Supreme Uprising Chapter 204

Chapter 204 A Storm Gathering In Chang'an

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As the sun rose in Chang’an, a colossal bird at least 100 meters long flitted across the otherworldly space above the sky, bringing along with it furious gales. However, this didn’t alarm the residents, who were already used to this sort of source beasts.

The fact that the space barrier was becoming thinner was no longer a secret. However, no one knew how long Chang’an would be able to withstand the beating of the colossal bird’s wings. This situation encouraged Chang’an’s residents to live in the present.

“Please produce your documents!” a Sky High Military soldier guarding Chang’an told a group of people.

This group was kind of special. Usually, people travelled to Chang’an on the huge buses of the Heaven Pass Corporation, yet this group had actually walked from somewhere far away.

The soldier in charge naturally couldn’t allow them to enter.

“You actually want me to show you my documents?” The young man at the front, who had fair skin and huge eyes, was smiling mockingly at the soldier.

The young Sky High Military soldier didn’t have a very good feeling about this. However, when he looked at his comrades, who were a short distance away, and the weapon on his arm, he stood a little straighter. He suddenly felt more at ease.

“According to the Da Alliance’s regulations, anyone who enters Chang’an…”

The soldier was not done speaking, when the young man suddenly brandished his palms and sent him flying.

The Sky High Military was one of the Eight Armies of the East, so its members were naturally very proud. As soon as the other soldiers saw someone strike their comrade without a warning, over 10 people immediately surrounded the perpetrator.

Before they could do anything, the middle-aged man standing next to the young man waved his hands abruptly and clenched his fists, causing large yellow handprints to appear in the air and press the Sky High Military soldiers to the ground.

“He’s a top-notch martial master!” a Sky High Military officer exclaimed in alarm.

“How audacious! How dare you offend our young master! Does the Sky High Military want to start a war with the Sanyuanxu Family?” an old man in his 60s said in a proud, icy voice.

His words jolted the officer, who immediately recalled the orders of his superiors.

The names of all the influential families suddenly flashed in his mind.

The Sanyuanxu Family, which ranked 9th among the ancient martial families, was known for its overbearing manner. The family’s bloodline possessed the power of earth source cores, so it wasn’t a force to mess with.

According to a myth, if the family’s martial grandmasters joined forces, they could unleash devastating, earth-shaking techniques that were extremely difficult to deal with.

Therefore, one was not allowed to offend the members of these influential families. These were the orders of their superiors.

“Oh, I didn’t know this was Young Master Xu. I apologize for my subordinate’s behavior. Although his bad eyesight has caused Young Master Xu some inconvenience, I hope the young master can act magnanimously and forgive him this once.”

The Sky High Military officer who spoke was a high-level elite, so he normally wouldn’t have to put up with this. However, under the circumstances, all he could do was swallow his anger.

“If he has bad eyesight, then he doesn’t need his eyes!” the young man said, making a clawing motion with his hand.

The eyes of the young soldier who had obstructed him widened and fresh blood started flowing from the sockets.

The other soldiers were furious. They were Sky High Military elite martialists, so none of them had ever suffered such a humiliation.

No, this wasn’t just mere humiliation. This was clearly a vendetta fueled by bitter resentment.

The officer could not stand this any longer either. These f*ckers were clearly insatiable! As he bellowed furiously and got ready to lead the other soldiers forward, a middle-aged officer walked over.

Although his gaze was full of hatred, he restricted the soldiers and made them leave at once.

“Sir, I can’t accept this!” the young officer howled, his voice filled with extreme pain.

The middle-aged officer wasn’t having an easy time either. He glanced at his most trusted subordinate with the intention of saying some words of consolation, yet in the end, all he could do was sigh and say, “The bigger picture! Look at the bigger picture!”

Chang’an’s tallest restaurant was called the Unique Restaurant. This place served the Da Alliance’s best wine, as well as the finest delicacies from all over the world. One could even order extremely rare dire beast meat there.

It was only natural that a place like the Unique Restaurant would have a good reputation. The entire Chang’an City praised it publicly, so nobody ever dared cause trouble there.

However, a man was currently giggling in the restaurant as he tugged on a beautiful lady, who was enjoying her meal. The man would not let her go.

“Come with me and you will have the finest food and wine. Ha ha ha!” The man, who was in his 20s, had a slim build, yet his face looked a little blue.

As he spoke, one of his hands moved to brush the lady’s face.

The lady struggled hard, yet her effort seemed to encourage the man even more. Not only did he not let her go, but he also started laughing even harder!

“I just love watching the way you struggle! You are really charming when you act this way! Your beauty is being wasted in Chang’an.” The man suddenly picked up a chopstick and threw it on the floor a short distance away.

The chopstick struck the face of a young man, who was lying on the floor with a broken leg.

“That man is a real disgrace. Even though you would only be a concubine if you followed me, at least I would treat you well. You would lead a life too wonderful for words!”

Suddenly, over 10 Koi Guard soldiers rushed over. When they saw the slim man, they immediately understood what was going on.

“Sir, we understand where you are coming from, but we hope that you won’t make things difficult for us,” the leader of the group said in a differential manner.

The young man roared with laughter. “Since you are so tactful, I shall let you keep some of your dignity.”

Then, he glanced at the beautiful woman and said, “Do you see that? Common people think that these people shouldn’t be messed with. Personally, I think they are nothing more than dogs. Dogs whose legs I can break at any moment!”

Although the Koi Guard soldiers had extremely ugly expressions on their faces, they all kept their mouths firmly shut.

“Do you see this? I am a member of the Song Family, understand? If anyone gives me trouble again, daddy will have your heads!” The slim man took out a badge and waved it around.

The Koi Guard soldiers immediately started to leave. Suddenly, someone shouted, “How can you let that man run amuck? You are the Koi Guard!”

“This situation is not under the jurisdiction of the Koi Guard. The issue will be handled by the Blood Strike Guard. It isn’t our responsibility. Goodbye!”

As soon as the Koi Guard soldiers departed, a hearty laughter reverberated around the restaurant.

The same laughter echoed around hotels, public squares, streets…

The tyrannical younger generations of ancient martial families appeared all over Chang’an like a wind sweeping through the city, heralding a rising storm.

Not a single member of the Blood Strike Guard, which was supposed to be responsible for this, could be seen on the streets.