Supreme Uprising Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Flying Yellow Leaves

There were two paths that a martial grandmaster could follow in order to become stronger. The first path was to open up even more apertures and link them together, while the second one was to comprehend even more True Intent.

The path of True Intent was the most difficult one to take.

However, most martial grandmasters that aspired to become stronger considered it the most fundamental one.

Under the influence of the Void Splitter's True Intent, killing an ordinary martial grandmaster was as easy as breathing.

Although Luo Yunyang ranked 2nd on the Sky List, he didn't know if he would be able to face a martial grandmaster like Yan Que successfully.

Lu Qubing had a lot of faith in Luo Yunyang, as this kid always surprised him pleasantly by doing the unexpected. He actually believed that, to a certain level, that kid was simply unrivalled. However, his confidence had now started wavering!

The Void Splitter could split the very fabric of the air and kill someone just as easily, so it was really difficult to guard oneself against it.

"I will be taking away four people!" Yan Que raised four fingers.

Lu Qubing was about to say something, when Luo Yunyang waved dismissively. "No way!"

Yan Que was a little surprised by Luo Yunyang's reaction. He had already displayed his strength and he had assumed that there were no god-grade individuals or weaker opponents around who would be able to beat his Void Splitter.

Even if there were, they would just be some old monsters from the same era as him. Luo Yunyang definitely didn't fall into this category.

However, even though he had shown off his strength, Luo Yunyang had still prevented him from taking anyone away. He clearly had a death wish!

Yan Que was about to get angry, when he heard Luo Yunyang say calmly, "You should experience one of my techniques too!"

Yan Que went blank for a moment before he unconsciously placed a hand on the handle of his saber. Although his saber was sheathed, he could still unleash an earthshaking strike at any moment.

The Yellow Leaf Platform was deadly silent.

As a strange glint appeared in Luo Yunyang's eyes, the Mind Sword he kept hidden flew out of the spot between his eyebrows.

The Mind Sword was currently Luo Yunyang's strongest killing technique.

As it flew out, Lu Qubing and the others shivered. Although martial grandmasters were not also telekinesis grandmasters, their willpower was still much stronger than ordinary people's.

A feeling of subservience suddenly filled their bodies. It was a subservience that originated from the bottom of their hearts.

As the Mind Sword flew out, Yan Que clutched on to his saber tightly. His expression had turned ghastly. The moment the Mind Sword flew at him, he tried to draw his saber. However, he ultimately didn't.

The Mind Sword flew swiftly over to Yan Que in the blink of an eye. Yan Que soared into the air and transformed into a skylark before retreating 30 meters.

However, no matter how quick his retreat was, he still wasn't able to dodge the onrushing Mind Sword. In an instant, the Mind Sword had entered Yan Que's body.

"I admit defeat!" Although Yan Que's tone was straightforward, the agony in his voice was clear.

Yan Que was a powerhouse that had risen to supremacy after the apocalypse. He had also been able to hold a Martial God back, even though he hadn't yet been a Martial God himself, for over 100 moves.

Back then, an honorable defeat would also have been considered an accomplishment. However, his brilliant success had become a legend.

Of course, Yan Que didn't rely on his past successes. He had remained secluded for all these years so he could comprehend even more of his martial path. Although he hadn't reached a god-grade level yet, he believed that he had the ability to fight a god-grade powerhouse.

However, the Mind Sword had completely obliterated whatever pride Yan Que had.

Luo Yunyang stared coldly at Yan Que, who had already surrendered. Although Yan Que hadn't done much harm to him yet, deep down, Luo Yunyang still planned on killing him off.

"Yunyang, Brother Yan Que is still an honorable man. Let's just drop this!" Lu Qubing warned him quickly.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. "If the Viceroy says so, then we should drop this matter. However, since Mr. Yan Que is already here, he can bear witness to the execution. Although he won't be able to bring those four vicious criminals back alive, he can still carry their bodies back."

Although Luo Yunyang spoke very politely, Yan Que could sense the profound threat behind his words. He knew very clearly that if he chose to object, Luo Yunyang would turn hostile.

Yan Que nodded his head. He still had a number of means he hadn't used, but the Mind Sword did not allow him to muster up the courage to use them.

For a moment, the Yellow Leaf Platform was devoid of any sound.

Luo Yunyang stood straight on the platform like a god, suppressing everyone around him.

"Aren't there three more people?" the Flame Emperor asked in a low voice as he stood on the sidelines.

Yan Que glanced at the Flame Emperor before staring into the distance and shaking his head. "They have probably retreated already. They must have realized that they would never be able to take on your Mind Sword!"

The men he spoke of were also strong martial grandmasters from ancient martial families.

Although Luo Yunyang didn't think that revealing his Mind Sword had been appropriate, ever since he had experimented with the Spirit-Warding Banner, the trump cards he possessed had become even stronger.

"Reporting, Commissar! 10 more minutes to go!" Shi Tianya quickly stepped forward and cupped one fist in his other hand in salute.

Luo Yunyang waved him off, indicating that he could go ahead with the plan. After Shi Tianya left, three cannon booms would ring out.

These three booms had been used to disperse spirits back in ancient times. The execution would follow right after the sound of the cannons.

Below the Yellow Leaf Platform, the members of the ancient martial families watched from a distance. They knew that their comrades on the Yellow Leaf Platform would affect their dignity.

They had a well-trained, powerful army, so they had to stomp all over the person who had tarnished the dignity of their families.

"The cannons have been fired. Why aren't we attacking?" A young member of an ancient martial family asked resentfully.

Nobody replied. The warriors were just gripping their weapons as they waited intently.

However, the call that would launch their attack never came. Through their high-powered binoculars, they all saw several familiar figures get dragged up the Yellow Leaf Platform.

Men in blood-red uniforms lined up on the platform with a solemn expression. The executioner's swords in their hands shone brightly.

"Brothers, we have to rush over and rescue our comrades!" a young fellow urged everyone around him as he watched a relative of his get on the platform. He immediately clutched his halberd, suddenly losing hold of his emotions.

However, as he was speaking, a deep voice rang out in his head. "Everyone stay in place. Otherwise, you will get killed."

The eerie voice made him shiver.

Denial, unwillingness, resentment

All these indignant feelings filled the hearts of the members of this ancient martial family. However, none of them dared disobey that imposing order.

As discontent welled up in their hearts, they saw the flicker of a sword on the huge Yellow Leaf Platform.

Yellow Leaves whirled in the air before they were dyed red!