Supreme Uprising Chapter 21

Chapter 21


Back at the Donglu Town Bank. Shen Yunying was sitting down at a clean table in sharp clothes, giving off the vibe of a white-collar worker.

She did not look bad for a white-collar worker. Shen Yunying was in her 40s, yet she still retained her grace. There weren’t many traces of age on her face, but compared to younger people, she seemed to have a slightly more mature charm. So much so, actually, that she stood out a little. She had a naturally graceful posture and a nice smile that was neither eager nor overbearing. Her movements were also calm and collected.

It was always busy at the Donglu Bank, yet Shen Yunying appeared to be idling. Manager Fang Zhongyuan had tried to think of where to place this woman. How could he let her be so awfully busy?

Going from washing clothes to working at a bank was an unimaginable change. As Shen Yunying sat there entranced, her thoughts were on her beloved son.

How had Yunyang performed at his assessment?

As Shen Yunying calculated the days Luo Yunyang had been away from home, someone suddenly exclaimed, “The Rising Dragon Army admittance list is out!”

Shun Yunying immediately ran to the computer screen to take a look. She had already gotten used to computers, although she used to think of them as a luxury.

“Your son didn’t get selected!” the pretty lady sitting in front of the computer screen shrieked.

Although she said this in a sad tone, her brows were raised in delight. This was enough to put her in a good mood. Her mood was great now!

She was happy that Luo Yunyang hadn’t been selected.

Shen Yunying, who was clearly in shock, went through the list of over 100 people quickly, yet she didn’t see Luo Yunyang’s name.

She checked it once again, but she still couldn’t find her beloved son.

Suddenly, Shen Yunying felt an emptiness fill her heart.

Could her son handle the blow of not passing this assessment? How was he doing right now? Why hadn’t he returned? Shen Yunying didn’t care about anything else. She only wished to see her son as soon as possible.

“How does the Rising Dragon Army conduct its assessments? I heard that in order for one to get in, they must be at least an E-rank elite!”

“Exactly. Normal people like us can’t even dream about joining the Rising Dragon Army. How could toads lust after swans?”

“Alright, stop with these speculations. He is still a G-rank elite, in any case.”

A few female staff members uttered sour, unkind words during this discussion. It seemed as if they were taking delight in Luo Yunyang’s misfortune. However, Shen Yunying wasn’t in the mood to bicker with them. Her mind was filled with worry for her son.

Nobody realized that a rather refined employee had taken out an outdated communication device and made a call.

Shen Yunying was anxious to get off work. She wanted to go home and see if her son was back. Her beloved son was so eager to excel How would he deal with such a setback?

As she was preoccupied with worry, a black carriage suddenly stopped outside the entrance of the bank.

Three people got out of the carriage. Right at the front was a chubby man that seemed to only grow sideways.

Behind him stood two smiling middle-aged men dressed in suits.

“It’s the bank’s president! Good morning, sir!”

The moment the fat man stepped through the door, every female staff member stood up simultaneously and bowed in his direction.

The fat man nodded his head faintly. He really liked being respected and he enjoyed looking down on others, as if he were standing on a high mountain. He quickly passed judgement at his surroundings silently. Everything was flowing smoothly. It was all under control. Great!

Shen Yunying didn’t know anything about the fat man’s status. She was also rather preoccupied, so she stood up 10 seconds later than the others.

“You hired new front desk staff? How come I’ve never seen her before? Old Fang is becoming more and more ridiculous! He’s hiring just any Tom, Dick or Harry!” The fat man frowned when he saw Shen Yunying hesitate a bit before standing up.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry, indeed!

Yunying felt miserable as the fat man scolded her viciously. However, a job like this wasn’t easy to come by, so she couldn’t let Manager Fang get blamed on her behalf.

“I’m sorry, sir. I will pay more attention in the future.”

“You won’t have to pay attention. Just pack your things and leave. You are fired!” the fat man said disdainfully.

Shen Yunying was stunned.

Her hands suddenly started trembling. The moment everyone had heard that her son hadn’t been admitted into the Rising Dragon Army, their attitude had already changed slightly.

No matter what happened though, she couldn’t embarrass her son.

“You are very rude!” Shen Yunying said indifferently as she stared at the fat man.

Then, she turned around and strode out.

Being scolded by a front desk staff member in front of so many people made the fat man lose his cool. His face swelled up like a pig’s liver. How dare she speak to him like that? The two middle-aged men started hurling abuse at Shen Yunying loudly.

Shen Yunying just left without looking back.

“Sir, we can’t let this issue go just like that. I will get the police superintendent and teach her a lesson!” One of the middle-aged men started to suck up to him vigorously.

A look of disagreement flashed over the other middle-aged man’s face, yet the words that came out of his mouth echoed his colleague’s. “Right, we can’t just let her off this easily!”

“Forget it! What use is there to bickering with a woman?”

Although the fat man was angry, he still wanted to maintain his cool image. As he said that, he saw Fang Zhongyuan rush over in a panic. “Where did you recruit such a person, Fang Zhongyuan?” he asked angrily. “She had no manners! Did you hear what came out of her dirty mouth? If you no longer wish to be a manager, you can leave as well. Don’t think that I can’t fire you. If it wasn’t for my father, I would have fired you a long time ago!”

Fang Zhongyuan had a smile on his face, but deep inside he was cursing. He wasn’t directly under this fat man’s command, so he didn’t really care about what he said.

What worried him the most was that Luo Yunyang’s mother had been fired. How would he explain this to Luo Yunyang when he returned?

