Supreme Uprising Chapter 206

Chapter 206: An Eye For An Eye

Although the area around the Unique Restaurant was a central point of the city's nightlife, that night, it was deadly silent.

Koi Guard soldiers had already locked down the surrounding buildings and advised everyone not to enter the district.

The Koi Guard was one of the Eight Armies and Three Guards, so the soldiers' warnings were very effective. Each time someone heard about the situation at the Unique Restaurant, their first reaction was to refrain from heading over.

When the Koi Guard soldiers had completed this precautionary task, they all started to slack off.

"Damn! This is clearly the Blood Strike Guard's job. Why is the Koi Guard wiping their asses for them? How repulsive!" a man grumbled bitterly as he puffed on a cigarette.

"What's wrong? Did you have a date tonight, brother?"

"Duh! I asked a dancer out, but it seems like I won't get to see her tonight!"

When men got together, they would always talk about women, regardless of the mood they were in. While everyone roared with laughter, someone suddenly chuckled. "Forget about your date. We really don't know how long this will last! If we have to pin our hopes on the Blood Strike Guard, it will probably take a sweet long time. I'm afraid that they are all scared sh*tless!"

The person speaking was a gentle-looking man in his 20s with a faintly discernible pride in his eyes.

When they all turned towards this young man, everyone immediately shut their mouths. Although they didn't really like this guy, they were a little afraid of him, so they remained quiet.

The young man raised his head loftily. He had already gotten used to these awkward silences. Deep down, he knew that these fellows acted this way because he was stronger than them. What a bunch of idiots! They were just jealous of his success! Why didn't they ask him for guidance rather than cower away?

Just as he was about to harangue them and open their eyes, a voice echoed around. "Surround them! Don't let a single one of them run!"

Although these particular Koi Guard soldiers weren't top-tier experts, they all had a very keen hearing, so they could tell that the voice had come from the direction of the Unique Restaurant.

They stood rooted to the spot momentarily with stunned expressions on their faces.

Then, everyone rushed frantically in the direction of the restaurant. Although they had said that they didn't want to take care of this, they were still responsible for this area. If something big happened, they wouldn't be able to shoulder this responsibility.

When they arrived, the scene outside the Unique Restaurant left them dumbstruck.

Outside the restaurant was a handful of Blood Strike Guard soldiers who had surrounded the exit. Standing proudly in the middle of these soldiers was a lone figure.

Everyone got their bearings when they saw the blood-red uniform.

It was the Commissar!

Although they had never seen this sort of attire before, they were still able to deduce this immediately because they had seen the uniform of their own Commissar. Even though the uniforms of the Three Guards were a different color, their style was more or less similar.

The Blood Strike Guard Commissar had come. Young Luo Yunyang, who had succeeded the previous Blood Strike Guard Commissar, had finally appeared.

"Are they waiting for an opportunity to strike?" someone asked with a shiver.

The young man, who wasn't well-liked by his comrades, felt envious as he watched the blood-red figure stand there proudly.

Although he knew that the difference between him and that man was really big, that didn't stop the jealousy he felt deep inside.

"I'm worried that he doesn't have the guts to do this!"

The others felt displeased to hear this. Although they didn't really have that great of an opinion about Luo Yunyang, the Three Guards were still supposed to act like a family in front of outsiders.

However, this young man had considerable influence, so they weren't willing to offend him for the sake of Luo Yunyang, who they weren't even familiar with.

Suddenly, a smacking sound rang out.

The young man cried out in surprise as a brick was thrown from an unknown direction. The brick smashed into his face, making him grimace in pain.

"Whoever hears their name must come out immediately!" The same indifferent voice was heard outside the Unique Restaurant once again.

None of the Koi Guard soldiers dared to speak. Although they were a fair distance away, the Blood Strike Guard commander-in-chief could actually hear what they were saying. That was why he had used a mysterious method to send a flying brick over.

This was ample proof that the Blood Strike Guard Commissar lived up to his reputation. He also seemed to be the kind of man that sought revenge over the smallest insults.

"Sir, the young masters of our family are having a banquet. We would like you to leave immediately." Two men walked out of the Unique Restaurant slowly. Although their appearance wasn't remarkable, they both had glowing hands. One of their hands was purple and the other red.

"Those are two out of the Four Demon Palms of the ancient martial families. They are martial grandmasters," a feeble-looking young soldier of the Koi Guard said. Although his status within the Koi Guard wasn't high, his ability to memorize things made him well-liked among his comrades.

Two martial grandmasters right off the bat!

Everyone suddenly felt extremely anxious. To them, martial grandmaster-level individuals were just superior.

Some of them had never even seen a battle between martial grandmasters before.

"Who are these people?" the blood-red figure standing in the plaza asked.

"They are the Mo Brothers, Mo Nan and Mo Bei. Half a year ago, the two of them murdered Officer Qin, one of the Blood Strike Guard's 10 Senior Colonels, because Officer Qin obstructed them..."

Blood Strike Guard soldier Shi Tianya pressed his luck. Although he knew that saying all this might get him killed, he still gritted his teeth and spoke resolutely.

A cold glint flashed across the eyes of Mo Nan and Mo Bei, who stared at Shi Tianya before turning to Luo Yunyang and saying enthusiastically, "Commissar Luo, it's said that a straightforward person doesn't resort to insinuations. Why are you trying to challenge our ancient martial families?"

This was a problematic question.

While the two of them confronted Luo Yunyang, a group of young people was standing at the top floor of the Unique Restaurant and looking at the blood-red figure standing upright and unafraid.

Standing beside those young people was an old man with a serene expression. The old man had big withered palms that made him look like a rotting tree.

Although all the young people present seemed to fear him a little, when they looked at him, they put on pleasant smiles.

The old man was staring intently at Luo Yunyang.

"This is just crap!" Luo Yunyang said as he brandished his hands and unleashed a form of the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists the Imperial Lock-Seizing Dragon.

Mo Nan and Mo Bei were no pushovers, so when they saw Luo Yunyang make his move, they immediately waved their arms and two rays of light, one purple and one red, shot out.

Any ordinary martial grandmaster would find their techniques extremely strong. However, the difference between them and the assembly of three essence flames that Luo Yunyang's Imperial Lock-Seizing Dragon produced was just too big.

The purple and red source power immediately shattered to pieces and the two of them landed heavily on the ground.

The two martial grandmasters were no longer putting up a fight. They were only awaiting their capture.