Supreme Uprising Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Destructive True Intent


A blood-curdling scream suddenly filled the air.

The scream came from a martial grandmaster who had been struggling hard under the constricting light net. Eventually, a Buddha Disk sliced through his abdomen, cutting him in two like a melon!

The man let out an ear-splitting screech before he died.

Everyone's faces fell. This scream had come from a martial grandmaster whose status at the top of the Da Alliance had cost him his life.

"Venerable Zhu! Hurry up and save us!" a martial grandmaster who had only one arm left shouted, doing his best to survive. Among the martial grandmasters still alive, he was the one having the hardest time.

If someone had to sacrifice himself so the others could live, then this man had the highest possibility of being that person.

Zhu Qingyun did not move. He remained as still as a rock as he stared at the blade in his hand.

Luo Yunyang was currently fighting on two fronts. Although his Buddha Disks appeared to be overwhelmingly superior, he had unfortunately consumed a lot of his mind power.

When the Buddha Disks whizzed through the air once again, yet another martial grandmaster's skull was split open.

The death of the two martial grandmasters shocked everyone. Even the top floor of the Unique Restaurant was now deadly silent. Although Brother Yan was a martial grandmaster that his family had invested a lot in, his hands started trembling uncontrollably.

He knew very well that, under the circumstances, he simply didn't have the ability to lend a hand. It wasn't just him. No one present was qualified to do so.

Right now, all they could do was pin their hopes on Zhu Qingying.

"I think this plan is really..." The refined-looking young man sounded kind of sad.

Brother Yan had a grim smile on his face. In fact, he felt sympathetic deep down. This had actually been an impulsive decision.

However, this plan had been formulated by the higher-ups of the various ancient martial families, so even though it was a complete disaster, nobody could complain about it.

How could he call this decision into question? He was just a person executing the plan, so he had to respect the decisions of the higher-ups and implement their strategies, This was the only way he would be able to make his own battle plans and prove that he was wise.

Questioning the higher-ups of the ancient martial families and shooting one's mouth off would be really foolish.

The third martial grandmaster roared furiously in indignation. Just before the Buddha Disks could cut him up, he soared into the air and concentrated the source power in his body into forming a hammer. He immediately threw this hammer towards the Buddha Disks.

He could not defend himself, so this attack was his final stand.

Suddenly, the other martial grandmasters moved simultaneously. Although they were still stuck inside the vortex of the Buddha Disks, they all rioted.

As Luo Yunyang increased the intensity of his Buddha Disks, Zhu Qingyun made another move.

He brandished the long blade in his hand and moved it in a horizontal downward slash.

Compared to the endless river from heaven, this strike didn't seem like much.

However, Luo Yunyang's expression suddenly turned grave. The instant the blade struck, he felt like he was being restricted.

The area all around him turned into a spinning whirlpool restricting his body and decreasing in half the speed at which his five apertures were absorbing power from around him.

That wasn't all, though. What was even more remarkable was that Luo Yunyang realized that the speed his body moved at was also cut in half.

Although this was nothing to be afraid of, these changes still made Luo Yunyang tense up.

That restrictive sensation was everywhere, and the slow blade light was actually extremely quick. Luo Yunyang didn't have the time to dodge it, so he brandished his fists again when the blade light came close.

He immediately used the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists and blasted the power of the three flames against the blade light. However, just as his fists were about to touch it, the charging blade light changed slightly.

It acted like a fish swimming in a river, bypassing Luo Yunyang's Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists eerily and heading for his neck.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang noticed a faint smile on Zhu Qingyun's face.

It was something between an arrogant smile and a confident smirk.

Even power had to follow certain rules.

Although Luo Yunyang's power had been advancing by leaps and bounds lately, the true intent rules and the theories Zhu Qingyun had spent a long time studying still created a gap between him and Luo Yunyang.

It was already too late to try and evade him. Luo Yunyang's mind power was still controlling the Buddha Disks, and he was too busy to dodge.

In a split second, Luo Yunyang urged the ice and fire source cores within his body and used a Discordant Ice-Fire Barrier to shroud his body.

The blade light crashed against the Discordant Ice-Fire Barrier. In the blink of an eye, the light had already cut halfway through the barrier. However, Luo Yunyang had retracted his Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists by now.

He was about to use the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists again, when he suddenly recalled the fish-like blade light. Enlightened, Luo Yunyang pointed a finger straight at the blade light.

Zhu Qingyun didn't pay any heed to that finger. He was certain that he could avoid Luo Yunyang's Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists. What more could a finger do?

However, when the frigid ice power and raging fire power gathered in his finger, Zhu Qingyun felt as though he had been targeted by a mass of strange energy.

He couldn't hide and he had no way of evading it.

Plus, he could faintly sense that this power was stronger than the Endless River's blade intent.

Zhu Qingyun used the long blade and tried to aim at the finger without hesitation.

He had to block this strike. He just couldn't let this energy cut his body.


When the blade light collided with the finger, the power of the three flames and frigid Qi destroyed Zhu Qingyun's blade light with an explosion.

Zhu Qingyun's body felt like an expended bullet shell as he was blown away. The long blade he had used for so many years had snapped into two in an instant.

"Is... Is that True Intent?" Zhu Qingyun asked in fear as he struggled to get to his feet.

"It's the God Slayer!" Luo Yunyang took a step forward, reaching Zhu Qingyun.

"Outstandingly talented young men are born in every generation. Each one will rule in his own domain for years to come! This old man can accept his defeat. I'm afraid that those people have really made the wrong decision."

Zhu Qingyun coughed. "However, these ancient martial families have vast resources and power. They... They won't just take this lying down!"

"Take this lying down? That's up to me," Luo Yunyang said icily, glaring at Zhu Qingyun. "Put your hands behind your heads and kneel as you get down. Kill anyone that tries to resist!"

Although his expression and tone were normal, the people at the top of the Unique Restaurant and the martial grandmasters still battling the Buddha Disks heard the warning in his voice: they couldn't escape anymore, even if they wanted to!

Luo Yunyang's order made the atmosphere all around them seem to freeze.