Supreme Uprising Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Autumn Wind Mood

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As the Blood Strike Guard Commissar, only Luo Yunyang had the authority to issue a Blood Strike Guard Emergency Summon. This order was issued after the execution of the 13 criminals from the ancient martial families was announced. The Blood Strike Guard members would convene at the Yellow Leaf Platform.

The Yellow Leaf Platform was just a huge platform. Considering that it was currently autumn, the platform would be covered by an endless pile of falling yellow leaves.

Over 100 Blood Strike Guard members were gathered inside a small pre-apocalyptic building. Their uniforms were neat, and they glowed with vigor.

“Ha ha! Didn’t you withdraw from the Blood Strike Guard, Old Meng? What are you doing here?” someone called out to a tall, skinny man as he entered the building.

Everyone underestimated Old Meng because he didn’t look the least bit fierce. Although he had a frail, weak appearance, his voice was extremely loud and resonant.

When he heard his comrades make fun of him, he chuckled. “I’ve spent more than half my life with the Blood Strike Guard, yet I never encountered anything that made my blood race this way. How could I not come over?”

“Old Meng is right. The Blood Strike Guard has been suffering for years. After so many difficulties, a great leader has finally emerged. I don’t care if we have to throw away our lives this time. We just can’t act like cowards again.”

The room was filled with merry laughter and idle chit-chat, when someone suddenly said, “The Yellow Leaf Platform is a good place for an execution, but the Commissar won’t make a big deal out of it, will he? Damn it! If it were up to me, I would kill the grandchildren first!”

“You don’t know sh*t! If he wants to kill a bunch of kids, don’t you think he can do it whenever he wants? He just wants to show the entire world our might by killing those people and making an example out of them.”

Shi Tianya, who had already become Luo Yunyang’s most faithful fan, couldn’t stand to see others disrespect his idol.

“He he he… Seems like kids these days know a lot more than we do.” Old Meng patted Shi Tianya on the shoulder as he laughed heartily.

Although Shi Tianya felt kind of repulsed, he also felt helpless. People like Old Meng had been in the Blood Strike Guard way longer than him after all.

Loud discussions and impassioned words made the atmosphere turn lively.

Everyone was looking forward to the execution at the Yellow Leaf Platform. It would be like an autumn gale sweeping away the fallen leaves. By executing these criminals, they would be getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. However, they knew that things wouldn’t go as smoothly as they wished.

If the execution was conducted successfully, the Blood Strike Guard would surpass the Koi Guard and reach the top of the Three Guards once again.

Should they fail, then the reputation of the Blood Strike Guard would be ruined.

While they discussed this, everyone’s eyes were on Luo Yunyang, who was sitting cross-legged on the huge platform.

Although his mind was blank, his body was quietly absorbing all the energy drifting around his surroundings.

Five kilometers away, a man was silently watching Luo Yunyang through an advanced pair of binoculars. His eyes were filled with animosity.

Although he felt no enmity towards the boy sitting in a lotus position on the Yellow Leaf Platform, when he thought about his fellow brothers, who were currently being suppressed by him, he couldn’t help but want to dismember that fellow.

“Is he still meditating, Brother Xu?” a voice asked him. The man, who was dressed in total black, looked like an elite soldier during a battlefield operation.

“He is sitting in a lotus position on top of the platform.”

“He actually wants to use his power to resist the main forces of our ancient martial families? He really does have a death wish!” a man in his 20s with a tyrannical look in his eyes sneered sinisterly.

As he spoke, a humming sound suddenly filled the air and they saw an aircraft hover above the Yellow Leaf Platform.

“Lu Qubing has arrived!” the other man exclaimed in alarm.

The Rising Dragon Army Viceroy had an intimidating presence. Even some young disciples of the ancient martial families were terrified of his famous fighting prowess.

If Lu Qubing had arrived, could the entire Rising Dragon Army also have arrived?

Although the ancient martial families had always considered themselves superior, meeting the Rising Dragon Army head-on still made them feel afraid.

Just as they started to feel a little worried, they suddenly saw red dots shine on their faces.

Snipers! There were armor-piercing snipers around. If they used superior quality bullets, even third-grade martial masters wouldn’t be able to evade them in time.

None of them could form armor by using their source power, so all they could do was just hide quickly.

Luckily, those red dots disappeared fast. Although they weren’t attacked, they had felt immense fear for a moment.

“I had to come personally this time, Yunyang,” Lu Qubing said apologetically as he walked up to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang smiled. He suddenly remembered Lu Qubing saying “Let me drink some water before speaking to you” back when he had needed his support the most. Lu Qubing was really good at understanding others, so Luo Yunyang felt that his words weren’t important. What was important was the fact that he had come. This attitude was more than enough!

“It’s a great privilege to have you here.”

Lu Qubing coughed and shook his head. “You are really nervous about this. The Martial God’s mediation has hindered the god-grade powerhouses and suppressed the power of our Eight Armies. I actually wanted to bring over an army division, but I was stopped.”

Although Lu Qubing’s tone was very calm, his expression made it clear that he was displeased by the fact that he had been prevented from doing so.

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “I’m here, Viceroy. You don’t have to worry about anything.”

“I still have to say this, Yunyang. Wherever there is life, there is hope. If we aren’t able to hold on, then we have to leave.”

Lu Qubing patted Luo Yunyang’s shoulder as he said softly, “A good commander doesn’t necessarily have things go his way all the time. Plus, this time you will be encountering opponents that aren’t your equals.”

Lu Qubing, the Flame Emperor and the Eagle King had all come. 10 out of the Rising Dragon Army’s Four Great Generals and Eight Honorary Delegates had arrived.

Meanwhile, the other armies had sent about 10 people each.

The Yellow Leaf Platform was no longer a tranquil place. A shadow suddenly appeared amid this lively, bustling location.

Yellow leaves covered the entire platform as the shadow climbed up the Yellow Leaf Platform slowly.

The man glanced at Lu Qubing and the others before he asked softly, “Who is Luo Yunyang?”

When Lu Qubing saw the man, his expression turned cold. “Yan Que!” he exclaimed in disbelief.

The Eagle King and the Flame Emperor, who had been extremely vigilant as this man had approached, frowned when they heard his name.

“I am Yan Que. Can sparrows and swallows ever match the will of the great swan?” The man studied the Eagle King and the others before turning to Lu Qubing and saying, “It’s great to see that a sickly person like you hasn’t died yet.”

“You must be Luo Yunyang, I have come over here with one purpose: to take four people away! I hope that you won’t try to stop me!”