Supreme Uprising Chapter 208

Chapter 208: The Endless Blade River From Heaven

Many went out for wool and came home shorn. To prevent this sort of thing from happening, a good protector was needed.

Although this provocation was just one operation, there was a chance that they would get their hands burnt. If that happened, the ancient martial families would lose face.

Therefore, for the sake of their dignity, they had sent someone that they considered a top powerhouse.

The old man, who looked like a rotting tree, was the safeguard of this operation. He had only come along with one purposeto guard everyone against the unexpected.

According to the influential family elders who had persuaded him to do this, he basically wouldn't have to do anything.

However, the old man now had no choice but to act.

"Old Zhu Qingyun is asking Commissar Luo for a temporary ceasefire," a low, powerful voice said as it reverberated from the top of the Unique Restaurant.

When he heard this voice, Luo Yunyang suddenly thought of something. He had heard of this name before.

As he pondered it, the revolving Buddha Disk kept whizzing through the air without any intention of halting.

A faint fury flashed across Zhu Qingyun's eyes. Although he was also a martial grandmaster, he was no longer on the Sky List because he had been hiding for years. However, his reputation was extraordinary and his caliber was unquestionable.

The fact that Luo Yunyang did not stop attacking was insulting.

The only reason he had not was because the other side had asked for this fight. How could he just stop because they had requested it?

Meanwhile, Shi Tianya was backing away.

His few comrades who had tagged along had also started to retreat. As they did, their hearts were filled with excitement.

Their bold and powerful Commissar would make sure that the Blood Strike Guard wouldn't be at the bottom of the Eight Armies and Three Guards in the future. The followers of those ancient martial families wouldn't run amok anymore. Luo Yunyang was not afraid to put a stop to this or help them wipe their own buttocks.

As these exciting thoughts filled their heads, they witnessed the greatest miracle they ever had in their lives.

They saw a river fall from the heavens.

The river, which was made of surging blade waves, came pouring from the top of the Unique Restaurant, which stood over 100 meters tall.

Shi Tianya was stupefied. The surrounding Koi Guard soldiers, as well as the noisy people who had gathered to watch this spectacle, couldn't believe what they were seeing.

A river was flowing from the sky.

It seemed like the river's source was up in heaven. The river was like a force no living thing could withstand. As it descended, Shi Tianya and everyone else saw clearly that its target was Luo Yunyang's Buddha Disks.

Luo Yunyang was the first to react to this dense congregation of blade gleams. He was also able to sense an unbeatable force within those gleams.

He suddenly had a feeling that the river drew power from the sky and earth.

This expert was even stronger than Feng Yinglie!

Luo Yunyang immediately determined that the best way to proceed would be by controlling his Buddha Disks, attacking the blade waves and splitting apart this surging river.

However, if he did this, then the strong fighters that were currently trapped inside the Buddha Disk array would be able to escape.

Luo Yunyang urged his Buddha Disks to speed up while he soared into the air and unleashed another form of the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists, the Concealed Dragon Ascension, straight at those blade waves.

The purple Heaven-Burning Mythical Flames, pure-white Glass Flames and reddish-gold Divine Sun Flames formed a tri-colored flame dragon in mid-air. The dragon immediately surged towards the river of waves.

Zhu Qingyun, who didn't think much of the swirling dragon, kept controlling his surging river. Although Luo Yunyang's technique was strong, he believed that no distinct intent was taking shape in it.

The concept of intent was a boundary that various ancient martial families had pursued. As long as a breakthrough was made for a certain purpose, one could draw on the power of the worldly laws to create a controllable domain.

Although this kind of domain wasn't like the domain of a god-grade powerhouse, it wasn't much weaker either.

Zhu Qingyun had spent many years comprehending the blade intent of this endless river. As he used his blade techniques now, they felt like an unceasing torrent of water.

Even though Zhu Qingyun was just a martial grandmaster with an ordinary source core power, by relying on the blade intent of the endless river, he was able to kill a martial grandmaster as easily as slaughtering a dog.

Luo Yunyang was too arrogant!

The dragon created by the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists soared through the air. As the concealed dragon was about to ascend to the skies, the endless river acted like layers of formless binds that enveloped Luo Yunyang's Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists.

Although Luo Yunyang could sense that Zhu Qingyun's strength was weaker than his own, he still felt like he was being restricted.

This kind of feeling was extremely uncomfortable for him. It felt like he was being encased in a cocoon.

"You are too impulsive, young man!" Zhu Qingyun shouted once more.

Delighted smiles appeared on the faces of the young people watching from the top floor of the Unique Restaurant when they saw the tri-colored dragon get engulfed by the endless river of blade light.

Just a moment ago, their hearts had been filled with fear. They had been afraid of the young man in the blood-red uniform, who had forcefully suppressed two martial grandmasters. Thanks to his Buddha Disks, he had also cornered a group of over 10 martial grandmasters without leaving them any room for retaliation.

At the time, he had seemed almost like a divine entity.

However, the young man was currently trapped inside Zhu Qingyun's endless river of blade intent.

Breaking out of it wouldn't be easy.

"It's unwise to face enemies on two fronts!" the polished-looking young man exclaimed victoriously.

The man known as Brother Yan nodded. "He is too young and reckless after all. He didn't even realize how powerful Teacher Zhu is. Perhaps his corpse will be buried in Teacher Zhu's surging blade intent. His ranking on the Sky List was sure impressive!"

Light-hearted laughter resounded throughout the top floor of the Unique Restaurant.

"Your blade intent is certainly impressive, but it still isn't enough to suppress me. One strike from me is all it will take to break it!" said a faint voice. The last word echoed all around.

The moment Luo Yunyang said the word 'break', the tri-colored dragon glowed and exploded in the air. Tremendous energy spread in all directions, especially towards the endless river of surging blade intent.

In an instant, the endless river ran dry.

A thin scar dripping with fresh blood appeared on the face of the blade-wielding Zhu Qingyun.

The Buddha Disks kept revolving at a high speed while Luo Yunyang and Zhu Qingyun levitated in the air. The two men stared at each other as they raised their auras.

They were both waiting for their opponent to show a sign of weakness!