Supreme Uprising Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Two Consecutive Captures

Although Mo Nan and Mo Bei weren't considered top-tier individuals among the ancient martial families, they were still martial grandmasters.

No matter where they were in the world, martial grandmasters were always respected by others. Therefore, the Mo Brothers' status wasn't low by any means.

Unlike the young members of these ancient martial families, they hadn't entered Chang'an to cause trouble. The two of them actually had a clear objective: protection!

They were the escorts of this young generation. However, there was quite a number of escorts this time, so the two brothers didn't stand out among them.

Although they were martial grandmasters, they had been suppressed as soon as they had taken a stand.

The younger members of those martial families, who had been watching from above, as well as the martial grandmasters accompanying them, all had extremely ugly expressions on their faces.

This provocation was a decision that had been approved by the elders of the ancient martial families. The objective was to find the right grounds for doing so and give the top brass of the 13 Eastern Cities a way out of this embarrassing predicament.

They didn't want the 13 Eastern Cities to use taboo weapons against them and cause a bloodbath after all.

Of course, they couldn't let their people be bullied either. Thus, the various ancient martial families had dispatched several martial grandmasters to protect the younger generation.

Thanks to this strong support, the majority of the younger generation felt like this was a relaxing trip. They could just have as much fun as they wanted to.

They had also been ordered to run amok during the trip.

At first, everything had gone according to plan. No matter what they did, the Da Alliance had tolerated it. Not a single person from the Blood Strike Guard had shown up. Everyone had just swallowed their anger and suffered in silence.

However, good things always came to an end. Just as they had started to get smug, Luo Yunyang had appeared. Although they didn't really think much of him, that son of a b*tch's first action had been to suppress the two martial grandmasters.

"How audacious! Do you think our ancient martial families are so easy to bully?" several people shouted as 10 martial grandmasters rushed down from the Unique Restaurant.

Each of them was cool and composed. Although they hadn't done anything yet, everyone could sense that, once they took action, they would be really forceful.

Luo Yunyang stared at the group of martial grandmasters with a mocking gaze. Meanwhile, one of the Mo Brothers proclaimed loudly, "Luo Yunyang humiliated our families! What he has done is unforgivable! Kill him!"

"His combat prowess is decent, so no one should try to engage him in one-on-one combat."

The appearance of the martial grandmasters caused the Blood Strike Guard soldiers who had followed Luo Yunyang to start trembling uncontrollably.

Although they had been delighted when their boss had suppressed the two martial grandmasters straightaway, the aura this group of extraordinary individuals exuded made their hearts fill with fear and dread.

Luo Yunyang's hands were clasped behind his back as he said softly, "The Blood Strike Guard is handling this. If you dare obstruct justice, you will be considered criminals."

"You talk really big, Luo Yunyang. You definitely can't be ordinary if you rank 2nd on the Sky List, but do you really think you could stop us all by yourself?" the martial grandmaster at the front, who was a middle-aged man in his 50s, said coldly. "Listen to my kind advice. Release the Mo Brothers immediately and apologize. If you do, then I will..."

"You think you outnumber me? Ha ha!" Luo Yunyang interrupted the martial grandmaster before he could finish speaking.

The martial grandmaster's face convulsed as he watched Luo Yunyang sneer at him. Although he knew that his cultivation base couldn't be compared to Luo Yunyang's, he was a member of a group. Meanwhile, it was clear that Luo Yunyang would be fighting alone.

"What are you laughing at? Do you think that I don't have the right to say that?" The martial grandmaster seemed furious now.

He was considered a bigwig among the ancient martial families, so he couldn't allow Luo Yunyang to humiliate them this way.

Luo Yunyang stared at the leading martial grandmaster before he said indifferently, "I'm not saying that. I just don't think that you fellows have the ability to back your words."

The Koi Guard soldiers, who stood a fair distance away, were flabbergasted when they heard this. Some of them even froze in their tracks.

"What the f*ck? That's really impressive!" a young Koi Guard soldier lamented. "If I was able to say something like this so confidently, dying for my words would be worth it."

Shi Tianya and the other Blood Strike Guard soldiers were gazing at Luo Yunyang in admiration. Although they could faintly sense that his words had been a little over the top, at least the anger bottled up in their stomachs had finally been vented.

"Good, good... You certainly are mad enough!" The martial grandmaster laughed maniacally as he pointed a finger at Luo Yunyang. "If you don't think much of us, then you won't blame us for not playing nice! Brothers, this man doesn't respect us. I think we should all strike together and show him our collective might."

The moment he said this, the group of martial masters moved forward. In the blink of an eye, various attacks flew at Luo Yunyang from every direction.

When the martial grandmasters had watched Luo Yunyang suppress the Mo Brothers, they had immediately sensed that none of them would be a match for him if they attacked individually.

Swarming him was the best option.

As Luo Yunyang watched the martial grandmasters rush towards him, his Buddha Disk flew in the air and split into 72 disks, forming a light net that enveloped the martial grandmasters.

The martial grandmasters were no ordinary people, so they could understand and cooperate with each other without speaking.

However, they had barely made a move, when they were suddenly restrained by this endless light net. A weak martial grandmaster cried out and hastily tried to retreat.

It was too late, though. As he retreated, two gleaming Buddha Disks flitted across his head and the shadows of the Buddha Disks sliced off his arm in an instant.

The martial grandmaster endured intense pain as he pushed out source power from his palms frantically in an effort to prevent the wildy-revolving Buddha Disks from coming close to him.

The top floor of the Unique Restaurant was deadly silent.

The younger members of the ancient martial families went pale as they watched the blood-red figure standing loftily like a proud deity with his hands clasped behind his back.

The blood-red color of Luo Yunyang's uniform suddenly looked like real blood.

Brother Yan turned to the withered-looking old man quickly and cupped his hands. "Sir, they... They probably won't be able to hold out much longer!"

The old man nodded his head. "It seems like we have really encountered a formidable enemy."