on a few soldiers’ faces.

The Black Dragon Squadron was the strongest squadron of the Rising Dragon Army. Everyone’s goal was to join the Black Dragon Squadron.

How could someone who had just gone through the Rising Dragon Army Assessment have been approved to join the Black Dragon Squad right off the bat? How could they not be envious?

“Sir, I don’t think that’s possible. He has already been accepted into the elite class!” Zhu Yan said softly, scratching his head.

The ruthless man’s face froze. He hadn’t expected that his kind offer would be rejected just like that, but it seemed like this kid had an even greater future ahead of him.

He would be joining the Rising Dragon Army’s elite class!

“Your combat awareness is very impressive, kid, but your techniques are outdated and you lack actual combat experience.” The ruthless man fell silent for a bit. “It’s best that you select a set of fighting techniques that suit you!”

When he finished speaking, he shook his head and left as fast as a javelin.

The soldiers, who hadn’t dared breathe too loudly while he had been there, exhaled collectively.

“You are really good, Little Brother. It’s no wonder you are the best of the best. I have no qualms about calling you sir in the future,” Old Tie said sincerely.

The other soldiers who had surrounded and attacked Luo Yunyang were also looking at him with complicated expressions.

These soldiers knew their own strengths. Even though eight of them had surrounded him, they had still not gotten the upper hand. If it had not been for the instructor, they might have failed completely.

However, they were not jealous of Luo Yunyang. They only felt respect for him. He had only relied on his own abilities during the sparring match after all.

They would have accepted such a loss wholeheartedly.

“Little Brother Yunyang, I would like to use this opportunity to call you brother first, before you even become an officer. Ha ha This time we have accepted you completely. Come on, let’s go drink to our heart’s content at the Feng Family Restaurant!”

Luo Yunyang couldn’t turn down this invitation. The sparring match had just ended, but although he had been surrounded and attacked, he had gained a lot from this experience.

He still let Zhu Yan take the lead, though. He was the person he was most familiar with among these people after all.

Zhu Yan wouldn’t trick him.

“Come on, let’s go have a round.” Zhu Yan patted Luo Yunyang on the shoulder with a smile. “You better be careful!”

At first, Luo Yunyang found this warning puzzling, but when he arrived at the Feng Family Restaurant, he understood what Zhu Yan had meant.

“All heroes start young, Little Brother Luo. Let’s walk the path of brotherhood.” Old Tie was holding two cups filled to the brim with wine.

Luo Yunyang had heard about wine before. There were taverns in Donglu Town. It was just that people rarely visited them.

“What is it, Little Brother Luo? Why are you looking down on Old Tie? Just because I lost the match, it doesn’t mean you can treat me like a subordinate! You can’t refuse to drink with me!” Old Tie laughed heartily when he saw Luo Yunyang’s hesitation.

“Ha ha ha! You seem like a big man, Little Brother Yunyang! Don’t tell me you can’t even drink a little wine! Cheers, Brother!”

Gu Qianqian, who was a smart lady, observed the actions of the soldiers. She realized that they were trying to get Luo Yunyang drunk.

Just as she was about to get up and stop them, Zhu Yan waved his hands at her. “These soldiers have accepted their loss against Yunyang, but one person beating eight is still a little humiliating. Let them get some of their dignity back. Besides, he’s a man. Getting drunk once is no big deal!”

Luo Yunyang looked at Old Tie and muttered something to himself before picking up the cup and downing it in one go. A burning sensation flooded his mind instantly.

“You sure can drink. Come on, have one more.” Luo Tie was delighted to see Luo Yunyang’s flushed face.

Luo Yunyang felt a little uneasy, but now that he had returned to normal, he reckoned that this probably had something to do with his Constitution.

These fellas were being deliberately mean, so Luo Yunyang wasn’t going to go easy on them either.

He opened the attribute regulator in his mind and raised his Constitution to 20. Then, he finished his wine in one gulp.

The large gulp of wine felt like a glass of water as it entered his stomach. There was no distinct sensation to it.

Old Tie’s face had already turned red. Although his constitution was decent, the alcohol they were drinking was special.

“Listen, Little Brother Yunyang. Whenever you need help in the future, just come to the headquarters and ask for me. Ha ha…”

When they noticed that Old Tie was no longer drinking, the others surrounded Luo Yunyang. They had spent years together, so they were very well-coordinated. This was nothing out of the ordinary for them.

“Cheers! Drink up!” Method 1!

“Brothers like us share a deep bond!” Method 2!

“If you respect your older brothers, you will finish this!” Method 3!

Zhu Yan and Gu Qianqian kept watching, but all they saw was over 10 large men swaying unsteadily. Some of them even ran to the washroom to puke. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang looked like a small rabbit standing there innocently. The two of them felt a little foolish as they watched the scene.