Supreme Uprising Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Dividing The Soul

The boundless evil energy surged all around Luo Yunyang's consciousness. Although it didn't harm his consciousness much, it still made him feel uncomfortable.

Luo Yunyang walked for 15 minutes amidst that surging evil energy before he saw a horned demon created out of the concentrated evil energy.

The horned demon on the Spirit-Warding Banner had only been about the size of a palm, yet Luo Yunyang's consciousness now thought that it was at least 1,000 meters tall!

How much concentrated consciousness had been required to form this 1,000-meter tall, horned demon?

As he glanced at the strange demon, a heartfelt admiration for Blood Doctor Li Hong filled Luo Yunyang's heart. Although his methods weren't proper, he had indeed been a powerhouse of his generation that had come up with a really strange method.

After making sure that the horned demon didn't pose much of a threat, Luo Yunyang's consciousness leapt on it.

As long as his consciousness was able to control the horned demon, he would be able to effortlessly wield the Spirit-Warding Banner and make the horned demon rush into battle on his behalf.

The horned demon would be an extremely capable henchman.

However, as Luo Yunyang's consciousness was about to land on the demon, he felt an extremely dangerous feeling flood his heart.

Although this sensation crept up suddenly, Luo Yunyang's movements were very decisive. He retreated instantly without even taking the time to think about it.

"Are you trying to escape? Too late!" a cold voice said as the horned demon opened its mouth and an attractive force sucked Luo Yunyang inside.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang realized that his consciousness had appeared inside the body, which was already made out of a concentrated mass of consciousness.

After an alarming instant, Luo Yunyang suddenly calmed down and studied the onslaught of consciousness around him quietly before saying rather calmly, "Li Hong."

"Ha ha ha! You regained your composure really fast. You are really extraordinary, young man. Very admirable, indeed!"

"The Mind Sword didn't manage to kill you?" Luo Yunyang asked when he sensed Li Hong's consciousness inside the horned demon.

"You killed me, young man! But you also didn't!" Li Hong said in a somewhat pleased manner as he laughed. "The fact that you actually managed to master the Mind Sword really surprised me. I have also read written accounts on things like the Mind Sword, but trying to master them is really difficult."

"Although I didn't try, practically all telekinesis masters believe that it is impossible. Nobody is able to possess such powerful telekinetic abilities before becoming a telekinesis grandmaster. The Mind Sword must be one of very few unrivalled methods below a god-grade level."

Suddenly, Li Hong added softly in a tone laced with anticipation, "From this day on, it will belong to me!"

Luo Yunyang observed Li Hong's consciousness as he said indifferently, "You still haven't told me why you didn't die."

"You have never been pursued by a Martial God before, kid, so you have no idea how scary a Martial God can be. You also don't know what someone who has been chased by a Martial God fears the most. Let me tell you this... As someone who has been chased and attacked by a Martial God, what I am most afraid of is being completely exterminated. That is why I focused on researching ways to preserve life."

Then, Li Hong added with an air of smugness, "The purer a human's consciousness is, the better. However, as long as there is an investment, a person's consciousness can be split up. Take me for example. 10 years ago, I divided my consciousness into two. One half remained in my own body, while the other half was placed in this horned demon."

"This way, even if someone killed me, I would be able to live on within the consciousness of this demon."

"I was really surprised when you killed me. I could have kept fighting at the time, but I chose to stall instead. Do you know why? Because I had my eye on you. Your telekinetic and martial techniques were well-cultivated, and your natural aptitude was outstanding. You were like a gift from heaven! Ha ha!"

"As long as I possess you successfully, nobody in this world will know that I am Li Hong. They will think that I am just an unrivalled hero called Luo Yunyang."

"Although your telekinetic abilities are pretty decent, we have entered the body of the horned demon now, so the two of us can be considered a whole. Even if you use the Mind Sword, you won't be able to cut me down, because you and I are one. If you form the Mind Sword, I will also be a part of it!"

Although Luo Yunyang believed Li Hong's words, this didn't mean that he would back down. As soon as he used the Mind Sword method, his mind power forged a sword. However, Luo Yunyang could sense clearly another will within the Mind Sword that was created.

This will belonged to Li Hong.

"What a powerful Mind Sword! I really like it. Thank you for the present, kid. Now just go in peace. Don't worry about your family. I will treat them well! Ha ha..." Li Hong's will roared with laughter before it tried to envelop Luo Yunyang's consciousness.

Using the Mind Sword was difficult. Plus, it seemed like there was a rather wide gap between him and Li Hong in terms of mind power. Although Li Hong had just launched this attack, Luo Yunyang could sense his hold on the Mind Sword loosening quite a bit.

The moment the Mind Sword was completely controlled by Li Hong's will, Luo Yunyang's consciousness would cease to exist in that place.

What could he do?

The first thing Luo Yunyang thought of was his attribute regulator. He could use it to adjust his Mind Attribute after all.

Luo Yunyang had only raised his Mind Attribute a little before he had entered the Spirit-Warding Banner, so he needed to increase it again.

When the attribute regulator was opened and Luo Yunyang saw the dialogue box within his consciousness, he felt relieved.

However, when his Mind Attribute was raised to the max, he realized that the struggle between Li Hong and him hadn't seemed to change.

"Ha ha ha! How did your telekinetic powers suddenly improve, kid? Seems like you have some hidden tricks up your sleeve. It won't be any use, though. I have been a telekinesis grandmaster for many years, so there is no way your powers can surpass mine. If you surrender, I will look after your family on your behalf. If you don't, I will make them wish they were dead instead!"

Li Hong snarled with a victorious demeanor. He had also answered Luo Yunyang's question by telling him that his accumulated experience wasn't enough.

Compared to Li Hong, Luo Yunyang's accumulated experience was inadequate.

What could he do?

Should he keep increasing his Mind Attribute? It was already at the max, though!

As many thoughts flashed through his mind, an unwavering determination glowed in Luo Yunyang's eyes. Just as he was about to execute his plan, he was shocked to discover a strange change on his attribute regulator!