Supreme Uprising Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Blood Red

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“Bloodbath at the Unique Restaurant! Everyone was suppressed!” a young man on the Sky High Military barracks announced energetically, his spit flying all over the place.

Even though this was someone else’s heroic feat, this didn’t affect his mood in the slightest. His unceasing gabbling attracted energetic answers from everyone else around him, which made him feel really good.

Their comrade’s bitter encounter at the city gates had made the Sky High Military soldiers extremely furious. However, no matter how unhappy they were, they’d had to swallow their anger and follow their superior’s orders.

Their resentment had finally been vented.

The young descendant of the Sanyuanxu Family, who had murdered one of their own, had been killed right away. He had also been killed in a neat way, which delighted them even more.

“Go on! What happened next?” someone asked, urging him on.

“He he… The Blood Strike Guard Commissar said that they would be tried for their crimes in the next three days and be punished accordingly.”

“This wouldn’t be just for show, right?” someone probed.

“For show? How could that be? This is Commissar Luo we are talking about!”

Blood-Red Commissar Luo!

Commissar Luo who had suppressed over 10 martial grandmasters!

There was also the martial grandmaster who had used the Endless River From The Heavens, but what fascinated most people was the way Commissar Luo had suppressed the group of martial grandmasters while his fists had met the Endless River.

Chang’an was in a frenzy that day. The entire 13 Eastern Cities were actually in a frenzy that day. That day, the coalition of ancient martial families had made their voices heard at the Zhi Ge Hall.

Luo Yunyang had to be punished immediately for ruining their reputation. Otherwise, the martial families would personally step forward and put this arrogant young fellow in his place.

Although they didn’t mention who exactly would step forward, anyone with a sharp mind could guess that it would be a god-grade individual.

There were many god-grade powerhouses within those ancient martial families. People had always believed this to be a fact. The statement at the Zhi Ge Hall only seemed to validate this theory.

When the families issued this strong statement, the Da Alliance’s Vice-Chairman sent Lu Qubing a section of a passcode.

Although this passcode didn’t seem to be connected to this situation, when it was sent, the families’ imposing manner subsided slightly.

It was the activation passcode of the taboo weapons.

These weapons weren’t like the taboo weapon the Nie Family possessed. They were actually the taboo weapons that the 13 Eastern Cities had spent all these years reinforcing.

The entire Da Alliance immediately turned its attention to the 13 Eastern Cities.

They wanted to use those taboo weapons after all.

The second day after the big statement, a video was released to the public. In the video, an old man with long flowing white hair was brandishing his hands. The area in a five-kilometer radius around him was ablaze.

The old man in the middle of the flames looked like a fire god as he watched the raging flames burn everything to a crisp.

Every hot-blooded person in the Da Alliance calmed down as soon as this video started circulating. Although they didn’t know who the old man was, this video was undoubtedly a display of the ancient martial families’ might.

Lu Qubing asked someone to deliver 16 coordinates to the ancient martial families. These coordinates were just a string of numbers that represented a location. However, when the ancient martial families saw this location, their attitude became even graver.

Daggers were suddenly drawn!

In the past, the Da Alliance had always adopted a patient, accommodating attitude towards the ancient martial families. However, the 13 Eastern Cities had become extremely resolute now.

Back at the Rising Dragon Army Shen’du General Headquarters, Lu Qubing was coughing loudly as he dragged his sickly body forward to meet an unwelcome guest.

“Viceroy Lu, I am here under the orders of the various family heads,” said a middle-aged man who seemed to be in good shape. He actually gave off the vibe of a young man in his 20s or 30s.

Lu Qubing smiled faintly at the middle-aged man. “This isn’t the first time we are meeting, Brother Long. Have a seat.”

“Indeed, Viceroy. This isn’t the first time we’ve had dealings. However, you people have really made things difficult for me over this matter!”

The middle-aged man known as Brother Long sounded displeased. “Do you know how many members of the ancient martial families are demanding to invade Shen’du? Do you know how much strength and effort we have wasted to pacify these people?”

“Oh really?” Lu Qubing replied unenthusiastically. “Then you must know that there are also many people in the Eight Armies who are clamoring to remove the malignant tumor concealed within the 13 Eastern Cities. The public sentiment is also extremely passionate.”

The middle-aged man’s face darkened. He hadn’t expected this to happen as soon as their negotiation began. Lu Qubing, who had always treated him extremely courteously, had turned into a surly, unreasonable man.

“Alright, Viceroy Lu. If you don’t really want to negotiate, then let’s act as if I never came here.”

The middle-aged man got up to leave.

Lu Qubing smiled faintly as he watched Brother Long pretend to storm off angrily. He picked up his teacup gently with a chuckle. “Please wait, Brother Long.”

The middle-aged man known as Brother Long felt a faint delight in his heart. A small victorious smile appeared on his face. This move had been tried and tested many times.

“You need to let me offer you some tea and escort you out!” Lu Qubing’s next words made Brother Long’s face fall once again.

“Damn it! I thought you had a change of heart. You want to f*cking offer me tea and escort me out? Why do you f*cking bother with all this elaborate etiquette at such a critical time? Go f*ck yourself! Our ancient martial families don’t have just one god-grade ancestor. If it really comes down to a fight, things won’t be like before the apocalypse. Everything is different now!”

Lu Qubing stared calmly at the middle-aged man’s menacing face as he replied powerfully, “So what if you have more than one god-grade ancestor? We don’t have only one taboo weapon either. Remember Tongkong Mountain?”

Brother Long’s face twitched with fury when he heard this. He knew all about that incident. The Tongkong Mountain had been the encampment of a large ancient martial family back in the day.

However, after this incident, that entire martial family had practically been wiped out.

“Do I have to remind you why there are only 13 Eastern Cities, Viceroy?” Brother Long’s tone was sinister.

Lu Qubing drummed his fingers gently on the table as he replied placidly, “This time, we will see this to the end, even if things have to go back to the way they were before the apocalypse.”

Before the apocalypse?

A younger person might have thought of this as just a historical period, but Lu Qubing, who had survived it, knew that it had been a really dark period for mankind.

A period without light, a period of darkness filled with fear and dread…

Brother Long’s face convulsed as he said, “In that case, I shall go back right away. The old ancestors will decide whether we will go to war!”

Suddenly, he added in a stern voice, “Hand over every person who was captured and punish Luo Yunyang for his crimes. These are my only two conditions. Otherwise, both of us can imagine the terrible outcome of this situation!”