Although Luo Yunyang hadn’t managed to become a member of the Rising Dragon Army, he was still a G-rank elite. One day, he would succeed and Fang Zhongyuan would reap the rewards. He firmly believed that no other person would be able to help Luo Yunyang the way he had in his hour of need.

As Fang Zhongyuan was getting berated, the sound of screeching brakes was suddenly heard outside. When the sound stopped, a beautiful tall lady walked in.

Her appearance stunned the fat man, who had been scolding Fang Zhongyuan. He quickly followed the beautiful woman.

“Director Huang! If you wanted to inspect the bank, you should have informed me in advance. It was lucky that I was in town!”

The lady called Director Huang frowned and replied solemnly, “Your address was wrong, President Zhang. I am just an assistant. You may call me Assistant Huang.”

“It’s the same thing. You are the director’s assistant, so you will become a vice-director in the future. Ha ha I’m just addressing you this way a little early.”

Bank President Zhang was beaming as he bent his waist to the side in a totally innocent way.

When she heard his explanation, the lady’s lips twitched. Her frown stayed in place, but she didn’t explain any further. Instead, she eyed her surroundings. Her gaze suddenly landed on Fang Zhongyuan.

“Are you Manager Fang Zhongyuan?”

“Yes, I am. Greetings, Director Huang.” Fang Zhongyuan hadn’t expected the lady to actually remember him. They had only met once at a meeting after all. It seemed like this woman wasn’t just a pretty face. No wonder people said that she was the smartest person working at a Federation bank!

“You have done a really good job. The main branch has decided to promote you. From this day on, you will be the Vice-President of this area.”

When the lady was done speaking, she turned around and waved her hand. A pleasant-looking secretary immediately took a letter out of her briefcase.

Bank President Lee appeared somewhat displeased. He had just been reprimanding Fang Zhongyuan, yet a moment later, the fella had been promoted. He would be his partner now!

Although he would be a deputy, it was common knowledge that, when interacting with people with authority, one’s words had to be extra flattering. Would Fang Zhongyuan bear a grudge when they interacted in the future? This question couldn’t be answered yet. He had criticized Fang Zhongyuan right before he had gotten promoted. Could this be fate mocking him?

While the fat man was going through a myriad of thoughts, Fang Zhongyuan was just as stunned. However, an expression of sheer joy soon appeared on his face.

He would be getting a promotion and a raise! Wasn’t this something he had been yearning for day and night? He hadn’t expected that he would suddenly get this lucky!

Plus, there hadn’t even been a good omen about it. Unless his boss was now doing this without taking credit.

“Thank you, Director Huang. I, Fang Zhongyuan, will not spare any effort to live up to the expectations of the main branch.” Fang Zhongyuan was so excited that he felt like kneeling in front of the woman.

The lady was like an iceberg, both beautiful and cold. After showing him the document, she asked indifferently. “Where did Shen Yunying head to? Why have I not seen her?”

Shen Yunying?

Most people were unfamiliar with the name. Only Fang Zhongyuan knew that she was Luo Yunyang’s mother.

“Director Huang…”

Fang Zhongyuan had an awkward expression on his face. “What?” the lady asked impatiently. “Did she not come to work? Perhaps she isn’t feeling well. If that is the case, then we will go visit her at her place.”

Bank President Zhang’s lips twitched. The muscles on his face had started to tremble. He suddenly had a foreboding premonition.

“No, Bank President Zhang fired her.” Fang Zhongyuan couldn’t be bothered to hide this right now.

“What? What did you just say? Bank President Zhang, what reason did you have to fire the mother of a B-rank elite martialist? What right did you have to fire the mother of a Rising Dragon Army elite soldier?” Assistant Huang’s tone was serious as she stared at Bank President Zhang.

A B-rank elite Rising Dragon Army soldier?

The title astonished Bank President Zhang, who stood rooted to the spot for quite some time before he eventually stammered, “Didn’t Luo Yunyang Didn’t he get rejected by the Rising Dragon Army?”

“Mr. Luo Yunyang was accepted into the Rising Dragon Army’s elite class. It was our honor to have his mother work at our bank! The main branch had already decided to transfer Shen Yunying to the Chang’an branch, yet you fired her, so it will be your job to hire her back!”

Assistant Huang’s voice was gentle, but there was an implicit, undeniable meaning behind her words. “If Bank President Zhang can’t resolve this matter, then I will have to report it to my superiors.”

Beads of sweat trickled down Bank President Zhang’s face. Reporting this to the main branch would be horrible!

If it was reported, his future prospects would be ruined!

“I will go hire her back right now! I’m going!” The fat man nodded and bent his waist. He looked as though he was itching to stick his head into the crotch of his own pants.

“Manager Fang No, Brother Fang, could you come with me? I will need your outstanding talent when I speak with Madam Shen. I should apologise, I really should…”

Fang Zhongyuan snickered inwardly at the president’s posture. He wanted to laugh at him, but he felt that he needed to show the self-restraint of a bank’s vice-president in front of Assistant Huang. “This is a matter of great importance,” he replied right away. “We can’t let Director Huang wait too long. Let’s hurry and bring Madam Shen back.”

Assistant Huang gave a faint nod before she said dryly, “You only have one hour, president. If you don’t succeed in one hour, then don’t blame me for what will happen next!”

“Alright, alright. Don’t worry about it. I will definitely bring Madam Shen back!” Bank President Zhang kept nodding his head like a chicken pecking at grains while the fat on his body jiggled.