Supreme Uprising Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Gods Must Not Interfere In The Mundane World

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“Sir, today the 13 Consuls met the Vice-Chairman and urged him to put the interest of the world above everything else.”

“Viceroy Lu Qubing and the other seven Viceroys support you fully!”

“This is the latest news. The officials of the 17 Western Cities have requested that we do not jeopardize this rare balance.”

“More god-grade powerhouses have emerged from the ancient martial families.”

Although Gu Jianguang hadn’t acted like a hero during the last battle, he was still a capable informant. Actually, he was outstanding in this aspect. In a short while, he had already summarized the news for Luo Yunyang.

Although there was a lot of news, it was generally divided into two categories: support for Luo Yunyang and pressure from all directions.

Lu Yunyang was extremely calm as he heard this news. He was just enjoying some tea as his mind slowly tried to derive the True Intent of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

Compared to power, Luo Yunyang believed that True Intent and laws were way more superior. Once he was able to infuse the power of the True Intent into his source core and create a God’s Domain, he would become a god-grade entity.

However, Luo Yunyang hadn’t tried to find enlightenment in the True Intent of Zhu Qingyun’s Endless River. What he wanted was to study the True Intent of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

Chi Hen, who had been the last practitioner of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, had lived for many years. However, Luo Yunyang didn’t have a deep understanding of the True Intent of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

He only had some guesses as to why it was like this. The True Intent of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart tended to be too strong, but its comprehension at the time must have been very difficult.

He immediately used the Heaven-Burning Dragon Fists and the Almighty Sky-Ripping Violent Ape!

These were his strongest techniques when it came to cultivating the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart. During his fight with Zhu Qingyun, Luo Yunyang had faintly sensed that there had been True Intent concealed in those two techniques.

However, he still had no way of extracting the True Intent they contained.

“Sir, the Consul is asking to meet you!” Gu Jianguang told Luo Yunyang, who was sitting with his eyes shut. The respect he felt for him came from the bottom of his heart.

The Consul in question was Chang’an’s Consul, so his rank was similar to Luo Yunyang’s.

“Have they already been screened?” Luo Yunyang asked as his eyes flashed open.

“The screening is complete, sir. Although the Blood Strike Guard never had the means to do anything to the members of those ancient martial families in the past, we still recorded whatever crimes they committed in our files,” Gu Jianguang reported, doing his best to impress him.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Gu Jianguang before he waved him away. Although he had relieved Gu Jianguang of his position as Vice-Commissar, this fella was clearly better at handling messy matters than Shi Tianya and the others. Even though he wasn’t a talented field commander, he could still be used this way.

The benefits were obvious. Gu Jianguang had mistakenly assumed that he had become a trusted member of the Commissar’s inner circle.

Luo Yunyang got to reap the benefits of this misunderstanding, so he naturally didn’t try to set things straight. He even assigned some of these trifling matters to Gu Jianguang before leaving. “I can rest easy if I know you are handling this!”

Gu Jianguang was indescribably delighted to hear that he was important to Luo Yunyang. He followed Luo Yunyang’s every order and did his job efficiently and effectively.

Luo Yunyang had paid equal attention to managing his subordinates the right way. Wasn’t there a saying about using the carrot and stick method appropriately?

“Sir, the Consul…”

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to say that he wasn’t going to meet him, he suddenly realized that the Consul was already walking over with an extremely grave expression on his face.

Behind the Consul was the helpless-looking Shi Tianya as well as a few others.

“Commissar Luo, I need to have a word with you,” said the chubby, friendly-looking Consul.

Luo Yunyang waved dismissively Shi Tianya away. Meanwhile, the Consul said, “I’m sure you have heard of me. My family name is Han, but you can call me Old Han.”

“May I ask what the purpose of your visit is, Old Han?”

“I know that nothing will change your mind about this matter, Yunyang, but it would be best if we resolved this as soon as possible.”

“The 13 Eastern Cities weren’t only 13 in the past. There used to be 14 cities in the East, when an intense conflict broke out between the ancient martial families and the Da Alliance. Do you know how strong the martial-grandmaster assassins of those ancient martial families are?”

Old Han gestured with his hands. “Only people who have met them would understand! A bloodbath took place. The martial grandmasters of the 13 Eastern Cities were mobilized and taboo weapons were used to kill a god-grade entity. A huge mountain was actually razed to the ground!”

“However, the ancient martial families retaliated by employing certain methods to destroy one of our cities!” Old Han looked frightened as he said this.

Shi Tianya, who was standing aside listening to Old Han, asked in a trembling voice, “Taboo weapons can kill god-grade fighters?”

“One or two wouldn’t be effective, but what about more?” Although Old Han didn’t say anything else, one could imagine how many more would be required.

“Why didn’t that god-grade entity escape?” Shi Tianya asked. “Aren’t god-grade fighters supposed to be exceptionally sharp?”

“About 10 martial grandmasters did their best to stall him for 20 seconds!” Although Old Han didn’t really pay much attention to Shi Tianya, he still explained everything carefully.

Shi Tianya stopped asking questions. However, the young man who had come along with Luo Yunyang seemed really shaken.

“The apocalypse turned the whole world into ruins. Back then, outstanding warlords started to fight for supremacy and the Da Alliance naturally had to suppress them,” Old Han said calmly, although there was a hint of something thick and bloody in his voice.

“What exactly are you trying to tell me?’ Luo Yunyang asked calmly as he drank a sip of water.

“Good times don’t come easy, so we have to cherish them,” Old Han mused. “Do you know why we’ve endured so much? So we wouldn’t destroy this peace!”

“True peace isn’t something that can be attained through prayer!” Luo Yunyang retorted unceremoniously.

“What about the Martial Gods? Can’t a Martial God restrain those people?” Shi Tianya voiced his thoughts, as though he had suddenly thought of something.

Old Han gazed at Shi Tianya as he said indifferently, “Extremely strong powerhouses like Martial Gods belong to the entire mankind.”

The entire mankind? Although this pretext was sufficient, there was an unspoken implication behind it. Luo Yunyang could sense it.

When Old Han left, the discussions about this matter became even more intense.

Some people said that Luo Yunyang was making a mountain out of a molehill and putting himself and other people in danger.

There were also many people that backed Luo Yunyang up. They believed that, by doing so, Luo Yunyang was acting like a true man.

As these opposing voices clashed, a storm started brewing in the 13 Eastern Cities.

Meanwhile, the Blood Strike Guard announced that the 15 young men of those ancient martial families who were guilty of terrible crimes would be executed. The executions would take place at the Yellow Leaf Platform, where the Blood Strike Guard had first executed a younger generation of these ancient martial families many years ago.

This decision caused the already tense atmosphere to reach its tipping point. When the decision was announced, the Martial God, who had so far remained silent, finally made his thoughts known through his disciple.

“Gods must not interfere in the mundane world!”

When they heard this, many people collectively let out sighs of relief. However, most people also understood the implicit meaning behind it.

If gods could not interfere in the mundane world, then taboo weapons and god-grade powerhouses couldn’t be used either.

Without the support of taboo weapons, how would the execution at the Yellow Leaf Platform still take place?