Supreme Uprising Chapter 214

Chapter 214 The Void Splitter

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Could sparrows and swallows match the will of the great swan? This was a common saying that even children had probably heard of. However, there were many people who would consider themselves to be great swans.

This man had actually said that he was Yan Que, the very Yan Que who had created this saying. His tone was rather subdued, as if he was afraid that they wouldn’t have heard of him.

Lu Qubing’s cough became even more intense after he heard this introduction. There were only a few people who could make Viceroy Lu cough that violently.

“Yan Que, we fought side by side all those years ago. Why have you come all this way to interfere?” Lu Qubing said after taking a deep breath.

“I know what you mean, Old Lu, but that man is my grandnephew and the only male heir of our family, so I had no choice but to come.” As Yan Que spoke, his fingers caressed the saber hanging by his side gently.

The old saber, just like Yan Que’s eyes, seemed to have gone through great vicissitudes.

“Why do you want to take away four of them?” The Flame Emperor’s voice sounded rushed.

“Since when do you have the right to speak in my presence?” Yan Que glared at the Flame Emperor. Although he had scolded him, his tone was still as calm and unhurried as ever.

Given the Flame Emperor’s temperament, if anyone dared criticize him this way, he would normally have retaliated in the same way. However, he now seemed even-tempered and not the least bit embarrassed, as if the man had been right to ask this question.

“Enough! What Old Flame asked is a question I would also like you to answer!” Lu Qubing said.

“This is a task assigned to me by the clan.” Yan Que stared at Lu Qubing as he answered in a deadpan manner. “Although some of these young men are failures, when all is said and done, they are still a part of the Yan Family,” Yan Que said calmly and earnestly.

When they heard his words, everyone’s faces twitched. Lu Qubing could guess the objective of the ancient martial families.

If they considered Luo Yunyang’s decision to execute these young criminals a challenge, then the ancient martial families would use this method to show their high status.

Meanwhile, they would push Luo Yunyang’s face in the dirt without restraint.

If Yan Que took four people away, then someone not much weaker than him would soon arrive and take four more away.

There were about 10 of them, so if they were all taken away and not a single one was executed, then the incident at the Yellow Leaf Platform would turn into a joke.

Lu Qubing was about to say more, when Luo Yunyang waved his hand and told Yan Que decisively, “No!”

Luo Yunyang didn’t care what sort of person Yan Que was. All he knew was that, no matter what happened, he had to defy his authority.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be the Blood Strike Guard Commissar for much longer.

Yan Que remained silent. He wasn’t looking at Luo Yunyang. Instead, he was staring at Lu Qubing. He clearly still treated Lu Qubing as the decision-maker.

Meanwhile, Lu Qubing was coughing so hard that he couldn’t even breathe properly.

He seemed to be grieving as he went through this round of violent coughing. In the end, he fixed his gaze on Luo Yunyang.

“You are the Blood Strike Guard’s commander-in-chief, so you will be calling the shots today. However, you should know that Yan Que became a martial grandmaster three years after the apocalypse, so you have to be really careful!” Lu Qubing suddenly shuddered. “Back then, he fought with a Martial God who had yet to become a god-grade entity, but couldn’t be defeated in less than 100 moves.”

A Martial God who had yet to become a god-grade entity was still a Martial God.

If Yan Que was as strong as a Martial God, then his innate skills had to be really formidable.

The only reason Yan Que hadn’t become famous over the years was because almost everyone thought that he had died.

However, Yan Que had now been sent there by the ancient martial families.

The moment he had appeared, the entire 13 Eastern Cities had been shocked. Zhuge Yi and some of the other Viceroys gathered there had taut faces, while others had turned pale. Of course, there were also some of them who seemed excited.

Yan Que had re-emerged!

“I wonder if his saber is still as sharp as it used to be all those years ago!” someone lamented.

The hands of the Da Alliance’s Vice-Chairman, who held the highest authority in the 13 Eastern Cities, were shaking uncontrollably.

He had supported Luo Yunyang in this matter and had even been willing to use taboo weapons and shed all pretence of cordiality with the ancient martial families. However, the ancient martial families had sent someone to take away the criminals.

They hadn’t sent a full force or initiated a maniacal massacre. Instead, they had dispatched someone to go and collect those people. They were clearly using their strength to strike individually!

Although the man they had sent did not seem special, what he represented and implied made everyone feel extremely uncomfortable.

The Vice-Chairman understood, the Viceroys understood, even the powerhouses of the 17 Western Cities understood.

Although there was no live broadcast this time, all the parties involved were still able to get information about the situation at the Yellow Leaf Platform through various means.

“This move was really beautiful!” Nie Yunxin exclaimed as he watched the image transmitted in Shen’du.

All this time, Luo Yunyang had cast a shadow on Nie Yunxin’s heart that had been impossible to get rid of, so now that he was suffering this misfortune, Nie Yunxin was naturally delighted.

Yan Que was the first to go, but there would definitely be others right behind him. Nie Yunxin, who had already confirmed Yan Que’s identity, felt the urge to throw his head back and roar with laughter.

Suddenly, he remembered his father’s dream. His father had hoped that their family would one day become a member of those ancient martial families.

Back then, Nie Yunxin hadn’t been very interested in these ancient martial families, but now he finally understood their true meaning.

This was a huge connotation!

Becoming a martial grandmaster three years after the apocalypse and reaching a stalemate with a Martial God was a big deal. How strong would such a person actually have to be?

That pestilent fellow called Luo Yunyang would definitely die this time!

“I can’t agree to that,” Luo Yunyang said before glancing at Lu Qubing. “I will handle this matter myself, Viceroy.”

“So what if you rank 2nd on the Sky List?” Yan Que let out a gentle chuckle. “Back then, we didn’t even have a Sky List. Never mind… I’ll see for myself the power of the 2nd in rank person on the Sky List.”

As he spoke, Yan Que drew his saber and slashed at Luo Yunyang.

While he did, there was no sound of the wind blowing or any source power moving. However, the instant Yan Que slashed at the air, Luo Yunyang was able to sense an immense danger.

Without even taking the time to think about it, Luo Yunyang quickly twisted his body and flew over 100 meters away.

“This move is called the Void Splitter!” Yan Que said indifferently. Meanwhile, a crack had appeared in the spot where Luo Yunyang had just been.

The crack had appeared in mid-air, so if Luo Yunyang had still been there, the slash would have cut his neck.

When Lu Qubing, the Flame Emperor and the others saw the crack appear in the void, grave expressions appeared on their faces.