Supreme Uprising Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Total Suppression

"Holy f*ck! That has to be the most brutal treatment the young members of these ancient martial families have ever suffered!" a Koi Guard soldier said in a somewhat rueful tone as he watched on in admiration.

The blood-red figure standing with his hands clasped behind his back was as lofty as a mountain peak and as cool as ice.

Back at the Rising Dragon Army Chang'an General Headquarters, the Flame Emperor had been anxiously waiting for news. When he received word that Luo Yunyang had defeated Zhu Qingyun, he felt an assortment of complex emotions. He really didn't know what to say. That son of a b*tch always did the most unexpected things. Sometimes, the Flame Emperor was amazed, and sometimes he felt like reprimanding Luo Yunyang. However, he was always satisfied in the end.

The Flame Emperor knew all too well what sort of person Zhu Qingyun was. He might not have much of a reputation, but if they had to fight to the death, the Flame Emperor wouldn't even be able to withstand a blade strike from Zhu Qingyun.

The ancient martial families had been really diligent in getting Zhu Qingyun to act as a guardian for their provocative younger generations.

However, even though he was extremely strong, Zhu Qingyun was still no match for Luo Yunyang.

"Very good!" The Flame Emperor clapped his hands thrice in delight. "How are things now?"

"Luo Yunyang is currently killing the martial grandmasters of the ancient martial families. Six martial grandmasters have already suffered a violent death."

The Flame Emperor's lips twitched a little when he heard the soldier's answer. Those martial grandmasters were people that the Flame Emperor had a lot in common with. It was unimaginable that Luo Yunyang had actually slaughtered so many of them.

"Come on, let's go take a look!" The Flame Emperor got to his feet and quickly flew in the direction of the Unique Restaurant.

The Rising Dragon Army General Headquarters weren't too far away from the Unique Restaurant, so he created wings out of his own source power and flew to a rooftop about a kilometer away from the restaurant.

Although that building wasn't as tall as the Unique Restaurant, it was the best spot to observe the situation.

When the Flame Emperor landed, he saw a lot of familiar faces around him, including some commanders from the other seven armies, as well as some strong fighters from Chang'an. They were all watching the situation at the foot of the Unique Restaurant solemnly.

The pavement outside the restaurant had already turned blood-red.

"Luo Yunyang! Our families won't let you get away with this!" a martial grandmaster shouted in a shaking voice. Luo Yunyang's Buddha Disks replied on his behalf.

The disk lights flickered, slaughtering the martial grandmaster in an instant.

"Every single martial grandmaster is an important resource for the Da Alliance!" a top fighter said as he sighed regretfully.

As soon as he said this, the Flame Emperor objected unceremoniously. "They don't fight for the Da Alliance!"

The Flame Emperor knew that his retort sounded kind of hateful, but he couldn't stand people who acted like hypocrites in these kind of situations.

As the top brass of the 13 Eastern Cities, how could they not understand the way these ancient martial families thought? Those people didn't consider themselves ordinary. They wanted to control the entire Da Alliance and change...

"Luo Yunyang! I am the firstborn son of the Sanyuanxu Family. We will surrender to you, but we won't kneel!" a terrified young man said in a trembling voice. This was his condition!

Luo Yunyang smiled grimly and urged his mind power forward. A Buddha Disk shot straight towards the young man.

Given the speed of the Buddha Disks, the young man could have been slaughtered in the blink of an eye. However, the Buddha Disk was moving extremely slowly.

It was so slow that the young man it was aimed at found it inconceivable.

Its crawling speed made it seem like a blunt weapon battering the young man's already crumbling spirit. The young man, who wanted to save his dignity, turned pale. When he saw the Buddha Disk descend towards his scalp, he immediately knelt down.

"I surrender! Don't kill me!"

The younger members of the ancient martial families at the top of the Unique Restaurant kept their mouths shut. Although they found it extremely difficult to accept the situation before them, they collectively let out a sigh of relief.

Now that this young man had taken the lead, the responsibility of this surrender wouldn't fall on their own heads.

"What should we do, Brother Yan?" a pretty lady asked, looking at Brother Yan fearfully.

Normally, her cute, helpless stance would have immediately caused Brother Yan to have tender, protective feelings for her. However, her question only annoyed him this time.

"The family elders are out of reach, so everyone has to decide for themselves," he replied furiously.

As everyone wavered with indecision, a voice was heard from below the Unique Restaurant once again. They all knew that it belonged to that insufferably arrogant fellow. "Hey, fellas! Why aren't you coming down yet? If you are dawdling this much, perhaps daddy will have to come up personally and kill each and every one of you!"

"I don't have a good temperament. I also lack patience, so if you don't come out within 10 seconds, you will be implying that you aren't about to surrender!"

10 seconds was a really short time. The top floor of the Unique Restaurant was naturally thrown into disarray. In an instant, people started pushing and shoving to get out of the restaurant.

A pile of corpses greeted them at the foot of the building. Among the corpses was the young man from the Xu Family who had just come down to discuss his conditions with Luo Yunyang.

"Didn't... Didn't he say that he surrendered?" a martialist who had been on good terms with the dead young man bellowed in anger.

Luo Yunyang didn't get angry. Instead, he sneered as he glanced at the speaker. "It was too late!"

His words made the young man react.

There were usually two possibilities when one gave such a snide answer. They would either make the other person even more furious or make them tremble in fear.

The young man, who stared at Luo Yunyang as though he was looking at a monster, tactfully decided to keep his mouth shut.

No one knew who started this, but all the younger members of the ancient martial families suddenly knelt obediently on the ground.

"Ha ha ha! This is how the Da Alliance ought to act. Damn it! We have been too tolerant with them in the past!" A commander from the Sky High Military guffawed, slapping his thigh heartily.

His opinion concurred with the thoughts of the other Chang'an powerhouses. Although they were representatives of the 13 Eastern Cities, they had all felt stifled by the ancient martial families in the past.

"These young people are just small fries. You must know what sort of people stand behind them. Have you thought about what the consequences will be if the god-grade fighters of the ancient martial families appear?"

Faint dread could be heard in that soft voice. When everyone heard this, their expressions became slightly more solemn.

However, the soldiers of the Koi Guard seemed to be in high spirits. Although Luo Yunyang wasn't their Commissar, his actions had made them feel really excited.

They actually felt kind of inspired.

"Detain them and try them for their crimes during the next three days. If they have committed any atrocities, just kill them!" Luo Yunyang said rather indifferently, clasping his hands behind his back.