Supreme Uprising Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Descendants Of Gods

Gu Jianguang was trembling.

Actually, he had only been able to climb to the seat of the Vice-Commissar because the Blood Strike Guard had been completely undermined during the past few years. They had been so hard-pressed that even half-competent people had been able to get drafted in.

"Are we really going to hide, sir?" a young teenager asked indignantly.

Gu Jianguang got slightly angry. He actually despised this teenager. Damn it! Just because he was indignant, it didn't mean that he could provoke him! Hadn't people always spoken through their strength? Who would want to be a coward and endure this kind of pent-up frustration? It would definitely be satisfying if they just headed over and killed the lot of them. but did that teenager really have the guts to do that? Trying to provoke Gu Jianguang was no use!

Although Gu Jianguang silently cursed the impulsive teenager, he didn't say anything offensive out loud. Instead, he soothed the young man tactfully. "We cannot afford to provoke the younger generations of these ancient martial families. It's best that we do not cause trouble. Don't worry too much. Just mind your own business and everything will be fine. They'll just have their fun and leave."

Gu Jianguang then glanced at the others. "Why have these people come all the way to Chang'an just to cause trouble? Is it because..."

Gu Jianguang didn't dare finish that sentence. Although he couldn't afford to offend the younger generations of those ancient martial families, he didn't want to offend the new Commissar either.

He also considered himself part of the elite class, so there was no reason for him to gossip and plant seeds of doubt. If his words reached the Commissar's ears and made him unhappy, he could kill Gu Jianguang as easily as an ant.

"Should we report this to the Commissar?" the teenage Blood Strike Guard soldier asked again.

"Given the temperament of the Commissar, these people are clearly trying to provoke him and force his hand. Then, they will come up with false accusations and pin everything on the Blood Strike Guard. I would rather not do anything and let this pass!"

"If something happened, I'm afraid that even the Da Alliance wouldn't be on our side. Those ancient martial families have already..."

Gu Jianguang was only halfway done speaking, when he suddenly sighed deeply. Although he was cowardly and afraid of getting in trouble, he was still a rather smart and astute man.

"Have already what?" a dull voice suddenly asked, scaring Gu Jianguang so badly that his soul nearly left his body.

"Greetings, Commissar!" Gu Jianguang and everyone else greeted Luo Yunyang deferentially.

Luo Yunyang, who was wearing a blood-red uniform that glowed with vigor, glanced at Gu Jianguang and the others before he said icily, "What did I instruct you to do, Gu Jianguang? Why didn't you report to me?"

"Sir, the resentment between you and the ancient martial families has already intensified. The ancient martial families are acting this way because they have an ulterior motive. They are trying to infuriate you! Although I believe that it's already too late to keep the peace, I worry that if we provoke them, the responsibility will fall on your shoulders."

Gu Jianguang gritted his teeth as he released all his pent-up feelings. "The 13 Eastern Cities are basically threatening a wolf with a hemp stick. Although the Da Alliance has taboo weapons, the ancient martial families have many martial grandmasters. Plus, they also possess secret skills that have been passed down their families for years."

"Before the apocalypse, these secret skills might not have been very effective. They might even have been considered mere tricks. However, they have now become formidable killing techniques."

"Furthermore, the bloodlines of these ancient martial families surpass those of the ordinary people of the Da Alliance. These people are taught that they are the children of god. Back when divinity wasn't that obvious, they conformed to the masses. However, the emergence of the sixth factor has allowed them to act like gods."

"Thanks to the taboo weapons we possess, the ancient martial families still fear the legislative assembly of the 13 Eastern Cities."

"However, the 13 Eastern Cities have always been afraid to take action against them. Not only are we afraid of their tremendous destructive might, but we are also afraid that they could lean towards the 17 Western Cities. If that were to happen, even the Martial God wouldn't be able to account for it."

Gu Jianguang had said all this in one breath. He believed that it was his duty to share his reasoning and impartial analysis with the new Commissar.

Unfortunately, all he got in return was a slap from Luo Yunyang. Although Gu Jianguang was a second-grade martial master, he still wasn't able to dodge that slap.

"These people are already climbing all over your head and pissing all over you, yet you still want to act like a coward. What are you even useful for? From now on, you will be just an ordinary Blood Strike Guard soldier!" Luo Yunyang turned to the other soldiers present. "Where are those people?"

"They are currently gathered at the Unique Restaurant. A number of young masters from at least 17 ancient martial families has gathered there. It's said that they have ordered Chang'an's biggest entertainment company to..." The soldier who replied choked on his words halfway.

Thanks to his mind power, Luo Yunyang immediately understood what he was about to say. He patted the young soldier on the shoulder and said, "Come on, let's go and arrest those people!"

He strode out as he said this.

When he saw Luo Yunyang stride forward, the young soldier clenched his teeth and followed him. The remaining soldiers hesitated for some time. In the end, only a handful of them followed.

"What about you, Vice-Commissar?" a few of Gu Jianguang's subordinates asked as they surrounded him.

Gu Jianguang waved his hands around dismissively. "Don't call me Vice-Commissar anymore. I am now an ordinary soldier of the Blood Strike Guard."

"Sir, you will always be the Blood Strike Guard Vice-Commissar in our hearts," one of them said with a flattering charm.

Gu Jianguang slapped that man in the face. "Are you f*cking trying to get me in trouble? The Commissar has already announced it. Although he would never be able to touch those ancient martial families, if he wanted to take my life, all he would have to do was stretch out his hand!"

Gu Jianguang shook his head helplessly. "I can only blame myself for acting like a dog in the manger. Everything has a cause and effect. If the Commissar goes about things this way, he is bound to blow things up!"

Although the Unique Restaurant was brightly lit, there was only one group of customers amid that bright setting. The 45 people in this group were all in their 20s. The place was particularly boisterous.

At the center of the group were two men. One of them had handsome features that looked as polished as jade and was currently raising his wine glass in one hand. The young man seemed to be very distinguished.

The other man had a tall, bulky frame and muscles that shone with a metallic luster. Both of them could easily make a young girl's heart flutter.

"Brother Yan, I would like to make a toast to you. Congratulations on breaking through the martial grandmaster boundaries." The refined-looking man chuckled.

Brother Yan laughed confidently. "It wasn't a big deal. Haven't you also done so yourself?"

"Come to think of it, the Li Family has a great bloodline. You are all able to directly absorb sixth factor and turn it into source power. Your family must rank second among the most influential families."

The younger brother flashed a smile as he said, "We all possess the Divine Bloodline. We are born to be respected. How could ordinary people ever compare to us?"

"I have to say that I don't really approve of the elders' decision this time. We should make the 13 Eastern Cities remember not to f*cking provoke us again!"

"Who would let someone who ranks second on the Sky List become the Blood Strike Guard Commissar? They are obviously trying to clash with us!"

When he heard this exchange, the young man from the Sanyuanxu Family laughed. "Second on the Sky List? I think he must rank second on the Brag List!"

"We have been making so many moves, yet they haven't even dared lift a single finger! Ha ha ha! We came swaggering into Chang'an, where he is supposedly to be, but he hasn't dared show up."

"I asked around, and it seems like he has a relative that runs a company here. Let's head over tomorrow and smash it up!"

A burst of hooting laughter rang out. However, the few middle-aged men who had followed along had ugly expressions on their faces.

"Surround them! Don't let a single one of them run!" a voice shouted.